Bigg Boss 16 18th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 16 18th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 16 18th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 47
1:30 AM
Soundarya shouts and says you won’t go out. Tina and Soundarya come in. Soundarya says to Shalin calm down. He says Stan started it. Tina says you did. Shalin says he touched me first and then Shiv jumped on me. Sumbul says how can they blame him. Tina says you calm down. Sumbul says how can I calm down? Tina says I was there. Sumbul shouts how can I calm down? Tina says then go outside if you can’t calm down. Sumbul says I won’t go out. I won’t leave Shalin alone. Tina says I know how to handle him. Sumbul says I don’t want Shalin to get hurt. Tina says then you be with him and handle it. She goes out. Tina walks out. Shalin stops her. Sumbul stops him. She says U care about you. Shalin says she also cares for me. Tina says what kind of friendship is this? Grow up. What is this? Shalin says Tina calm down. Tina says to ask her to grow up. Why is so possessive about this? He says you wanna do this? Tina says you wanna do this? Shalin says I am tiring to fix this. Tina says I came to see you. Shalin says don’t react to her. Tina says asking her to calm down. She is so possessive about you. What friendship is this? She’s telling me how I don’t know how to handle him. I was standing with a broken foot there too to stop him.

Sajid asks what happened. Tina says she’s reacting as no one can talk to her. Gautam says she go so weird and started shouting. She said Tina can’t see black and white. Tina says what she wants to see in black and white. She has no friends, she is clinging to Shalin all day. Sumbul cries and says if she cares why didn’t she go to him? I was scared. I was shivering. She cries. Sumbul says I can’t stay with people like this. Shalin says Bigg Boss takes an action or I will leave. Ankit says I will leave too then. Priyanka says Stan did attack him. Tina says why can’t you stay now? You all wanted Archana to come back. what’s the point? Whoever provoked, Archana came back. Stan was worried for me. Gautam says Shalin was pulling it so he got scared. Shiv says he held Stan so badly. Gautam says I saw it. Tina says you also raised your hand to bring Archana back and now you’re making a point of yourself. You all allowed it. Sajid says he’s taking the right side now. Tina says that SUmbul went crazy. Gautam says she was screaming. Tina says who behaves like that? Sumbul cries and says Bigg Boss send Stan from here, this is so wrong. Nothing should happen to Shalin. Or send me from here.

1:45 AM
Stan says he was trying to act like a doctor. Sajid says why did you absue? He says just as a friend. Shalin asks Sumbul why did you shout at Tina? You overreacted. Bigg Boss will take an action. Sumbul says Tina didn’t say anything. I care for you. Shalin says say sorry. Sumbul shouts I won’t say sorry to anyone. I care for you. Soundarya says calm down. Sumbul says I don’t care about her. I am not an idiot. Shalin says I need an answer from Bigg Boss. Nimrit comes there and says we need action from Bigg Boss.

Sajid says violence is not the answer. He can’t go, this is a provocation. Priyanka says these people are blackmailing now. Priyanka says to Ankit you stay out of it. Ankit says Shiv gets aggressive. He says I don’t care. Tina says everyone was okay with violence. Shalin says when was I? SHe says I am not talking about you. Keep your anger to yourself or show it to Sumbul. Priyanka says to Ankit just state what happened but don’t say I will go. Ankit says I am saying the same. Priyanka says don’t give Archana’s example. Shalin says I’ve been so decent but I will break now. I want you to call me to the confession room we will check the footage I was provoked to hit by hitting me. I can beat the shit out of everyone. I was provoked. Tina says everyone was happy with Archana coming back. Shalin says I have taken enough. You know, stop playing with me now. Take footage, I wanna know what you are gonna do.

2 AM
Sajid says only Bigg Boss will make a decision now. Shalin says I didn’t provoke Shiv or anyone. Stan attacked me first. Priyanka says he was saving himself. Sajid says why are you interfering? She says it’s about our safety. It’s a danger for a contestant. Are there goons here? Are we gonna break heads? Shiv says go and play with Archana. Priyanka says we are not scared of you. Stna says your family is goons, go and adopt Archana. Shiv says you were protecting Archana. Now you’re fighting over violence. Ankit asks Priyanka to calm down. She says I can’t tolerate this. Ankit says listen, please. She leaves in anger. Soundarya says she’s not letting them. Archana says why am I dragged into this? Priyanka says come break my head. Nimrit says no one is talking to you. Shiv says you have nothing to do. Sajid comes. Priyanka says they can hit me too. Sajid says I am here to talk. I have asked Bigg Boss to take an action. They must be checking the footage. If you brought Archana back, this had to happen. Priyanka says so your friends can break faces. You’re protecting your friends. Sajid says stop shouting at me. Nimrit says we all saw you standing with your friends. Priyanka says to keep supporting violence. Nimrit says see who is talking. Priyanka says they can harm us too. Shiv says she doesn’t even see anything and starts talking. Stan says I don’t even care about her. Gautam says he was saying come to my place if you can. Gautam says he said it first.

