Bigg Boss 16 12th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Archana to come back to the house

Bigg Boss 16 12th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Archana to come back to the house

Bigg Boss 16 12th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend ka vaar
Salman welcomes everyone. He says we spoke to Ankit and Priyanka yesterday. Let’s see who will leave the house today. We will eliminate the one now. He goes back. He says Priyanka and Ankit you both get it? She says yes. Salman says I should have said it earlier but I don’t like to interfere in such things. I totally understand Ankit. But sometimes it gets late. He says who is nominated? Priyanka, Gori and Sumbul. He says wow Priyanka is also nominated. One of you will have to leave the house today. The one who is eliminated today is. I gave her a hint that what you’re doing can get her out of this house. He says Priyanka. Everyone is shocked. Priyanka says thank you. Soundarya says no. Salman says this is the result. I should’ve spoken earlier. It’s late already. Ankit will stay in and Priyanka will leave.

Soundarya says I can’t believe it. Priyanka says I love to sacrifice it. It had to happen. Soundarya hugs her. Gori hugs her and cries. Priyanka says it’s fine. Soundarya says I can’t believe it. She tells Soundarya what Salman told her. Sajid hugs her. She says now he will miss me. Abdu hugs her and says I will miss you. Soundaarya says I will miss you and support you. The goes don’t open. Souondarya says it’s a prank. The door is opening. Soundarya says Salman must be entering. This isn’t possible. Ankit hugs Priyanka. Soundarya says that isn’t possible. Priyanka says I will get a heart attack. Salman says the door isn’t open. I will get a heart attack. Priyanka says the door isn’t open. Salman says must be a technical problem. They’re trying. He says Ankit how do you feel? He says feels like my mistake. Salman says you said you don’t care. He says I do. Salman says do you feel the loss? He says I do. Salman says I am glad you feel the loss.

Salman says, Gori? Don’t you wanna go? She nods. Salman says then go naa. Priyanka says Salman sir. Priyanka hugs Gori. Salman says she will happily go and do stage shows. Haryana’s Shakira, have fun with the crowd. Gori says love you, sir. Salman says love you too. Come here. Priyanka hugs her and says she’s so happy. Gori hugs Stan. Sajid hugs her too. She leaves dancing. Everyone claps for her.

Ankit hugs Priyanka and says very sorry. She says I lose myself for others. He says don’t cry, please. Ankit hugs her. Nimrit says Salman must have told Ankit to stand for her, say that you’re together. Priyanka says I gave my 100%. Sajid says Gori wasn’t happy here. Priyanka says I can’t stop thinking about the people I care for. I look dominating. I look like a joke on TV. You don’t say it, you don’t say a word. I can’t do this anymore. I want to do something myself for the first time. Ankit hugs her. Priyanka says I have to explain things to you. You know how I am. You didn’t even defend me when Salman said I have become a joke. I was defending you. If you stay this way what will happen? He says I won’t. Shiv says Salman didn’t say anything in front of anyone because their bond is good. Priyanka says I hate myself. I can’t do my own loss.

Soundarya says Ankit’s friends think for themselves. Ankit says I ask her to put herself first. Soundarya says she is emotional. She fights for her people. Shalin says it’s clear that Ankit doesn’t want to settle. Priyanka loves him for sure. Priyanka says I jump into things for you. Ankit says that’s my habit. She says and looks at how that is making me look outside. He says it’s because of both of us. Priyanka says because of my caring nature? He says you can’t blame it for me. He says I have a nature too. She says okay fine I get it. Abdu and Sajid dancee. Sajid says who will steal our groceries now. Priyanka says your game is ruined because of me. You play your own, you are getting sympathy. I don’t need any support. He says I am not here for sympathies.

Ankit tells Sajid I am on my own now. Sajid says honestly it’s your fault. As a man sometimes you have to step up. You can’t be in both boats. Follow your heart. Do what it says but do something. Sajid asks Priyanka are you okay? He says do you respect me? Priyanka says a lot. He says then listen to me, do leave him for some time too. She says I will.

Salman says let’s welcome the cast of bhediya. He welcomes Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon. They dance. Varun says bhai you didn’t marry, Kriti is single too. Before the promotion, I will get her married. Kriti says you’ve ten days left. Kriti says sir I met you first when I was 8, you said hi sweetheart to me. Varun says I am a bigger fan of Salman. Kriti says I am. He says let’s do a quiz with a buzzer. Salman asks how many films have I done. Kriti says 114, Varun says 130. He says even I don’t know but bigger numbers win. He asks for his favorite dish. They say different dishes. Varun wins. Salman asks which heroin have I done most movies with? Varun says Andaaz apna apna. Salman asks how many films I named Prem in. Kriti says 16. She wins. They dance with Salman.

