Bigg Boss 16 18th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 16 18th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on Small screen

Day 47
1:30 AM
Soundarya shouts and says you gained’t pass out. Tina and Soundarya are available in. Soundarya says to Shalin chill out. He says Stan began it. Tina says you probably did. Shalin says he touched me first after which Shiv jumped on me. Sumbul says how can they blame him. Tina says you chill out. Sumbul says how can I chill out? Tina says I used to be there. Sumbul shouts how can I chill out? Tina says then pass outdoor if you’ll’t chill out. Sumbul says I gained’t pass out. I gained’t go away Shalin on my own. Tina says I understand how to care for him. Sumbul says I don’t need Shalin to get harm. Tina says you then be with him and care for it. She is going out. Tina walks out. Shalin stops her. Sumbul stops him. She says U care about you. Shalin says she additionally cares for me. Tina says what sort of friendship is that this? Grow up. What is that this? Shalin says Tina chill out. Tina says to invite her to develop up. Why is so possessive about this? He says you wanna do that? Tina says you wanna do that? Shalin says I’m tiring to mend this. Tina says I got here to look you. Shalin says don’t react to her. Tina says asking her to chill out. She is so possessive about you. What friendship is that this? She’s telling me how I don’t understand how to care for him. I used to be status with a damaged foot there too to forestall him.

Sajid asks what came about. Tina says she’s reacting as no person can communicate to her. Gautam says she pass so bizarre and began shouting. She stated Tina can’t see black and white. Tina says what she desires to look in black and white. She has no pals, she is clinging to Shalin all day. Sumbul cries and says if she cares why didn’t she pass to him? I used to be scared. I used to be shivering. She cries. Sumbul says I will’t stick with other folks like this. Shalin says Bigg Boss takes an motion or I will be able to go away. Ankit says I will be able to go away too then. Priyanka says Stan did assault him. Tina says why can’t you keep now? You all sought after Archana to come back again. what’s the purpose? Whoever provoked, Archana got here again. Stan was once anxious for me. Gautam says Shalin was once pulling it so he were given scared. Shiv says he held Stan so badly. Gautam says I noticed it. Tina says you additionally raised your hand to convey Archana again and now you’re making some extent of your self. You all allowed it. Sajid says he’s taking the best aspect now. Tina says that SUmbul went loopy. Gautam says she was once screaming. Tina says who behaves like that? Sumbul cries and says Bigg Boss ship Stan from right here, that is so incorrect. Nothing will have to occur to Shalin. Or ship me from right here.

1:45 AM
Stan says he was once looking to act like a health care provider. Sajid says why did you absue? He says simply as a chum. Shalin asks Sumbul why did you shout at Tina? You overreacted. Bigg Boss will take an motion. Sumbul says Tina didn’t say anything else. I maintain you. Shalin says ask for forgiveness. Sumbul shouts I gained’t ask for forgiveness to any individual. I maintain you. Soundarya says chill out. Sumbul says I don’t care about her. It’s not that i am an fool. Shalin says I would like a solution from Bigg Boss. Nimrit comes there and says we want motion from Bigg Boss.

Sajid says violence isn’t the solution. He can’t pass, it is a provocation. Priyanka says those individuals are blackmailing now. Priyanka says to Ankit you keep out of it. Ankit says Shiv will get competitive. He says I don’t care. Tina says everybody was once k with violence. Shalin says when was once I? SHe says It’s not that i am speaking about you. Keep your anger to your self or display it to Sumbul. Priyanka says to Ankit simply state what came about however don’t say I will be able to pass. Ankit says I’m pronouncing the similar. Priyanka says don’t give Archana’s instance. Shalin says I’ve been so respectable however I will be able to damage now. I need you to name me to the confession room we will be able to take a look at the pictures I used to be provoked to hit through hitting me. I will beat the shit out of everybody. I used to be provoked. Tina says everybody was once pleased with Archana coming again. Shalin says I’ve taken sufficient. You know, forestall taking part in with me now. Take pictures, I wanna know what you might be gonna do.

