Bigg Boss 16 12th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Archana to come back to the house

Bigg Boss 16 12th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on Small screen

(*16*) ka vaar
Salman welcomes everybody. He says we spoke to Ankit and Priyanka the day before today. Let’s see who will depart the house lately. We will do away with the one now. He is going back. He says Priyanka and Ankit you each get it? She says sure. Salman says I must have mentioned it previous however I don’t like to intrude in such issues. I completely perceive Ankit. But every now and then it will get overdue. He says who’s nominated? Priyanka, Gori and Sumbul. He says wow Priyanka could also be nominated. One of you’re going to have to depart the house lately. The person who is eradicated lately is. I gave her a touch that what you’re doing can get her out of this house. He says Priyanka. Everyone is stunned. Priyanka says thanks. Soundarya says no. Salman says that is the end result. I must’ve spoken previous. It’s overdue already. Ankit will keep in and Priyanka will depart.

Soundarya says I will be able to’t imagine it. Priyanka says I really like to sacrifice it. It had to occur. Soundarya hugs her. Gori hugs her and cries. Priyanka says it’s wonderful. Soundarya says I will be able to’t imagine it. She tells Soundarya what Salman informed her. Sajid hugs her. She says now he’s going to leave out me. Abdu hugs her and says I can leave out you. Soundaarya says I can leave out you and make stronger you. The is going don’t open. Souondarya says it’s a prank. The door is opening. Soundarya says Salman should be getting into. This isn’t imaginable. Ankit hugs Priyanka. Soundarya says that isn’t imaginable. Priyanka says I can get a middle assault. Salman says the door isn’t open. I can get a middle assault. Priyanka says the door isn’t open. Salman says should be a technical downside. They’re making an attempt. He says Ankit how do you are feeling? He says seems like my mistake. Salman says you mentioned you don’t care. He says I do. Salman says do you are feeling the loss? He says I do. Salman says I’m happy you are feeling the loss.

Salman says, Gori? Don’t you wanna cross? She nods. Salman says then cross naa. Priyanka says Salman sir. Priyanka hugs Gori. Salman says she’s going to fortuitously cross and do degree displays. Haryana’s Shakira, have a laugh with the crowd. Gori says love you, sir. Salman says love you too. Come right here. Priyanka hugs her and says she’s so glad. Gori hugs Stan. Sajid hugs her too. She leaves dancing. Everyone claps for her.

Ankit hugs Priyanka and says very sorry. She says I lose myself for others. He says don’t cry, please. Ankit hugs her. Nimrit says Salman should have informed Ankit to stand for her, say that you just’re in combination. Priyanka says I gave my 100%. Sajid says Gori wasn’t glad right here. Priyanka says I will be able to’t forestall interested by the other folks I handle. I glance dominating. I appear to be a funny story on TV. You don’t say it, you don’t say a phrase. I will be able to’t do that anymore. I would like to do one thing myself for the first time. Ankit hugs her. Priyanka says I’ve to provide an explanation for issues to you. You know the way I’m. You didn’t even protect me when Salman mentioned I’ve grow to be a funny story. I used to be protecting you. If you keep this fashion what’s going to occur? He says I gained’t. Shiv says Salman didn’t say anything else in entrance of somebody as a result of their bond is excellent. Priyanka says I hate myself. I will be able to’t do my very own loss.

Soundarya says Ankit’s pals suppose for themselves. Ankit says I ask her to put herself first. Soundarya says she is emotional. She fights for her other folks. Shalin says it’s transparent that Ankit doesn’t need to settle. Priyanka loves him evidently. Priyanka says I leap into issues for you. Ankit says that’s my dependancy. She says and appears at how this is making me glance outdoor. He says it’s as a result of either one of us. Priyanka says as a result of my worrying nature? He says you’ll’t blame it for me. He says I’ve a nature too. She says ok wonderful I am getting it. Abdu and Sajid dancee. Sajid says who will scouse borrow our groceries now. Priyanka says your sport is ruined as a result of me. You play your individual, you’re getting sympathy. I don’t want any make stronger. He says It’s not that i am right here for sympathies.

Ankit tells Sajid I’m alone now. Sajid says in truth it’s your fault. As a person every now and then you have got to step up. You can’t be in each boats. Follow your middle. Do what it says however do one thing. Sajid asks Priyanka are you ok? He says do you admire me? Priyanka says so much. He says then pay attention to me, do depart him for a while too. She says I can.