Kriti and Varun go inside the house. Everyone welcomes Varun and Kriti into the house. They go with bhediya’s body. Kriti hugs Abdu. Varun says Abdu when we met for the first time you gave me a punch. Abdu punches him. Varun says we were expecting Hasbullah there. They’re rivals. We are calling Hasbullah here too. Abdu says come here Hasbullah, I will turn you into chicken and give you to Shalin. Varun asks Priyanka to give bhediya’s nails to the person who backstabs. She says, Stan. He says something else and does it to someone else. Shalin has to give a tail to someone who just keeps saying yes and doesn’t have his own stand. He gives it to Ankit. Shalin says he can have a solid opinion but he gets shadowed. Priyanka thinks faster and reacts. Ankit keeps processing. Anit says you said it’s for people please it should be given to Shalin. Kriti says this is the head Ankit. Give it to the very clever person here. He gives it to Shiv and says he makes people fight and then runs. Shiv says he’s learned from Priyanka. Varun says Ankit has done it too well today.

Varun says now you have to guess who said this line about you and spray on their face. Kriti reads about Soundarya I’ve created a brand name for myself. I am not gonna go out before Soundarya. She has fake fans on social media 5milliuon and she gets only 28 comments. Soundarya says, Tina. Kriti says right. Soundarya says I knew it. I’ve said great things about you, I always liked you. And this is what you do. What a stalker. Varun reads Shalin it’s about you. I can’t let my name be associated with him. It’s zero from my side. I don’t want my character to be questioned. Tina says it’s not like that. Shalin says it’s zero from my side too. It’s Tina. He sprays on her face. Varun says it’s about you. You talk behind the back and you’re very clever. Tina says Sumbul. Varun says why Sumbul? She says Soundarya or Gautam? Varun says wrong. Abdu said Tina is a liar, a very dangerous girl in the house. Kriti says Sumbul next is about you. She doesn’t even get ready, always walking like a nobody. She says, Tina. Tina says it was about my glam. It wasn’t wrong. Sumbul says I don’t like faking myself. I am wearing grows for the first time. Soundarya says you’re pretty that way. Tina says we said it in a way that she is the way she is. Varun says nice cover-up. Varun and Kriti leave.

Shalin says you’re a girl. It’s clearly zero from my side too. Tina says are you crazy? I said this in front of you. I don’t want anything for my character. I said it in front of Abdu too. He says it’s zero from both sides. Priyanka says to Shiv I have my family. Shalin asks Abdu why were you doubting her. Tina says people make doubt in his house. Shiv says we are not fake like you. Priyanka says the audience can see how fake you are. Tina says did you call me a bad girl? Abdu says no. Shiv says our family is real. Ankit says we can see your fake family. Abdu says to Tina someone said I am a very bad girl. Someone said it. Priyanka? Abdu says Priyanka or Archana. Priyanka says she can’t fight with Abdu. He has fans. Soundarya says it won’t work. We are all equal here. Soundarya says she has 3 million fans herself then why is she so insecure? Ankit says she wants validation.

Salman says an accident happened in the house this week and shook the whole house. He shows Archana hitting Shiv. She says what Archana did was wrong. But there is a hidden aspect too. He meets Archana and asks how are you? She says I am fine. Salman says do you repent? She says what I did was wrong. Salman says how many people have you provoked and fought with? Did anyone hit you? She says I apologized. Salman says we told you we don’t tolerate hitting people here. Archana says he was provoking me. Salman says you have provoked every captain, no one hit you. You said against the show and Bigg Boss too. Archana says I told him to not irritate me with the party or didi’s name. Salman says you showed her your weak point. You did the same with him, but he didn’t hit you. Do you have any friends in the house? Any one person who supports you. It looks like you create unnecessary points. You stab the person who extends a friendly hand to you. She says no one did. Salman says Priyanka didn’t? She stood with you but you didn’t. Why should you be in this house? She says I want to show the audience with one chance I am not the way being shown. Salman says again the same thing? We aren’t showing the wrong things. We don’t want your fake content. You created useless points and fought unnecessarily for them. Who did you come here for? She says it was my family’s dream. Salman says they must be proud right? You were kicked out. She says I made a mistake. I won’t do it again. Salman says tell me 3 people who would take your guarantee? She says, Gori. Salman says she’s left. Archana says, Soundarya. Salman says she was the first person who called your action wrong. Archana says Priyanka. Salman says Priyanka came to you to become a friend and you got her nominated. Your body language was such that Bigg Boss can’t kick you out. Where did you did the pride from? Archana says I shouldn’t have done that. I told him to not take didi’s name. Salman says but the truth is that you broke the biggest rule of this house. Salman says but there’s another aspect of it too. That I will bring up now. Wait and see it from there. I will see their reaction.