Tina hugs Shalin. She cries. Tina says I care for you? Archana says I wasn’t gonna kill them. Priyanka says what happened with Archana everyone saw him. Ankit says she was sent out but she came back because they also broke the rule. They can now start hitting people. Priyanka says I was Bigg Boss to take an action. I care for my family. Tina says to Shalin you were both wrong. He says no. Tina says you are also abused. He says I don’t wanna discuss this with you. Shalin goes out. Tina says now we can’t even do anything. I am scared for my life. Ankit says we can’t take part in tasks.

2:30 AM
Tina says to Nimrit I had to console him. I can’t throw away a friend. I am the only person who can calm him down. No one could calm him. It’s important. If he doesn’t calm down it will go against him. Tina says to Nimrit, Shalin said you chose your side and I can see. His hands were shivering. Priyanka says he was calling my family things. Shalin asks Tina to sit down. Tina says I will go with my friends. I can’t choose sides. Priyanka says you can’t stand with your best friend. Tina says mind your own business. Priyanka says shut up and stop involving for no reason. Priyanka says go from here. Shalin asks Sumbul are you okay? She says I was scared. Priyanka says you did the right thing Sumbul. Shalin says I am sitting alone. Tina says go and rest. He says I am fine here. Either they both go or I will go. Sajid says to Stan you got bit a charged up. Shalin says you’ve chosen your site. Tina says don’t talk that way. My friend was concerned for me. He says I was only concerned about your leg. It’s not about you now. She says you are mistaken. Tina leaves. Sumbul cries. Shalin hugs her. Tina comes in. She says he’s adamant that Stan has to go. Sajid says then Archana also has to go. Tina says Shalin is also against me. He is asking me to choose sides. Priyanka is provoking him. Priyanka says to Stan Salman sir will teach you a lesson.

Priyanka says he is a parrot. Tina says Sumbul is crying as it happened to her. Gautam comes out. Shalin asks did you see? He says I went to take the spray. Sumbul says don’t fight with each other. Priyanka says he’s not important to me. Priyanka says it’s not about my friends or anyone, I care about my safety. Priyanka says Tina madam is saying they’re my friends. She said she was your best friend. Sumbul says it’s about safety. Shalin says I can’t believe this. Sumbul says you’re an idiot. Stan says he became aggressive. Shalin says I am fine. Bigg Boss calls Shalin, Tina, and MC Stan to come to the confession room.

2:45 AM
Stan says I will stop talking to you now. Tina says no this is wrong. He’s not my boyfriend. Stan says what should I say? He can’t have a right to me. He’s not my husband. Bigg Boss says the matter happened between you and Stan but Tina was in between so I called you all. Shalin says Tina was injured so she didn’t see much. Tina says I was there and I saw it. Don’t speak on my behalf. Shalin says I don’t care you tell me. Bigg Boss says there are 36 cameras all of them and Tina is lying. Shalin says I only listen to you. He says that’s where I started. Shalin says I am a bit hyper due to what happened. Tina says at least listen to him. Shalin says don’t teach me. Bigg Boss says you have made mistakes before by being hyper. Listen with a calm mind now. Tina got injured you were trying to fix it. It was hurting her instead and she asked you not to. Stan also asked you not to. Then you both started abusing. We can’t even show that footage. the kind of abuse you did, do you speak like that in your house? Then Stan came to your site and you locked him. Sajid and Shiv was trying to stop you. I will repeat again, Shiv was only trying to stop you. Tina says exactly I was there. Bigg Boss says everyone got aggressive. Tina says they wanted a point. He says that’s why I am talking to you three only and not in front of the rest who are reacting for no reason. I don’t need to answer them. He says I have the footage frame by frame. He asks tina it’s your decision who’s the culprit. Shalin says can I talk to you one-on-one. Tina wasn’t even there properly. Bigg Boss says I am talking to Tina. Tina’s decision is of no value to me. Shiv aggressively charged me according to you he was diffusing. Sajid was diffusing it. Shiv did hit me. I can explain it to you alone. Bigg Boss says when you were shouting, we were checking the footage at that time. Shalin says I can’t explain alone. He says for now we are talking to Tina. Then we will talk to you. Shalin says this is the answer, they’re all friends to her. It’s obvious. Tina says he speaks on another people’s behalf so I will come later. Shalin says they’re all friends to her. Tina says to you SUmbul and I both are friends. I can have other friends too. You sit with everyone. Shalin says okay you win. The attack was on me. I don’t want to know your opinion. Bigg Boss says then you calm shut your ears. He asks Tina.