Salman says let’s welcome the solid of bhediya. He welcomes Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon. They dance. Varun says bhai you didn’t marry, Kriti is unmarried too. Before the promotion, I can get her married. Kriti says you’ve ten days left. Kriti says sir I met you first when I used to be 8, you mentioned hello sweetheart to me. Varun says I’m a larger fan of Salman. Kriti says I’m. He says let’s do a quiz with a buzzer. Salman asks what number of motion pictures have I achieved. Kriti says 114, Varun says 130. He says even I don’t know however larger numbers win. He asks for his favourite dish. They say other dishes. Varun wins. Salman asks which heroin have I achieved maximum motion pictures with? Varun says Andaaz apna apna. Salman asks what number of motion pictures I named Prem in. Kriti says 16. She wins. They dance with Salman.

Kriti and Varun cross within the house. Everyone welcomes Varun and Kriti into the house. They cross with bhediya’s frame. Kriti hugs Abdu. Varun says Abdu after we met for the first time you gave me a punch. Abdu punches him. Varun says we have been anticipating Hasbullah there. They’re opponents. We are calling Hasbullah right here too. Abdu says come right here Hasbullah, I can flip you into rooster and come up with to Shalin. Varun asks Priyanka to give bhediya’s nails to the one who backstabs. She says, Stan. He says one thing else and does it to somebody else. Shalin has to give a tail to somebody who simply assists in keeping announcing sure and doesn’t have his personal stand. He offers it to Ankit. Shalin says he may have a cast opinion however he will get shadowed. Priyanka thinks sooner and reacts. Ankit assists in keeping processing. Anit says you mentioned it’s for other folks please it must be given to Shalin. Kriti says that is the head Ankit. Give it to the very suave individual right here. He offers it to Shiv and says he makes other folks combat after which runs. Shiv says he’s realized from Priyanka. Varun says Ankit has achieved it too smartly lately.

Varun says now you have got to bet who mentioned this line about you and spray on their face. Kriti reads about Soundarya I’ve created a emblem identify for myself. It’s not that i am gonna cross out sooner than Soundarya. She has faux lovers on social media 5milliuon and she or he will get handiest 28 feedback. Soundarya says, Tina. Kriti says proper. Soundarya says I knew it. I’ve mentioned good things about you, I all the time appreciated you. And that is what you do. What a stalker. Varun reads Shalin it’s about you. I will be able to’t let my identify be related to him. It’s 0 from my aspect. I don’t need my persona to be wondered. Tina says it’s no longer like that. Shalin says it’s 0 from my aspect too. It’s Tina. He sprays on her face. Varun says it’s about you. You communicate at the back of the back and also you’re very suave. Tina says Sumbul. Varun says why Sumbul? She says Soundarya or Gautam? Varun says mistaken. Abdu mentioned Tina is a liar, an excessively unhealthy woman in the house. Kriti says Sumbul subsequent is ready you. She doesn’t even get able, all the time strolling like a no one. She says, Tina. Tina says it was once about my glam. It wasn’t mistaken. Sumbul says I don’t like faking myself. I’m dressed in grows for the first time. Soundarya says you’re beautiful that method. Tina says we mentioned it in some way that she is the method she is. Varun says great cover-up. Varun and Kriti depart.

Shalin says you’re a lady. It’s obviously 0 from my aspect too. Tina says are you loopy? I mentioned this in entrance of you. I don’t need anything else for my persona. I mentioned it in entrance of Abdu too. He says it’s 0 from each side. Priyanka says to Shiv I’ve my circle of relatives. Shalin asks Abdu why have been you doubting her. Tina says other folks make doubt in his house. Shiv says we don’t seem to be faux such as you. Priyanka says the target market can see how faux you’re. Tina says did you name me a foul woman? Abdu says no. Shiv says our circle of relatives is actual. Ankit says we will be able to see your faux circle of relatives. Abdu says to Tina somebody mentioned I’m an excessively unhealthy woman. Someone mentioned it. Priyanka? Abdu says Priyanka or Archana. Priyanka says she will’t combat with Abdu. He has lovers. Soundarya says it gained’t paintings. We are all equivalent right here. Soundarya says she has 3 million lovers herself then why is she so insecure? Ankit says she desires validation.