Salman goes back into the house. He says Nimrit on basis of humanity, who barks? She says a dog and b*t*h. Salman says why am I asking this? She says I said this to Priyanka. Salman says it’s not about Priyanka. She says Archana? I am not getting it. Salman says someone said stop barking and you made such a big issue out of it and later you called Priyanka a b*t*h yourself. Nimrit says it wasn’t just that. Salman asks Abdu, he says no one said you’re a dog. They provoked you. He says Sajid, Stan, and Shalin. People are smoking openly for the first time in this house. Shalin says when exhaust it closed, I feel like it’s suffocating there. I smoke outside. Sorry, sir. Salman says it’s not worth losing my cool over. I am telling you if you don’t wanna listen you damn you. He says sorry sir.

Salman says now time to talk about the biggest point in the house now. He says what is an open and shut case in courts? Limit you studying law right? For how long? She says 5 years. He says is there someone else who knows it? Gautam says if there’s a crime if an opinion is made on it. Ankit says if all the proofs are there. Shalin says when judgment isn’t needed. It’s just wrong. There’s an open proof. Salman says Nimrit you never fight a case, please. Salman says how many people know the rule that the use of power is prohibited? They all raise their hands. Salman asks how many people saw Archana hitting Shiv. Everyone raises their hand.

Salman asks Tina. Tina says Archana was provoking me since evening. When we were in the kitchen, she would hide things that were for everyone. When I asked her because she said I will give it gradually. then I went to her room and got the sugar because everyone was having tea without sugar. Then Abdu and I needed tissues and she hid them all. She said to clean your face with toilet paper. Bigg Boss sent them for us why can’t we use them? She hid them in the kitchen. She fought a lot. She said a very bad thing that takes tissues inside you. I told her what kind of language is this? She always speaks like this. Then Shiv was there. Shiv took a stand and she throttled him. She was gonna hit Sumbul too. Priyanka says she would fight over these things. She threw the tissues. She did use that word. Shiv came and he was fighting what were you saying? Then Shiv used her party’s name. Archana warned him earlier in the evening. She said you can even say anything against my parents but don’t use didi’s name yet he did again. Tina says he said after hitting that didi will not even call you if you do such things. Salman says are you 100% sure? Priyanka says she was on the other side. Shiv says I said it earlier. Salman says are you sure? She says he said it before. Salman asks Shiv? He says I said it earlier.

Salman asks Sumbul what were you so angry for? Sumbul says I wasn’t gonna show anything. I got mad. I controlled myself. I knew the rule. I went to her. Salman says when you said I am gonna hit her. Sumbul says I went to stop her. Salman says you went to her, she didn’t come to you. She says you told everyone that Archana came to you. Sumbul says she was in front of me. Salman says did you go to her or did she come to you? Sumbul says she was in front of me. Salman says you went from outside. But okay we are wrong, I am wrong, you’re right. Sumbul says I did go. Salman says you are right to let’s move ahead. Sumbul says sorry sir.

Salman asks how many people thought Archana had the intent to hurt. He asks Nimrit. Nimrit says I was there, she had the intent to hurt. Priyanka says she did throttle him but Shiv didn’t even remove her hand, he was saying hit me. If it was hurting so bad he would never go back. Her action was wrong. Salman says if it was so clear then why did Bigg Boss call Shiv to the confession room? Think why. Think about it and I will come back in a while and show something to the audience in a bit.

Salman says Priyanka says everyone saw what happened between Archana and Shiv. But before that, something else happened too. Shiv said to his friends, her hook is party and did. It’s her ego. Always attack that and be silent, it’s her trigger. Say didi and she will lose her mind. Salman asks Shalin what is the trigger. Salman says something you’re sensitive about. Shalin says correct. Salman says what does it mean? I know her trigger. If we talk about her party or did, it’s her trigger. She will blast. Tina says yes something she would blast on. Salman says who said it? Shalin says Shiv said it in the room. Shalin says I never agreed with it. Shiv says I wanna talk. Shalin says I told him not to. Salman says Bigg Boss has a pattern, he gives a warning and then he kicks out. Like Archana was warned. You knew this pattern. Shiv says she was talking about another girl’s character. Gori is a dancer. Soundarya says Gori said don’t use this word against me. Priyanka says Gori said she didn’t use this word they dragged it out for the entire week. Salman says Archana didn’t use this work. Shiv says Gori told me herself that Archana used that word against her. Salman says it was an old fight and they sorted it. You all used it regardless. Gori said it herself that she didn’t use that word. Bigg Boss gives warnings like Archana was given a warning. Shiv says yes like how Archana was given warnings. Salman says on what? he says I don’t know about physical patterns. But she was given on character, casts, and religion. Salman says you said she has gotten warnings already. Salman says we are talking about the physical fights. In one race, Stna, and Archana got both warnings so don’t drag the topic around. You think about it and I will show the audience one more thing till then.