2 AM
Sajid says best Bigg Boss will come to a decision now. Shalin says I didn’t impress Shiv or any individual. Stan attacked me first. Priyanka says he was once saving himself. Sajid says why are you interfering? She says it’s about our protection. It’s a threat for a contestant. Are there goons right here? Are we gonna damage heads? Shiv says pass and play with Archana. Priyanka says we don’t seem to be terrified of you. Stna says your circle of relatives is goons, pass and undertake Archana. Shiv says you had been protective Archana. Now you’re combating over violence. Ankit asks Priyanka to chill out. She says I will’t tolerate this. Ankit says concentrate, please. She leaves in anger. Soundarya says she’s no longer permitting them to. Archana says why am I dragged into this? Priyanka says come damage my head. Nimrit says no person is speaking to you. Shiv says you don’t have anything to do. Sajid comes. Priyanka says they may be able to hit me too. Sajid says I’m right here to speak. I’ve requested Bigg Boss to take an motion. They will have to be checking the pictures. If you introduced Archana again, this needed to occur. Priyanka says so your folks can damage faces. You’re protective your folks. Sajid says forestall shouting at me. Nimrit says all of us noticed you status with your folks. Priyanka says to stay supporting violence. Nimrit says see who’s speaking. Priyanka says they may be able to hurt us too. Shiv says she doesn’t even see anything else and begins speaking. Stan says I don’t even care about her. Gautam says he was once pronouncing come to my position if you’ll. Gautam says he stated it first.

Tina hugs Shalin. She cries. Tina says I maintain you? Archana says I wasn’t gonna kill them. Priyanka says what came about with Archana everybody noticed him. Ankit says she was once despatched out however she got here again as a result of in addition they broke the rule of thumb. They can now get started hitting other folks. Priyanka says I used to be Bigg Boss to take an motion. I maintain my circle of relatives. Tina says to Shalin you had been each incorrect. He says no. Tina says you might be additionally abused. He says I don’t wanna speak about this with you. Shalin is going out. Tina says now we will be able to’t even do anything else. I’m scared for my existence. Ankit says we will be able to’t participate in duties.

2:30 AM
Tina says to Nimrit I needed to console him. I will’t throw away a chum. I’m the one one who can calm him down. No one may calm him. It’s necessary. If he doesn’t chill out it’s going to pass towards him. Tina says to Nimrit, Shalin stated you selected your aspect and I will see. His palms had been shivering. Priyanka says he was once calling my circle of relatives issues. Shalin asks Tina to sit down down. Tina says I will be able to pass with my pals. I will’t make a choice aspects. Priyanka says you’ll’t stand together with your very best buddy. Tina says thoughts your individual industry. Priyanka says close up and prevent involving for no reason why. Priyanka says pass from right here. Shalin asks Sumbul are you k? She says I used to be scared. Priyanka says you probably did the best factor Sumbul. Shalin says I’m sitting on my own. Tina says pass and relaxation. He says I’m nice right here. Either they each pass or I will be able to pass. Sajid says to Stan you were given bit a charged up. Shalin says you’ve selected your website online. Tina says don’t communicate that approach. My buddy was once involved for me. He says I used to be best taken with your leg. It’s no longer about you presently. She says you might be improper. Tina leaves. Sumbul cries. Shalin hugs her. Tina is available in. She says he’s adamant that Stan has to head. Sajid says then Archana additionally has to head. Tina says Shalin may be towards me. He is calling me to select aspects. Priyanka is upsetting him. Priyanka says to Stan (*16*) sir will train you a lesson.

