Bigg Boss 16 20th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Elimination day

Bigg Boss 16 20th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Elimination day

Bigg Boss 16 20th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend ka vaar
Salman welcomes everyone. Salman says let’s continue where we left yesterday. Salman says yesterday’s focus was left on Shalin and Sumbul. Now two people consider themselves superior. Shiv says Priyanka and Archana. They think showing runs because of them. Salman says I am an ordinary person. He asks Priyanka you also wrote your own name. People stand with their friends but I stand with the truth, that’s how she complimented herself. He asks everyone. Sajid says she has good nature, she uses her voice to overshadow others. She thinks she is always right. She gets very loud and sounds right but she isn’t always. Salman says it’s very annoying. Shiv says she’s not always right. Her truth changes with time. If it’s her friend Archana the same thing is right but for others it’s wrong. Nimrit wrote with very much clarity. Nimrit said Priyanka is a self-proclaimed leader of truth but she has shown her hypocrisy many times. Nimrit says she had a different point of view on the same situation. She thinks people eat more and she eats less. She counts our food. She thinks if I do it’s right. You can’t do a conversation with her. Ankit says we all scolded Archana and Priyanka was there too. Priyanka says she was wrong. I mentioned it.

Salman says let him talk. It’s important to understand others’ opinions too. Salman says you started questioning Bigg Boss too. He doesn’t eat the churan you give to other contestants. Everyone can see that you’re taking a stand but your points are different from your friends. You also stand in points where you’re not needed. Just to be seen. Priyanka says that wasn’t my intention. How could I stay silent yesterday? Salman says there was a fire in the fight and you were adding fuel to it. You were shouting for no reaason. You didn’t care what Ankit was saying. You asked him not to mention the Archana thing. Priyanka says because we didn’t want Shiv out. Salman says you have a different point of view for different people. It’s your game, we don’t mind. But don’t keep claiming you’re always fair. That’s not the truth. You were doing good but now there’s too much shouting and the way you’re doing you will end up becoming the new Archana.

Salman says now Nimrit. You were so strong. You were commanding the house. You were very strong. Then you became Gautam and Soundarya’s friend and third wheel who was solving their problems. The same with Tina and Shalin. Now in this big group. Now you explain Shiv’s points to everyone. You’re playing the side role of heroin’s friend who dies in some accident. Salman asks Sajid how is Sumbul your priority over Nimrit. Sajid says I’ve two nieces. She reminds me of them. I feel like an uncle kind of bond for her. She chose me to save her. Nimrit says they have an equation. I don’t question that. Salman asks how many people think Nimrit has no individuality. 6 people raise their hands. Priyanka says her stand is either from the group. She doesn’t have her own points. Archana says she’s strong outside. She gets scared. She didn’t even say she threw my clothes. Soundarya says she has mellowed down. She’s depending on others. Nimrit says I agree. I spoke to Bigg Boss too. Ever since I left my medication it’s difficult for me to cope without it. I will be more vocal. I know you’re all saying for my better. I just left my medication. It’s a little difficult. Nimrit cries. Salman says to leave it behind, keep moving and be strong. Nimrit says sure sir. Archana asks Soundarya what’s her medication. Soundarya says she has anxiety issues. Archana says what’s that? SOundaaryas says it’s like depression. Archana says why? Soundarya says I don’t ask such questions. It’s her personal life. She mentioned it once.

Sumbul says last time I have no interest in you. Tina says it looks like that outside. Sumbul says I am sorry Tina. Tina says don’t be silly. I wanted 5 minutes only. They hug each other. Archana says sir should talk about my clothes. Soundarya says I am glad he spoke to Archana. She gets on your nerves. I considered her my friend and she fought with me. Archana says she shouts all the time. She’s not fair. We are nominated because of her but apparently, she’s fair.

Salman comes back. He says Shalin, Tina, Soundarya, and Gautam are nominated. But first, you have to tell who will be your target for the next few days. Archana says Sajid. He thinks we all are ruled by him and we will all be his followers. He’s very biased. She puts red color on his face. Sajid says she’s right. If she doesn’t listen to the captain they will teach her a lesson. Nimrit says Priyanka. She gets on my nerves. Shiv says my target is Archana. Everyone has to work here, you can’t have your rules and moods. Archana says you can’t change me. He throws color on her face. Stan says Priyanka, targets everyone. Abdu comes next. He says Archana next. Archana says I knew. Abdu says she thinks she’s a superstar and doesn’t listen to any captain. She’s not here to sleep. He throws color on her twice. Archana says he only listens to his friends. Sajid says Archana, from all the ex-captains. Archana says I have worked the most. Gautam says Priyanka, backstabs people to save herself and Ankit. She doesn’t stick to her words. Soundarya says Priyanka, sI considered her my friend but she fooled un his nomination task. Ankit calls Shiv. He says he stands for his friends even when they break the rules but others are wrong. Shiv says to make friends first. Priyanka says Shiv. She says he is a good friend at least tell your friends they’re wrong. Sumbul says Archana because she doesn’t listen to any captain. Tina says Archana because she misbehaves a lot and fights with everyone. Abdu claps. Shalin calls Priyanka. He says she provoked me a lot yesterday it’s all clear to me now when you’ve explained. Priyanka says it was my call as a contestant. Salman says Priyanka and Archana are the targets. But others should be scared of them.

