Bigg Boss 16 20th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Stan nominates Tina

Bigg Boss 16 20th December 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 80
8 AM
Everyone wakes up and sings the anthem. Archana says they’ve been making noise since 4 AM. There have been drills, can’t we sleep? Tina says she’s blaming Bigg Boss now. Archana says now I will be able to sleep. They began the drill system at 5. I will be able to’t sleep with noise. Archana says Bigg Boss I request you don’t get development achieved right here at 4. We can’t sleep. It’s very painful. You don’t allow us to sleep all over the day.

11:30 AM
Vikas says to Sreejita she will get mad with meals. Sreejita says it was once complicated. Vikas says forcing any person to cook dinner isn’t proper. Sreejita says she’s agreed on herself.
Nimrit says Tina and Shalin exchange 180 levels. Stan says they’re puzzled themselves. They’re ruining love. Nimrit this isn’t love. Shiv says handiest Priyanka and Ankit are actual. Stana says and so they name it friendship. Why don’t they are saying it? Shiv says enjoying it protected.

2 PM
Sreejita says she mentioned she wouldn’t blank the toilet. Tina says she will get mad when others don’t blank. Sreejita says it’s blank. Priyanka says it’s no longer. Shalin says she did not anything. Archana will get able. Stan says whose marriage ceremony are you going to? She says your and Boba’s marriage ceremony. Archana says I will be able to ship the groom out lately. Stan laughs. She says Sajid will do the haldi.

Sreejita says to Archana you will have to blank the powder room. (*16*) are getting on my head. She says I wiped clean the toilet really well. Shalin says the washrooms aren’t blank both. Priyanka says other people assume they do the most efficient. Soundarya says she does blank the most efficient. Shalin says the powder room could be very grimy. Soundarya says you didn’t wiped clean for 4 days. Don’t get provoked. Shalin says don’t make it about me. Soundarya says you’re going very mistaken.

3:45 PM
Sumbul chefs. Stan selections up the knife and says I will be able to lower who doesn’t paintings. Bigg Boss asks him to position it again. Sreejita says Bigg Boss mentioned to position it again. Stan says wild card, that’s no longer what he mentioned. Srejita says don’t name me that. Sreejita and Soundarya dance. Soundarya presses the buzzer. Bigg Boss says to press it once more. Sreejita presses it. He says achieved with enjoying? Soundarya and Sreejita assume it’s a sport. I need to inform them they misplaced the risk so Stan has it. They made it a toy. Stna says I really like you Bigg Boss. Soundarya says sorry.

5:15 PM
Everyone involves the process room. Bigg Boss says stand in the back of the partitions. He says Stan you stand at the mark. Archana says I’m anarkali. Bigg Boss says other people have been running laborious for this Archana. He says Sajid what does this remind you of? He says Anarkali. Bigg Boss says what came about to Anarkali? (*16*) say she was once buried within the wall. Bigg boss says you all have some bricks left for your wall. You will inform two names you wish to have to appoint and put a brick within the hole. The other people with probably the most stuffed partitions will likely be nominated. Stan is protected, and Soundarya and Sreejita are a part of the competition.

Sumbul says my first title is Priyanka. She fights for no explanation why. My 2d title is Ankit. He’s no longer very lively and lazy. He repeats what Priyanka says. Bigg Boss asks Priyanka. She says Sumbul, she’s handiest noticed running for the crowd. Archana says she chefs for others too. Priyanka says don’t exchange my phrases. I will be able to say what I need. Sumbul says you asking other people not to discuss in between. Priyanka says Shiv is subsequent. He has to intrude in all my issues. Shiv says you do this. Priyanka says let me communicate. This is what I’m announcing. Nimrit says my first title is Priyanka. She has achieved not anything for me I don’t want her title for repute and digicam. She thinks she has manners however makes use of the worst phrases. We don’t seem to be insensitive like her. Nimrit says she will get non-public. Soundarya says Salman referred to as you out for your phrases for me. I don’t have pretend tears. Nimrit says the second one individual is Ankit. He has no level of his personal. Ankit says my first title is Nimrit. She is hidden in a bunch. Nimrit says I didn’t deliver a plus 1. I’ve buddies. What else would one do right here? We don’t have an outdoor love right here. Priyanka says to make issues. She says yeah I don’t make issues on flours. Ankit says subsequent is Shiv. He blames his issues on others. Shiv says thanks, bro.

