Bigg Boss 16 1st January 2023 Written Episode Update: New Year Celebration

Bigg Boss 16 1st January 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

New yr particular
Day 90
4:15 PM
Abdu daances within the digicam. Shiv scares him. Sreejita comes.

Day 91
10:45 AM
The anthem performs and everybody dances. Tina says everybody sleeps right here in Maheen’s space. Abdu says I like it. It looks like house. It’s small. Maheen performs with Shalin. Abdu says I’m an individual if I don’t like an individual they usually talk badly about me, I might distance myself from them. Not for days however completely. Nimrit, Sajid everybody used to be pronouncing I modified. Sajid didn’t perceive I used to be no longer coming to him when Nimrit used to be there. I used to be giving distance to her. I don’t want to provide an explanation for. If you don’t perceive, it’s no longer my fault. Now when I’m giving distance she’s knowing I used to be vital. I’m speaking to everybody for the primary time. Tina says is it no longer tricky so that you can care for distance and no longer communicate to her? Abdu says certainly not. If anyone talks dangerous about me in the back of my again I give them distance. Friends don’t communicate in the back of your again. Why would you’re feeling dangerous? For me, best 2 individuals are vital right here. Sajid and Shiv.

8:15 PM
Shiv dances round. They get a jacuzzi. Abdu dances and performs in it with Shiv. Nimrit additionally comes there. Music performs everybody begins dancing. Soundarya throws foam on Shiv. He laughs. Abdu says don’t come so shut. They all play with foam.

Shalin says (*16*) used to be a just right buddy. I ended speaking to her after her dad stated all that however Ia all the time thought to be her a child. Priyanka says her crew will nominate her when wanted.

10 PM
Abdu performs with Priyanka. She says I’m just right. You want extra space. He says Archana shouts so much. I don’t shout. Priyanka says you’re an angel. She says I ignored you numerous. I’m happy you’re again to me customary. Sajid says Abdu is sitting with Priyanka. Nimrit says she all the time known as he will get biased remedy. Nimrit says a brand new very best buddy. Sajid says a brand new very best buddy. Nimrit says she does all this to turn. Abdu says I felt this used to be my house. People communicate right here and no person thinks to come back and communicate to me. I don’t perceive no person cares to translate. Priyanka says it occurs. Archana says her love is long past so she’s making Abdu very best buddy. Soundarya says involved in the digicam.

Sajid says to Abdu who do you believe right here probably the most? he says you and Shiv. Sajid says you understand when anyone is making an attempt to make use of you. He says sure I do know. Sajid says Tina and Priyanka speaking to you for hours. Abdu says I used to be simply speaking. He says they ask you for pictures. So folks don’t vote for them. They’re the use of you. Abdu says I do know however it’s advantageous, I will communicate to folks. Priyanka simple to Tina Archana used to be pronouncing I used to be speaking to Abdu for votes. Tina says she’s so detrimental. Sajid says she gave you the lagged no longer Sreejita and Shalin. He says I perceive. Priyanka says to Tina I all the time adored him.

Day 92
11:45 AM
Abdu says within the finale Sajid, Priyanka, Stan, Shiv, Shalin, and Tina. Sajid says Shalin shall be out. Stan says you’ll be there. He says I would like to. The display goes speedy now. Sajid says close up. Abdu says I’m additionally such as you. Let me talk. I communicate and you’re making amusing of me. It’s not that i am a child. Sajid says you don’t act like a kid? He says I don’t. I’m 20. I make folks snigger however that doesn’t imply I’m a kid. He says a 20-year-old dancing in a jacuzzi? He says so Shiv could also be a kid? He used to be there too. Sajid says from this second onwards I gained’t make any jokes. Abdu says thanks such a lot. I’m glad.

12:15 PM
Stan and Shiv tease (*16*) for her make-up. Sajid asks Abdu if Shiv and Stan run against him with knives and when you have one bullet who would he shoot, says it’s ok you’ll be able to stab. Sajid says your bum can be injured how would you do potty? he says I don’t know. Nimrit says from one thing else. He ignores.