Salman says let’s see who is leaving the house today. Whoever goes home, two hearts would break. If the love is real. Salman says it’s okay by the time you go out they would have found another love outside. You found love here in 4 weeks must find another one in 7 weeks and must have left one before coming here. Like baby, I will have to do it for the game. Don’t think it’s real. Salman says the person who got the least number of votes is. Tina. Shalin says my heart stopped. Salman says you wanted to go and now she’s leaving. Salman says come out Tina. Shalin says no sir. Shalin says no sir. Tina says I am happy. Shalin says no sir, please. He says okay I will listen to you for the first time. The one who wanted to go would go. Now you won’t have to give 2 crores. Now you can go for free. Sajid says no sir. Salman says okay then Gautam you come. Soundarya says no sir, please. Salman says they think I am joking. Tina says no one is going this week. Salman says they think I am joking but Gautam is leaving. Shalin says it’s such a long day. Soundarya says it can’t be real. Bigg Boss asks Gautam to leave the house. Sajid hugs Gautam. Priyanka says it’s a prank. Tina says Bigg Boss won’t say it if it’s a prank. Gautam says to Soundaarya it’s okay come. She says you hugged everyone. He says even now you have an attitude? Soundarya hugs Gautam and cries. Sajid says to Archana you have to do the work. Soundarya cries and says I can’t believe this. Shalin hugs Gautam. Soundarya hugs him again and cries. She says please take care. Be good, I will meet you outside. He says I am not dying. She says you always fight with me. Tina says not right now. Gautam leaves the house. Soundarya cries. Shiv says it’s okay.

Archana comes to Soundarya. She says you feel bad because he left on a bad note. Shiv says he went into sixth gear. He tried to be a player with controversies. Soundarya cries. Priyanka and Archana console her. Priyanka says my intention wasn’t wrong. I wasn’t wrong last night. I was scared. Ankit says you do speak in between. She says double standard. He says we might get double standards, everyone can’t be our way. No one can explain to you because you never listen. She says don’t try then. Archana says she fights in everything.

Soundarya cries. Abdu says don’t cry. She says I miss him so much. I am wearing his locket. Abdu says it has his name. Archana says now she’s alone. Take care of her Abdu. Soundarya says I can’t sleep now. He says don’t be crazy, you were here for your own game too. He was also here for his game and you have to win because of him. Sajid says now chotu is taking care of Soundarya. Abdu hugs Soundarya and says Gautam will see you from the outside. Shalin says to Soundarya I am very worried about Sumbul too. I forgot how important this show is to me. Soundarya says her actions are different. You should maintain the distance. Soundarya says it’s gone too far. He says yeah I couldn’t leave. It’s my show. How do you feel? She says not good. She says I am very sure about him. Tina doesn’t talk to him. Tina says she’s very smart. Shalin says she was upset. She’s a calming factor to me. Tina says okay. Soundarya cooks for herself. Tina asks Soundarya why were you up so early? She says I was hungry. She gives them that too. Shalin says Tina meet Soundarya. Tina says we know each other don’t bother us. Shalin says Soundaarya made tea for me. Almond milk tea, it’s the best tea ever. Tina says he says this to everyone don’t fall for it. Shalin says I’ve never had sweeter tea. Tina says because I tasted it.

Sajid asks where is abdu? He says let’s throw Abdu from the cardboard and he can bring our lighter/ Shalin and Sajid pick Abdu up and put him inside. Shalin says okay bye Abdu. They laugh. Shalin says how am I responsible for Sumbul’s actions? Sajid says it’s very evident. It’s a teenage crush. Tina says it doesn’t work like that. You know when you have a crush. Sajid says sometimes you don’t know. She has a boyfriend outside. Tina says she always says there’s no commitment. Tina says she told me we like each other. She says a different story to everyone. Sajid says you’re so firesy. Shalin says to Tina you went to Stan first. He started abusing them. Tina says Stan is protective of me. Tina says you never listen to me. Soundarya says Shalin was hitting on me again. Archana says to make Tina jealous so she shouts her love out. Show Shalin’s fake love to the world. Soundarya says I will tease Tina so much. Tina says Shalin is always right. Nimrit says he’s always right for him. Soundarya sits with Shalin and says we do share an equation. No one can take that away. Shalin says I always told Tina you have a calming factor. Shalin says we spoke to each other first time in this house and then that group was made. She says a long time. Tina asks Nimrit to observe Shalin. Nimrit tells Shiv.