Soundarya says their first title is Priyanka. I stored her remaining week. I’m harm. She didn’t strengthen me in captaincy. I felt her friendship is of comfort. Priyanka says can’t I’ve a idea as a chum? Soundarya says you’ll’t inform me if I will have to be harm. Ankit is 2d. He didn’t strengthen me both as a result of Ankit was once given a glance by means of Priyanka. Sreejita says my first title is Vikas. He thinks I discuss him however I don’t. It’s him who talks in corners about me and other folks. Vikas says I speak about it with captains. Sreejita says the following is Tina. She calls me invisible. Sreejita says Vikas is terribly derogatory. Archana says my first title is Ankit. I need this shoulder to head. I need to see how sturdy she is. Priyanka says you received’t be capable of see it. Priyanka says she’s scared in fact. Archana says I wanna play with you with out a shoulder. My 2d title is Vikas. He imposes his issues on others and provokes them. He doesn’t do anything else himself. Vikas says yeah certain. Priyanka says we will see how you might be enjoying. Bigg Boss says now dubbing Archana. Vikas says first is Archana. She steals meals. She acts nice then after which she cries. She creates drama. The 2d nomination is Sreejita. She isn’t main as a captain.

Shalin says I will be able to nominate Archana. She forgets humanity. She mocks about my well being. Then her phrases. I used to be taking good care of her when she wasn’t neatly. My 2d title is Sreejita. She calls buddies their puppets. Sajid says there are two teams right here. We’re buddies. Some other people say we can play on my own. You can’t live on on my own. There is not anything mistaken with you. You do the similar. I will be able to take the names who’re wild playing cards and feature a bonus over all folks. They’ve noticed the display. So Sreejita and Vikas. Tina says Archana is my first title. She’s very ill-mannered. She has an issue with you as neatly. She has no humanity. She was once abusing the crowd and now she’s there. My 2d title is Sreejita. She is handiest focused on me since I got here again. Shiv says my first title is an individual who’s driven right here and is taking deserving contestants’ position. So my title is Ankit. Vikas is my 2d title. He judged me for no explanation why.

Bigg Boss says the nominated contestants are Ankit, Sreejita, and Vikas. Now Stan has a different energy. He can nominate one of the most protected contestants. He says I need to nominate Tina. He says don’t act surprised. He says Archana was once unhappy. Now she’s mocking her to take a seat with us. She was once with us as neatly. She adjustments her phrases each and every time. Stan says I were given harm. Tina says how are you able to get harm. Shalin says what do you even imply? Stan says I’m really not speaking to you. Stan says she mentioned I will be able to display Shalin what’s going to I do. Her movements modified. Tina says you wish to have to head house in the future. Sreejita says his lovers aren’t letting him move. Tina says don’t discuss in between. She says I will be able to discuss. Shalin says k finish this. Stan says you received’t finish this. Tina says you’re no longer even a chum. You don’t need to be a chum. You are the fakest individual right here. Tina says he’s dressed in a masks in the back of the jewellery. She says I will be able to purchase your house from that jewellery. She says see my space first. Shalin says close up. Stan says don’t abuse me. Stan says come contact me if you’ll. Shiv stops Stan. They get started abusing. Stan says don’t you dare to deliver my oldsters into this. Stan says I will be able to ruin his face. I’ve to head out anyway. My lovers will display you your price. Shiv stops Stan. Stan says he abused my oldsters. Nimrit says let or not it’s Stan. Priyanka and Tina calm Shalin. Shalin says we all know you’ll’t contact me. Stop this drama. Stan says I will be able to display you who I’m. Don’t discuss my oldsters. Shalin says I wasn’t even speaking to you. Sajid stops them. Stan says see what I do while you move out. You mentioned my oldsters are useless? Shalin says don’t put phrases in my mouth. Stan says I didn’t abuse him. Shalin says neither did I. I’m telling you to finish this. Vikas says you’re additionally doing mistaken now Stan. Stan says to head now. Get misplaced. Shalin says come slap me if you’ll. Sajid says finish it. Shalin says I instructed him to speak out of doors. Stan says he was once abusing my mother. Shalin is going out. Bigg Boss says nominations have ended. Ankit, Sreejita, Vikas, and Tina are nominated.