Priyanka says he’s a parrot. Tina says Sumbul is crying because it came about to her. Gautam comes out. Shalin asks did you spot? He says I went to take the spray. Sumbul says don’t combat with every different. Priyanka says he’s no longer necessary to me. Priyanka says it’s no longer about my pals or any individual, I care about my protection. Priyanka says Tina madam is pronouncing they’re my pals. She stated she was once your very best buddy. Sumbul says it’s about protection. Shalin says I will’t imagine this. Sumbul says you’re an fool. Stan says he become competitive. Shalin says I’m nice. Bigg Boss calls Shalin, Tina, and MC Stan to come back to the confession room.

2:45 AM
Stan says I will be able to forestall speaking to you presently. Tina says no that is incorrect. He’s no longer my boyfriend. Stan says what will have to I say? He can’t have a proper to me. He’s no longer my husband. Bigg Boss says the topic came about between you and Stan however Tina was once in between so I known as you all. Shalin says Tina was once injured so she didn’t see a lot. Tina says I used to be there and I noticed it. Don’t discuss on my behalf. Shalin says I don’t care you inform me. Bigg Boss says there are 36 cameras they all and Tina is mendacity. Shalin says I best concentrate to you. He says that’s the place I began. Shalin says I’m a little bit hyper because of what came about. Tina says no less than concentrate to him. Shalin says don’t train me. Bigg Boss says you’ve got made errors ahead of through being hyper. Listen with a peaceful thoughts now. Tina were given injured you had been looking to repair it. It was once hurting her as a substitute and she or he requested you to not. Stan additionally requested you to not. Then you each began abusing. We can’t even display that pictures. the type of abuse you probably did, do you discuss like that in your home? Then Stan got here for your website online and also you locked him. Sajid and Shiv was once looking to forestall you. I will be able to repeat once more, Shiv was once best looking to forestall you. Tina says precisely I used to be there. Bigg Boss says everybody were given competitive. Tina says they sought after some extent. He says that’s why I’m speaking to you 3 best and no longer in entrance of the remainder who’re reacting for no reason why. I don’t want to resolution them. He says I’ve the pictures body through body. He asks tina it’s your resolution who’s the offender. Shalin says can I communicate to you one-on-one. Tina wasn’t even there correctly. Bigg Boss says I’m speaking to Tina. Tina’s resolution is of no price to me. Shiv aggressively charged me in keeping with you he was once diffusing. Sajid was once diffusing it. Shiv did hit me. I will give an explanation for it to you on my own. Bigg Boss says while you had been shouting, we had been checking the pictures at the moment. Shalin says I will’t give an explanation for on my own. He says for now we’re speaking to Tina. Then we will be able to communicate to you. Shalin says that is the solution, they’re all pals to her. It’s evident. Tina says he speaks on every other other folks’s behalf so I will be able to come later. Shalin says they’re all pals to her. Tina says to you SUmbul and I each are pals. I will produce other pals too. You take a seat with everybody. Shalin says k you win. The assault was once on me. I don’t need to know your opinion. Bigg Boss says you then calm close your ears. He asks Tina.

Tina says Shalin and Stan each had been involved for me. They had been tiring to make me assist. stan was once pissed off and he was once abused. Shalin says I wasn’t even touching her foot. Bigg Boss says allow us to communicate to Tina. Tina says then they had been abusing. Stan got here with me to the captain’s room. Shalin was once nonetheless abused, he introduced his folks. Shalin says he began. Tina says I’m talkingg. Tina says Shalin was once feeling unhealthy. Shalin places his hands in his ears. Tina says simply go away if you don’t have any appreciate for this display and Bigg Boss. You’re so smug. He says It’s not that i am. Tina says sure that is your humbleness. He says you’re fabricating issues. Tina says I don’t want to. Bigg Boss has noticed the pictures. Shalin says you’re no longer Bigg Boss to inform me I’m disrespecting. Tina says whenever you’re performed let me know. Don’t forestall me in between. Tina says he introduced Stan’s folks in it after which Stan were given indignant and went against him. Which was once additionally incorrect but when anyone introduced my mother I might react the similar approach. Stan will have to be however then Archana shouts too. Tina says I do know Stan, he is sort of a brother to me. Bigg Bos says when it came about between Shiv and Archana we requested him for one resolution. Now I’m asking you if one individual is accountable and will have to that individual go away. Shalin says can I say one thing? Bigg Boss says I’m speaking to Tina. He says no person were given bodily with Tina. It came about to me. You requested Shiv. It’s no longer honest. Bigg Boss says no motion was once finished right here. Shalin says I will give an explanation for to you on my own. Tina says to stay your nonsense to your self. Bigg Boss says you get her and say such issues. Tina says It’s not that i am pronouncing it for the sport. Tina says they’re each incorrect however Stan didn’t contact with hurt. If he did I might ask him to depart. Bigg Boss says k. Stan, it will have to by no means repeat. Bigg Boss asks them to depart and says I want to communicate to Shalin.