Shehar is available in with a brand new tune. Everyone dances. He says it’s a brand new yr and a brand new dream. Families alternate right here at any second. He says cooking is a struggle right here. He says I can prepare dinner a candy dish for you. Archana gulgulay. Curse folks whilst cooking it. Throw the water when Priyanka is strolling. Priyanka says there’s no sugar. He says this (*16*) samosa. It’s all the time within the corners. He says this Shiv soup, some folks in finding it highly spiced and a few folks in finding it candy. Next is Shalin khichdi. Tinamati rice. This pulao is Sajid’s imaginary pulao it has many spoons and numerous butter. He says the following is Nimrit Daveli creating a kheeli. The candy dish is Abdu Gulla. It’s very candy whilst you consume it you get started pronouncing very chalak.

3:15 PM
Nimrit reads there are particular dishes for individuals who couldn’t grow to be captains thus far. Priyanka laughs. Nirmit reads Priyanka and Shalin gets it. They benefit from the meals.

5:15 PM
Bigg Boss says do you all omit New yr’s celebration? Everyone says sure we need to have a good time. He asks Stan would does he do? He says usually I’ve a live performance. Bigg Boss says we’ve a brand new Year live performance from, Stan, these days within the lawn. You’re all invited to the celebration. Stan involves the confession room. It has his tune lyrics and the lineup of the display. He says I might like it Bigg Boss. Thank you. It’s large for me.

9 PM
Tina says to Shalin why would you do that to me? He says I did not anything fallacious. One day you’ll understand how a lot I stood for you. She says your compelled me to switch. Shalin says I did not anything. Tina cries. Priyanka says stand up, get able. She says let me be. Shalin says I believed we shared a wholesome bond. Sreejita asks if she is fine. Priyanka says she’s crying. Shalin involves Tina.She says I’m snoozing. Go. Sreejita says they each stay each and every different puzzled. Sreejita says she’s letting him mistreat her. She’s crying on the finish of the day. Bigg Boss asks everybody to come back to tot the lawn. Shalinsays get able.

Everyone involves the lawn. Tina comes out. She says let me be Shalin, Everyone is going out. The level is able. There are lovers as smartly. Shalin says hi to everybody. Bigg Boss says this yr I’ve taken duty to entertain folks. Your lovers are right here to have a good time the brand new yr with you and Stan will individual. He welcomes the opposite artists. They meet everybody. They hug Stan. The match begins. Sajid hosts. He says this night shall be wonderful. Stan comes at the level. He says cheers for all of the contestants.

The live performance begins. Stan plays with the artists whilst the contestants dance. Abdu dances with Shalin. Shalin hugs Tina. Tina says you all the time destroy my middle. I don’t love you. He dances with Tina. The contestants experience with the lovers. Everyone dances round. Abdu dances at the level. They ask who has liked her. The subsequent tune is for romance right here. They play the following tune. Stan comes at the level once more. Everyone loves his efficiency. All contestants dance. He says I’ve discovered numerous issues on this space. Stan sings to his son maa baap. Everyone will get emotional. Bigg Boss thank you all of the lovers and the contestants. The contestants return to the home. They wave on the lovers.

12 AM
Bigg Boss says a cheerful new yr. Stan says love you. He says I am hoping you all loved it. We’ve by no means celebrated like this earlier than. Stan says love you for doing this. He thank you the artists for acting with Stan. The artists depart. Stan is going to the confession room. Everyone claps for him. Bigg Boss says how used to be the development? He says it used to be truly just right. I liked it, love you. Archana says Tina begins afresh the brand new yr. Shalin says we’ve a brand new get started each quarter-hour. Stan says I will’t give an explanation for the vibe. I liked it. Bigg Boss says thanks for making it particular for me. He says I’m so glad you love it. Bigg Boss says I believe you bro. Bigg Boss needs him a cheerful new yr.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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