Salman shows how Archana said earlier to Shiv you can say anything against me, fight, don’t drag party or didi’s name. Shiv says I didn’t. She says you can say anything. I won’t also talk about your trigger. Archana says to Sajid I told him I won’t take his trigger’s name. Shiv says you’re Priyanka’s spoon. Didi won’t even give you a ticket. Salman goes back into the house. He says the same day when this accident happened Shiv, the same evening Archana and you had a conversation. She said I won’t say your trigger and you won’t use the party’s name and didi’s name. You and Stan gave each other a fist bump on provoking her. You know her boiling point was coming. Now we know how to trigger her and get a reaction out of her. Shiv says that wasn’t the intention. We wanted to silence her.

Salman says let me show you the entire story. Shiv found Archana’s trigger. There is a minister and Shiv got her name from someone in the house. Shiv used her name and provoked Archana. He knew this was her trigger and weak point. He shared it with Shalin and his friends. Shalin appreciated Shiv on this plan. Archana sensed it and gave him an offer. She said I will never use your trigger and you won’t use didi’s name. Archana cries. Salman says it’s a game of provocation. You get disturbed here, that’s how people play here. The same evening Bigg Boss scolded Archana. she fought between Sajid and Gori over a word when she didn’t know the main point. She shouldn’t have jumped without context. Shiv knew this yet how did you get into a tissue fight? He says she hid sugar too and she said I won’t give it. Soundarya says he didn’t say that. Salman says Archana used the word put it inside. you picked that word and what did you say? Shiv says I said will you say the same to didi? Shiv says I told her not to use this word. I said will you say the same to didi? My intention was to silence her not that she will get provoked and hit me and kick her out. Salman says she did wrong by hitting you. It’s a game. People provoke, and the person who doesn’t have skin to tolerate it will lose.

Salman asks how did you provoke Priyanka today? You and Stan. He says I said puppet. It was a thing between her and Soundarya. Salman says I am not asking for explaining. Salman says you said puppet and spoon. What’s the difference between provoking like this and bringing didi into conversations? He asks Tina what’s the difference? Tina says it gets sensitive for her. Nimrit says the puppet was sensitive for Priyanka and didi for Archana. Salman asks what’s the difference then? Nimrit says she’s a third person. She’s from outside. Shalin says saying puppet and spoon and Ankit Priyanka is about the premises of this house. Talking about didi is bringing a name from outside and that too a politician and it’s Bigg Boss’ rule to not talk about such things. Salman says exactly. Now let me repeat, Bigg Boss’ rule. In this house all races, religions, and backgrounds are equal. No one will talk about any political party or people related to politics in this house. Did you know that rule?? Shiv says I didn’t name the party just did. I won’t say it again. Priyanka says she’s gone. Ankit says Sajid and I asked him not to take didi’s name or the party’s. It’s not right for him. Salman says don’t do it Shiv. The main point is that talking about things and people from outside is not at all cool. How many people think that you can get triggered if a point is picked from the outside? He says now you know why we don’t allow it inside this house. And if you do that you try to get an unfair advantage. You can use points from inside the house. Some people irritate in the house. Like Archana, she was picking points that were good and bad in the house. But there was one good thing about her, she would consider everyone a competition. Priyanka says exactly. Soundarya says exactly. Salman says she was her own person. She wouldn’t follow anyone. She treated everyone equally as a competition. Shalin says she cooked well too. Salman says you spoke the most against her. You said Archana has not done anything for anyone so why would we care? When she was crying in the bathroom.