Sajid says Shalin you have to ask Archana to help you with chores. I will give you extra milk. Shalin makes Archana work. He packs her clothes with her. Archana says they also have to clean it now. Tina asks Sumbul are you okay? Sumbul says he always is rude to me. Tina says don’t talk to each other for a while. It will be okay. Sumbul says that’s not the solution. People think it’s an obsession. Tina says some things are there in your subconscious mind. Sajid says there’s nothing wrong with it. Kids have crushes on their teachers too. That’s why I told you to go to college, make mistakes, do gossip. That’s all part of growing up. Archana says Sajid was asking me how to do laundry. He was expecting I would say I will do it. But I told him the process. Shalin says to Tina you really like it a handsome guy keeps coming after you. She says I don’t want it. Stop it. I am nonsense according to you. Tina says I’ve to cook my breakfast. Tina says let me cook. Shalin says I will cook. He hugs Tina. Tina says leave me. You’re hurting me. He picks her. Tina says you’re always passive-aggressive. She leaves in anger. Archana sings songs. Shalin says to keep your fuel to yourself. Stop it.

Tina says he reminds me of my ex. This is not my type. Archana sings jab Pyar Kiya to Darna Kia. Shalin says to Tina you never let me talk to you. Tina says you never let me talk. He says okay I will sit at your feet. Tina says stop doing this drama. You said my bruise was fake. Shalin says I am sorry. Tina says you say things in anger and you have this body language. He says okay I will keep looking down. Tina says you always do this. He says I wanted to talk about a lot of things. Tina says I won’t be the same way I was.

Abdu dances in the garden. He says, liar. Shiv plays with him. Shiv picks him. Abdu falls down. Sajid says Abdu Rozik needs massages. Archana kisses Soundarya. Abdu sits with her. Abdu says to Archana you always fight with bro Sajid. Archana says I am not fighting with you. You are both competitors. Abdu says I know. Archana says you have to open your mind beyond the group. Shalin says to Soundarya if you feel low, you can talk to me always. Soundarya says thank you. Sumbul says to Shalin what happened yesterday shouldn’t have. Shalin says sometimes we aren’t sure about our feelings. The age you’re in is confusing. Sumbul says I only had one friend in this house. Shalin says to make a conscious effort. Sumbul says I am 100% sure I have no feelings for you. Shalin says one more thing our friendship shouldn’t hurt Tina. Sumbul says I have had enough.

Priyanka says people are liking Ankit’s nature outside. Archana says you think that. Ankit says you will get slaps outside. Archana says you will regret coming here. Ankit says I never regret my decision. She says how did you become like this? Ankit says I also wonder how did you become like this.

Shekhar Suman comes to the house. He says so many changes in a week. He says if you keep going everywhere you will become thaali ka began. Let’s talk about the thing that stays away from you, now peace, social media. Some people get abused by their families. Archana spits on the walls where they especially write you shouldn’t spit here. Shekhar asks if you ask Sumbul what’s the date today, she will say Shalin. We didn’t ask who is the date with. Priyanka and Ankit are phones and chargers. Shiv says the charger is overcharging. Archana says it’s not of that phone. Shekhar says there were so many fights. We are making a chat group from Priyanka go go go. Archana will keep saying you’re unfair. Ankit will say hmm. Priyanka will send pictures of her leg to interfere there too. Shalin and Stan fought. Who said you need a body to fight? You only need a heart. Soundarya says Tina’s care for me was always fake. Tina says she changes every day. Soundarya says I am not like you. Shekhar thanks them. Shekhar leaves.

Shalin says to Tina thank you for complementing me. She says you look hot today. Shalin hugs her.

Episode ends

Precap-Tina says to Sajid I need to get into one of the rooms where I am safe from nominations. Sajid says you’re a priority. Tina says I won’t play unfairly then. Ankit reads his task breaks two eggs and drinks them raw. Abdu does it to save him. Priyanka asks Nimrit to do push-ups. She says this is cheating. Archana says take a bowl of salt and eat it. Sajid says impossible. Ankit says to take two spoons of red chili. Priyanka says Sajid is so unfair. We don’t need an umpire like that. Sajid says yes umpire is cheater.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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