Bigg Boss 16 23rd December 2022 Written Episode Update: Ritesha and Genelia come to the house

Bigg Boss 16 23rd December 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

(*16*) ka vaar
Salman welcomes everybody. Salman says the concept season would result in 4 weeks. But now not it’s expended. Let’s see what came about in the house.

Soundarya asks Ankit to blank. Shalin says he’s going to do it. Soundarya says I will be able to make a decision it. He says I will communicate. She says I gained’t do issues your means. He says I will be able to say what I would like. Shalin says don’t be loud. Soundarya says you’ll be able to’t command me. He says I will rent you. Soundarya says you’ll be able to’t find the money for me. You don’t have a mind. Vikas says he has no fundamental courtesy. Sreejita says it presentations his manners. Shalin says she mentioned nobody would give ideas. She gained’t inform me if I will be able to communicate or now not. Stupid lady. I’m really not her dad’s servant. Soundarya says don’t you dare to carry my dad into this. He says get misplaced. You gained’t inform me what to say and what now not. Soundarya says you don’t shout at me. He says get misplaced. You will be apologetic about it. she says so will you? I will’t droop to your degree and I’m really not terrified of you. Soundarya says it presentations your upbringing. Archana and Sreejita take her. Soundarya says I informed him to let me do my captaincy. And don’t glare at me like this. You mentioned I’m really not your dad’s servant. You get misplaced. Shalin says you get misplaced. Soundarya says I’m really not such as you. He says you’ll be able to’t be. She says now one like to be trash such as you. You haven’t any manners. I’m a physician. what’s your price? I all the time paintings. You don’t seem to be the just one right here with cash right here.

Salman says Bigg Boss organized a grooming season for them. He presentations how stylists dressed them. Salman says Ritesh and Genelia went to the house and any individual were given emotional. Sajid hugs Ritesh and cries. He says I leave out you a large number. I leave out you all. Genelia hugs him. She says don’t cry. They hug him in combination. They meet everybody. He says I introduced meals for you all and some vegan meals as a result of we’re vegan ourselves. Ritesh says you all are doing so properly. I sought after to see Sajid so I began observing however now I’m hooked. Bigg Boss could also be concerned on a human degree. Our movie is receiving on thirtieth December. It approach craze. Shalin would know what’s. He laughs. Ritesh says I do know Sajid since my first film. I’m in all his motion pictures. He’s my mom. We’re each very filmy. When we shoot Sajid selections a mic and assists in keeping speaking hitting Bauman with a plate. He made me and Saif a woman in a collection so he got here dressed in a nighty himself. He has an iconic personality. Sajida. Everyone laughs. Genelia says to do it. Ritesh and Sajid do a chain. Sajid says has somebody noticed my kiss?

Genelia says Sajida and Rajida are in the kitchen with Archana speaking about Priyanka. Sajid says Archana chefs the highest however Priyanka chefs higher. Archana says she takes the meals from others. Ritesh says Priyanka talks to the meals and it will get cooked. Sajid asks what do you prefer about Priyanka? Ankit? Archana laughs. Genelia says now Sajida and Rajida will communicate to Stan about Shalin and Tina. Sajid and Rajida talk about how damaged hearts can’t be repaired. Ritesh says Shalin fights for Tina as a result of he thinks that’s the highest means to get consideration. Ritesh says does Shalin assume Tina is a hen that he assists in keeping operating after her? Ritesh and Sajid dance to Mithoon’s tune.

Ritesh says now you all know each and every different properly. Let’s do a compatibility take a look at. Genelia says the first pair is Nimrit and Shiv. Genelia asks Shiv’s complete identify. She says it’s too lengthy. Shiv tells. Genelia says what’s that. Nimrit writes Shiv sprint, Thakre. Ritesh asks if Sajid’s recommendation is all the time to write. They each write now not all the time. They ask what do you now not like about Stan? They each write he nags. Ritesh asks whose presence doesn’t subject to you? Nimrit writes Priyanka and Shiv writes Ankit. Archana and Soundarya are referred to as subsequent. Genelia asks who’s the maximum egocentric? They each write Priyanka. Archana says she doesn’t care about others. Ritesh says who’s the villain? They each write Shiv. Genelia asks does Soundarya leave out Gautam. They each write no. Archana says he doesn’t deserve to be ignored. They ask if Soundarya can nominate her buddies. They each write no. Priyanka says yeah we noticed. Soundarya says we noticed what you probably did. Genelia asks who’s lazier? They each write Archana. Do they ask who’s extra faithful? They each write Soundarya. Ritesh asks who will have to go away the display at this time. They each write Ankit. Priyanka says yeah stay focused on. Ritesh says what a mind-blowing compatibility.