6:45 PM
Priyanka says that they had deliberate to appoint either one of us however they nonetheless couldn’t. Nimrit has such a lot of grudges. Vikas says Stan chill out. Stan says I don’t. He mentioned I used to be overacting. Ankit says Vikas, Shalin and Tina additionally modified it. Priyanka says why didn’t they nominate Sumbul? Isn’t she vulnerable? Sreejita says I don’t perceive Shalin’s perspective. Tina says I were given a fact take a look at. Vikas says Shalin you probably did abuse. Shalin says I used to be asking him to finish. Tina says he threatened everybody. Shalin says he did that the remaining time. He mentioned if you wish to are living in Mumbai don’t mess with me. Tina says he can’t threaten someone. Soundarya says can’t even tolerate it if she is even mentioned.

7 PM
Stan will get offended once more. Shalin comes there. He says I got here right here to speak. Nimrit says it ended. Shalin says he threatened me. Shiv says it’s over proper. Stan says I will be able to additionally threaten. Sajid asks Stan to chill out. He says don’t give this wild response. You are a logo lately. (*16*) love you on your fact. don’t act like a goon. Shalin says he’s announcing he received’t let me are living in Mumbai. Shiv says we can communicate later.

Nimrit says I believed he may take Priyanka’s title. Stan says it was once my selection. Shiv says Tina switched it remaining second. Stan says I don’t need to grow to be the hero. I’d ruin his bones out of doors. Vikas says Sajid acts candy however he performs easy methods to pull strings. Shalin says he stored Shiv. Sajid says Vikas or Tina would move. No one would vote for Vikas. Shalin says they don’t know who I’m. He’s lately’s child. We know whose title is he threatening me. They’re senior other people. I do know them too. He’s doing nonsense.

7:30 PM
Tina says I’m glad about this fact take a look at. I made handiest two buddies right here, Stan and also you Shalin. You each broke my middle. Shalin says I believed we’ve moved on. tina says I will be able to by no means agree with you. I’ve no longer moved on.

Stan says if someone abuses your oldsters would you be k? Sajid says it’s some way of claiming. It’s the abuse no longer precisely speaking about your mother. Stan says this is precisely what he mentioned. Sajid says he’s scared. He will come again right here. Priyanka asks Tina why didn’t nominate Sumbul. Tina says she has fan-followed. Priyanka says everybody has fan-followed. Should we give up then? Shiv says we’re sturdy. Nimrit says Shalin and Tina sought after to appoint us. She mentioned Stan would save her. Bigg Boss says Stan your misplaced diamond is within the retailer room. Take it. Vikas says they used you, Tina. Tina says I do know what I’m speaking about. Tina says he’s very delicate. He was once unhappy once I left, however he was once glad once I got here again. He’s announcing why am I speaking to Shalin.

8 PM
Stan says to Sajid what you mentioned to justify it’s mistaken. When any person discussed your dad you were given mad too. Now you’re announcing it’s normal abuse. I didn’t abuse him. Sajid says you prefer him abusing my mother? Sajid says I’m really not announcing that. Stan says you didn’t even say as soon as if it was once mistaken. Sajid says it was once useless. Stan says you can combat the similar method.

9:30 PM
Tina says they’re enjoying in a bunch. Shalin says this staff what they’re doing would pop out. Vikas says it will take them to the top. Shalin says it’s no longer in regards to the staff. I will be able to have a bunch too. It will hurt them. Vikas says they’re enjoying it well. They are making the opposite facet vulnerable. By dividing and ruling. Archana goes there. Soundarya is all the time swinging.

11 PM
Archana speaks English. She pretends to be Tina. Tina appears at her in anger.
Ankit asks what are you considering? She says who will I discuss to when you’re no longer right here? He says you don’t want someone. She says no less than you have got your stand. SUmbul and Stan don’t even discuss. He says don’t fear. It will likely be high-quality.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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