Soundarya says also about the tissues. When Gori and I were there, she said Shalin and some people misuse the tissues and things really badly. If it’s Bigg Boss’ things doesn’t mean we will misuse them. I told her that was correct. Salman says you are late. She’s gone. Soundarya says they were not listening. Salman says Shiv now you know why you were called to the confession room? You were asked if Archana should be kicked out and you said yes. Bigg Boss did the same. Now I will ask everyone who is proud of what Shiv did. Tina raises her hand and so does Stan. Tina says I am not proud of the entire situation but Archana gets very violent in anger. She loses her control. She shakes. Priyanka says people have different body languages. Shiv was also wrong. Tina says everyone provokes here. That doesn’t mean you can hit people here. Salman says how many of you think Archana should get a chance? Soundarya, Gautam, Ankit, and Ankit raise their hands. Salman says I thought Shiv would raise their hand. Because Shiv first said Bigg Boss will decide. Then you said no she should be kicked out. Okay I get it, it’s a game, It was a chance to kick out a strong competitor.

Salman says so was Shiv right? For provoking like this. Soundarya says no. Salman says superb Shiv. Very well executed, pre-planned, and consistent. But wrong because it was from outside. It wasn’t allowed to talk about people from that background in this house. The few things I told you can’t be discussed in this house. If you did it on a point from inside the house, I would have appreciated you. It was well played. What do you say Shiv? Shiv says I will be fine if she is given a chance and if she comes back. Salman asks again who would have a problem with Archana coming back. Sajid, Tina, Nimrit, Stan, and Shalin raise their hands. Salman asks who doesn’t have a problem? Abdu, Ankit, Priyanka, Sumbul, Shiv, Soundarya, and Gautam raise their hands. Salman clears with Abdu. Sajid says he doesn’t want her back in the house. He explains Abdu again. Salman asks if she loves you. Abdu says she makes me angry. Salman says your real personality comes out. She looks bad and you look good. Everyone gets to see your serious side too. People loved your thinking and your reaction. Because of Archana people got to see your side. And she looked bad. Other people make you look joking all the time. Because of Archana, we saw your side. She makes you look stronger. Abdu says it’s fine if she comes back. Salman says see, another way to see things.

Salman says now I am taking this call as host of this show. Because this provocation was wrong and based on topics that we are not allowed to talk about. As host of the show, to torture all of you once again. Soundarya and Priyanka dance happily and hug. Salman says to torture myself, I am getting her back. Soundarya says that eh will get another chance. I am so happy. She swore to her parents that she will not get aggressive. Priyanka says thank you so much. Salman says she doesn’t need to come inside the house. Ankit says is she inside? Salman says she’s gone to Thailand. See you all next week. Priyanka says thank you so much, sir. Soundarya says thank you. Archana cries in the activity area. Salman sees off.

Sajid says I still don’t support violence. Soundarya neither do we. Priyanka says I told her was wrong. Soundarya, we were yelling at her that she was wrong. Ankit says she was wrong but that pre-planning. Sajid says she can call people on their races and areas? She said it first. Priyanka says you can call puppet and spoon. Stan says Archana would use the word spoon too. Priyanka says this was your unfair game. You provoked her and got her out. Sajid says this is wrong. Tina and Shalin ask Sumbul why did you raise their hand. Sumbul says Salman said raising their hand was wrong. Tina says we saw her aggression. She could hit you that night too. Sumbul says it’s about the whole context. I would never raise my hand. Sajid says I also liked her, she was entertaining. But It old her anger would ruin her game. Priyanka says we called her wrong. Soundarya says she promised she will never get aggressive. Sajid says she never learned. Priyanka says you didn’t get what Salman said. He says you all are supporting violence. She got punished. Ankit says sir, what did it mean we will use her trigger point and blast her? Bigg Boss asked us not to use that name. Sajid says I stopped Shiv myself. He says Shiv didn’t listen. Was he kicked out? Priyanka says we could raise that point too to kick him out. She was provoked. Sajid says so we will provoke people and we will hit too? This isn’t fair.

Shiv says I don’t get anything. I don’t want to talk. If I go inside it will only get worse. Stan says Sajid is fighting inside. Shiv says they can call us barking we can’t call spoon. Stan says what do we talk about then? Ankit says if Shiv has supported her coming inside then why are you all fighting? Sajid says we also live here. Priyanka says Archana broke a rule and got kicked out. Then Shiv also used a political party’s name and broke a rule. He should be kicked out too. Shalin says it’s not the same. Sajid says he was given a warning. Priyanka says it was a plan against her. This was what Salman said. Sajid says to keep quiet for one second. He planned it with Stan? Priyanka says if she broke the rule so did Shiv. Shiv says I won’t use things from outside but if I can’t use words like a spoon. Tina says sir clarified the difference.

Salman says Archana will go inside the house. See you all next weekend.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba


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