Ritesh says now I would like you to come right here one after the other and give them a sour shot and inform the loopy particular person right here. Archana says, Vikas. She says he fuses my intellect. She offers the shot. Tina says, Archana. She has a just right middle however she will get sour. Sumbul says, Priyanka. She will get very private. Nimrit says, Archana. She’s been loopy from Day 1. Shiv says, Priyanka. She doesn’t discuss in any respect land we will’t pay attention her. Everyone laughs. He says she fights for 4 hours for espresso, and 1 roti. Vikas says, Sreejita and Archana. She has no level. Ankit says, Archana. He says Archana may be very egocentric. She can by no means be a just right pal. Priyanka comes and says Archana subsequent. She says she has no just right middle. Archana says to reproduction and paste his phrases. Priyanka says she swears on God and her mother wrongfully. Archana says cross cry to your shoulder. Shalin says Soundarya. She thinks she’s very stylish however she isn’t. Soundarya says to have some manners. Learn to communicate to folks. You can’t also be my dad’s servant as a result of even they’re very well-mannered. Sreejita says, Vikas. He doesn’t understand how to communicate. He doesn’t let somebody communicate. Soundarya says Shalin. She says he has no manners. He has mood problems. He thinks he’s crucial which he isn’t. Stan comes. He says, Priyanka. He says she talks and complains all day. She doesn’t let the different particular person communicate in any respect. Sajid says Shiv is loopy for me. He desires this trophy from his middle. He does pranam to Bigg Boss signal. I am hoping his craze for the trophy gained’t get him in bother. Genelia makes reels with them. They all dance with them.

Tina says Shalin mentioned this kind of unhealthy factor to me. I used to be dancing with Shiv and Sumbul. He says such low-standard phrases. He mentioned you don’t have any elegance, no craze. I’m a emblem. You’ve no elegance, no grace. Priyanka says what? Tina says I mentioned significantly? Do you flirt with ladies all day? He says that’s my character. You can do what you need. She says he’s now not even my pal. He places me down an excessive amount of.
Soundarya says to Sajid Shalin misbehaved an excessive amount of with me. Sajid says there’s no actual second in his lifestyles. He threatened me. He’s doing this to be in Priyanka’s just right books. So she will be able to save him. I used to be the cushy goal. I will decode him. Nimrit says she’s proper. Sajid says you’re highly intelligent to remember the fact that.

Salman welcomes everybody. Everyone needs him a birthday. Salman says we have now to beep numerous your phrases since you say issues that we will’t even display to your circle of relatives and your mates. It presentations your degree. He says, Stan? He says, sir. Salman says while you say issues about any individual’s mother? Shalin? Is any individual’s mom or sister comparable to this display? Are they right here? Why will have to they be abused on account of your movements? We beep it however folks can perceive. Sajid thinks it’s a regular factor to use this language. Do you utilize it on your house? Sajid do you discuss like that on your house?? He says no. He asks. Shalin and Stan. They say no. He says let’s get started with manners. Shalin, Bigg Boss speaks to you. Who respects him on this house? Everyone raises their palms. Salman says by way of abusing Bigg Boss? Who respects circle of relatives right here? Everyone? Do you need your folks to see you abusing them like this? Salman says Shalin you mentioned don’t act good your sprint? What used to be the sprint? He says sorry sir. Salman says to inform the phrase you mentioned. Don’t twist it. Why can’t you assert it now? Salman says Stan mentioned his sprint I will be able to take. Fill in the clean Stan. He says sorry sir. I gained’t say it once more. Salman says you sprint larger. What used to be sprint? Good, unhealthy, well-known, candy? Tell me. Stan says sorry sir. Salman says then Shalin mentioned sprint guy I will be able to kill you right here. What used to be that Shalin? He says not anything, sir. Why can’t you discuss now Shalin? He says sorry. Salman says you mentioned you offered sprint to come right here. What used to be that sprint? Can’t you utilize customary phrases right here? He says now fill in sprint’s mother sprint mine. Now fill in. He says sorry sir. Salman says no fill it in. I’m certain it’s tough. Salman says now struggle in manners. They trade the phrases in the sprint. Salman says to use the similar frame language. Action heroes. Stan says I salute your mother. Your mother, my mother. Shalin says your sister my sister. Salman says so that you abused your mother? And your personal sister? Salman says Govinda and I had been overtaken by way of any individual. He abused us in mother’s identify. Govinda were given out of the automotive and mentioned your mother, my mother. I by no means forgot this kind of letter. Shalin hugs Stan and says sorry.