Priyanka says to Sumbul in the event that they allow them to pass this time too it will be so unfair. Shiv asks Stan. He says they stated each are incorrect. Tina stated each are incorrect. They calm Stna down. stan says he made it transparent you didn’t do anything else.

Bigg Boss asks Shalin. Shalin says it’s needless to say that I don’t need to keep right here. I’m thankful for coming right here. I by no means knew it will get so large. (*16*) is aware of me it’s a large factor for me. He cries and says I consider you. Bigg Boss says the one who sought after to be an anchor desires to surrender? Shalin says I don’t have any choice, both they’ve to head or I will be able to. You will, I’m pleased with what you make a decision. Bigg’s boss says we had to discuss the incident. Shalin says he stopped as a result of Sajid. Otherwise, Stan was once going to hit me. I will additionally hit other folks. This isn’t honest. Shalin says I managed lately it was once my presence of thoughts however I don’t learn about the following day. Bigg Boss says so will have to I inform the target audience that you simply’re leaving the display since you assume you’ll’t have keep watch over over your self and will hit other folks. Shalin says no sir. Shalin says I need them to head for my protection or I will be able to. Bigg Boss says you’re feeling threat right here and don’t consider this establishment and need to take the go out. Shalin says he was once threatening me. For my protection, I wanna pass. Bigg Boss says you might be additionally threatened. Shalin says no sir. I best reverted. Bigg Boss says do you wanna pass? Shalin says sure. Bigg Boss says this shall be a voluntary go out. You know what it approach proper? You must pay a penalty. Shalin says we will be able to maintain that, it’s clauses 5.4 and seven.1 there’s a backup for it in 9.3. We will maintain that. Bigg Boss says the following day (*16*) will come and ship you out with rituals.

3:45 AM
Shalin says I’m going the following day. Priyanka says take a seat right here. TIna says he doesn’t even appreciate Bigg BOss. he’s so smug and violent. He stated I’m doing this for the sport. Doesn’t he do issues for the sport? If he was once harm I might ask Stan to head out. Bigg Boss asks Shalin to come back again. Tina says he all the time threatens other folks. He even threatened me. Bigg Boss says to Shalin I informed you some other folks had been reacting for pictures best. When you’ve got made the verdict, don’t inform individuals who had been reacting. Tina says Stan was once in reality sorry. Nimrit says we will be able to see his face. Shalin says all is excellent. They will take are of it. Tina says he will have to have come right here for one thing. Priyanka asks is the whole lot k? He says yeah it’s nice. Tina says I don’t need to keep in the similar room. Nimrit says keep in my room. Bigg Boss says if Priyanka is so involved let me make it simple for her. shalin has determined to take voluntary go out. TIna says that is what Priyanka sought after. She gained. Ankit asks what’s your resolution Bigg Boss? Tina says he’ll understand his mistake. Priyanka asks what’s his resolution? Ankit says it’s about our protection too.

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Update Credit to: Atiba

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