Tina says Shalin and Stan both were concerned for me. They were tiring to make me help. stan was frustrated and he was abused. Shalin says I wasn’t even touching her foot. Bigg Boss says let us talk to Tina. Tina says then they were abusing. Stan came with me to the captain’s room. Shalin was still abused, he brought his parents. Shalin says he started. Tina says I am talkingg. Tina says Shalin was feeling bad. Shalin puts his fingers in his ears. Tina says just leave if you have no respect for this show and Bigg Boss. You’re so arrogant. He says I am not. Tina says yes this is your humbleness. He says you’re fabricating things. Tina says I don’t need to. Bigg Boss has seen the footage. Shalin says you’re not Bigg Boss to tell me I am disrespecting. Tina says once you’re done let me know. Don’t stop me in between. Tina says he brought Stan’s parents in it and then Stan got angry and went towards him. Which was also wrong but if someone brought my mom I would react the same way. Stan should be but then Archana shouts too. Tina says I know Stan, he is like a brother to me. Bigg Bos says when it happened between Shiv and Archana we asked him for one decision. Now I am asking you if one person is responsible and should that person leave. Shalin says can I say something? Bigg Boss says I am talking to Tina. He says no one got physical with Tina. It happened to me. You asked Shiv. It’s not fair. Bigg Boss says no action was completed here. Shalin says I can explain to you alone. Tina says to keep your nonsense to yourself. Bigg Boss says you get her and say such things. Tina says I am not saying it for the game. Tina says they’re both wrong but Stan didn’t touch with harm. If he did I would ask him to leave. Bigg Boss says okay. Stan, it should never repeat. Bigg Boss asks them to leave and says I need to talk to Shalin.

Priyanka says to Sumbul if they let them go this time too it would be so unfair. Shiv asks Stan. He says they said both are wrong. Tina said both are wrong. They calm Stna down. stan says he made it clear you didn’t do anything.

Bigg Boss asks Shalin. Shalin says it’s for sure that I don’t want to stay here. I am grateful for coming here. I never knew it would get so big. Salman knows me it’s a big thing for me. He cries and says I trust you. Bigg Boss says the person who wanted to be an anchor wants to give up? Shalin says I have no option, either they have to go or I will. You will, I am happy with what you decide. Bigg’s boss says we had to talk about the incident. Shalin says he stopped because of Sajid. Otherwise, Stan was going to hit me. I can also hit people. This isn’t fair. Shalin says I controlled today it was my presence of mind but I don’t know about tomorrow. Bigg Boss says so should I tell the audience that you’re leaving the show because you think you can’t have control over yourself and can hit people. Shalin says no sir. Shalin says I want them to go for my safety or I will. Bigg Boss says you feel danger here and don’t trust this institution and want to take the exit. Shalin says he was threatening me. For my safety, I wanna go. Bigg Boss says you are also threatened. Shalin says no sir. I only reverted. Bigg Boss says do you wanna go? Shalin says yes. Bigg Boss says this will be a voluntary exit. You know what it means right? You have to pay a penalty. Shalin says we will take care of that, it’s clauses 5.4 and 7.1 there’s a backup for it in 9.3. We will take care of that. Bigg Boss says tomorrow Salman will come and send you out with rituals.

3:45 AM
Shalin says I am going tomorrow. Priyanka says sit here. TIna says he doesn’t even respect Bigg BOss. he’s so arrogant and violent. He said I am doing this for the game. Doesn’t he do things for the game? If he was hurt I would ask Stan to go out. Bigg Boss asks Shalin to come back. Tina says he always threatens people. He even threatened me. Bigg Boss says to Shalin I told you some people were reacting for footage only. When you have made the decision, don’t tell people who were reacting. Tina says Stan was genuinely sorry. Nimrit says we can see his face. Shalin says all is good. They will take are of it. Tina says he must have come here for something. Priyanka asks is everything okay? He says yeah it’s fine. Tina says I don’t want to stay in the same room. Nimrit says stay in my room. Bigg Boss says if Priyanka is so concerned let me make it easy for her. shalin has decided to take voluntary exit. TIna says this is what Priyanka wanted. She won. Ankit asks what’s your decision Bigg Boss? Tina says he will realize his mistake. Priyanka asks what’s his decision? Ankit says it’s about our safety too.

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