Salman says Tina Stan used to be nominated. Why had been you so angry? His level used to be proper. You acted as when you’ve got modified however you haven’t. The target audience can’t see it. You have this misbelief that you just’ve modified. And Shalin, you’ll be able to’t see issues in any respect. Stan used to be talking on your desire. He nominated her on account of you. He mentioned his explanation why to nominate Tina used to be that she mentioned massive issues when she got here again and then made a U-turn. Shalin says no that’s what he mentioned. I used to be asking him to finish it. Salman says you began abusing first. And you all the time do. Always. We see the photos and I see it on repeat. Shalin says I used to be pronouncing. Salman says don’t inform me. We all noticed what came about. Even your personal folks. He says sorry sir. I’m sorry to everybody’s folks. Salman says this occurs to you each weekend. He says when did I say it? salman says I don’t comment on you. Salman says you’ll be able to struggle. You abuse, I abuse too however now not any individual’s folks. Shalin says I’m sorry. I gained’t’ abuse. I gained’t say such issues. Salman says you guys are ruining your business and this nation’s identify. Shalin says I finished. Salman says you didn’t. Sit now. They each ask for forgiveness. Salman says Stan you assert one thing. You completed your goals. Are you an individual that you just gained’t do issues? He says I take a look at. Sajid says he’s speaking about you threatening Shalin. Salman says you mentioned you gained’t go away him when he comes out. Now stick to your dedication and I will be able to see what you are going to do. Salman says he mentioned nobody can contact her. Stan says so he made me offended. Salman says even Shalin intended that he can’t hit right here however out of doors. Shalin says no now not me. Salman says I will be able to see what you each will do to each and every different. Salman says now your enthusiasts will look forward to you to hit each and every different. We get excited. We and the enthusiasts will wait now. Salman says he’s spent an excessive amount of time on the planet. Send him again. Shalin says I mentioned it in anger. Salman says so it used to be all simply phrases. These are very small disgusting phrases. Eat hen, steroids, and have those pretend movements. Shalin says steroids? Salman says will have to I open your steroids in public? He says, sir. Salman says don’t do that drama. Stan has a cobra in him. He may even chew me. Everyone laughs. Salman says I used to be gonna put on a purple blouse. Thank God I didn’t. Do you guys get my level? Shalin says sure by no means abuse. Salman says then says sorry. Salman says you will have to ask for forgiveness to me for interrupting me.

Salman says, Tina? Did you beg after breaking apart with folks why you allow? Why are you begging for the nomination? And what are those swears? I swear on my small children? Know your price. Don’t beg any individual to agree with you. Salman asks MC what’s the complete type of MC. He says Mic controller. Salman says I believed one thing else. Everyone laughs.

Salman welcomes Ritesh and Genelia. Ritesh says I like this display. This season is fantastic. Bigg Boss is much more human and a laugh this time. And you bhai. Genelia says too just right. Salman says we’ve prolonged the display for you. I don’t intellect so long as they’re just right to me. Salman says Sajid were given very emotional seeing you. Ritesh says sure. Salman asks who’s robust? Ritesh says, Shiv. He’s looked after. Priyanka could also be very robust. Genelia says my favourite is Archana. Salman says she is going overboard. He asks what have you ever discovered from the season? Ritesh says there are just right buddies on this season who even lose for his or her buddies. And then some folks do activate their buddies. Salman says Genelia hasn’t modified in two decades in any respect. She hugs him. Ritesh says I will’t determine who’s the child and who’s the mother in the house. Ritesh says bhai I would like to thanks for doing the tune for our film. You mentioned sure on the first name. Salman says no matter you do, I’m there for you. Ritesh says I understand it’s your birthday quickly. We were given one thing for you. They present him hand-painted jackets. Salman loves them. They talk about Salman’s tune in the film. They each do the bum step in combination. Genelia and Salman dance to the tune.

Salman does their compatibility take a look at. Salman asks Genelia’s Bollywood weigh down. They each wrote Salman Khan. He asks on reasonable how a lot time does Genelia spend on the telephone? Ritesh writes lesser than me and she writes 6 properties. Salman asks who snores. They each write Ritesh. Salman asks which film made Ritesh cry. They each write K3G. Salman says nobody cried on Bajrangi Bhaijaan. They chortle. Salman asks which tune does Ritesh sing for Genelia? She says he used to sing. She writes tum mile. Ritesh the similar. Salman says you each handed the take a look at. They introduce their film Vedh. They see off. Salman says this used to be India’s most lovely couple.

Salman is going again to the house. He says after 10 weeks, my glam face on the season discovered its winner for whom the target audience selected. Let’s introduce their ambassador Shradha Kapoor. Shradha joins on the video hyperlink. She says my glam is India’s no 1 on-line make-up emblem. She says India selected their glam woman. The winner gets 25 lacs and will shoot the subsequent TV with me. The winner is Priyanka. She hugs Ankit. All the ladies get hampers. Salman says congratulations, Priyanka. She says thanks to my enthusiasts and Salman sir. Thanks to Bigg Boss. Salman says why are you sitting with all of those folks? Your degree is other. Why are you sitting with those small folks? FYI, your identify shouldn’t be Priyanka anymore. It will have to be Pariyanka (fairy). Salman says you’ll be able to’t sit down with them. Hence, we introduced a separate throne for you. he says carry her throne. He says I’m really not sarcastic. You’re the maximum awesome on this house. Bring the throne. She says what have I achieved sir. the masked males come. Priyanka says what have I achieved. They put an enormous white throne in between. Priyanka says I don’t wanna please. Salman says their degree isn’t yours. They will have to be ashamed. She sits on it.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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