Salman says an coincidence came about in the house this week and shook the entire house. He displays Archana hitting Shiv. She says what Archana did was once mistaken. But there’s a hidden side too. He meets Archana and asks how are you? She says I’m wonderful. Salman says do you repent? She says what I did was once mistaken. Salman says what number of people have you ever provoked and fought with? Did somebody hit you? She says I apologized. Salman says we informed you we don’t tolerate hitting other folks right here. Archana says he was once upsetting me. Salman says you have got provoked each captain, nobody hit you. You mentioned towards the display and Bigg Boss too. Archana says I informed him to no longer aggravate me with the birthday celebration or didi’s identify. Salman says you confirmed her your susceptible level. You did the identical with him, however he didn’t hit you. Do you have got any pals in the house? Any one one who helps you. It looks as if you create needless issues. You stab the one who extends a pleasant hand to you. She says nobody did. Salman says Priyanka didn’t? She stood with you however you didn’t. Why must you be on this house? She says I would like to display the target market with one likelihood It’s not that i am the method being proven. Salman says once more the identical factor? We aren’t appearing the mistaken issues. We don’t need your faux content material. You created pointless issues and fought unnecessarily for them. Who did you come right here for? She says it was once my circle of relatives’s dream. Salman says they should be proud proper? You have been kicked out. She says I made a mistake. I gained’t do it once more. Salman says inform me 3 individuals who would take your ensure? She says, Gori. Salman says she’s left. Archana says, Soundarya. Salman says she was once the first one who referred to as your motion mistaken. Archana says Priyanka. Salman says Priyanka got here to you to grow to be a pal and you were given her nominated. Your frame language was once such that Bigg Boss can’t kick you out. Where did you probably did the pleasure from? Archana says I shouldn’t have achieved that. I informed him to no longer take didi’s identify. Salman says however the fact is that you just broke the largest rule of this house. Salman says however there’s any other side of it too. That I can deliver up now. Wait and notice it from there. I can see their response.

Salman is going back into the house. He says Nimrit on foundation of humanity, who barks? She says a canine and b*t*h. Salman says why am I asking this? She says I mentioned this to Priyanka. Salman says it’s no longer about Priyanka. She says Archana? It’s not that i am getting it. Salman says somebody mentioned forestall barking and also you made this type of large factor out of it and later you referred to as Priyanka a b*t*h your self. Nimrit says it wasn’t simply that. Salman asks Abdu, he says nobody mentioned you’re a canine. They provoked you. He says Sajid, Stan, and Shalin. People are smoking overtly for the first time on this house. Shalin says when exhaust it closed, I think love it’s suffocating there. I smoke outdoor. Sorry, sir. Salman says it’s no longer value shedding my cool over. I’m telling you in case you don’t wanna pay attention you rattling you. He says sorry sir.

Salman says now time to discuss the largest level in the house now. He says what’s an open and close case in courts? Limit you finding out regulation proper? For how lengthy? She says 5 years. He says is there somebody else who is aware of it? Gautam says if there’s against the law if an opinion is made on it. Ankit says if all the proofs are there. Shalin says when judgment isn’t wanted. It’s simply mistaken. There’s an open evidence. Salman says Nimrit you by no means combat a case, please. Salman says what number of people know the rule that the use of energy is illegitimate? They all carry their arms. Salman asks what number of people noticed Archana hitting Shiv. Everyone raises their hand.

Salman asks Tina. Tina says Archana was once upsetting me since night. When we have been in the kitchen, she would disguise issues that have been for everybody. When I requested her as a result of she mentioned I can give it steadily. then I went to her room and were given the sugar as a result of everybody was once having tea with out sugar. Then Abdu and I wished tissues and she or he concealed all of them. She mentioned to blank your face with rest room paper. Bigg Boss despatched them for us why can’t we use them? She concealed them in the kitchen. She fought so much. She mentioned an excessively unhealthy factor that takes tissues within you. I informed her what sort of language is that this? She all the time speaks like this. Then Shiv was once there. Shiv took a stand and she or he throttled him. She was once gonna hit Sumbul too. Priyanka says she would combat over these items. She threw the tissues. She did use that phrase. Shiv got here and he was once combating what have been you announcing? Then Shiv used her birthday celebration’s identify. Archana warned him previous in the night. She mentioned you’ll even say anything else towards my folks however don’t use didi’s identify but he did once more. Tina says he mentioned after hitting that didi won’t even name you in case you do such issues. Salman says are you 100% certain? Priyanka says she was once on the different aspect. Shiv says I mentioned it previous. Salman says are you certain? She says he mentioned it sooner than. Salman asks Shiv? He says I mentioned it previous.

Salman asks Sumbul what have been you so offended for? Sumbul says I wasn’t gonna display anything else. I were given mad. I managed myself. I knew the rule. I went to her. Salman says while you mentioned I’m gonna hit her. Sumbul says I went to forestall her. Salman says you went to her, she didn’t come to you. She says you informed everybody that Archana got here to you. Sumbul says she was once in entrance of me. Salman says did you cross to her or did she come to you? Sumbul says she was once in entrance of me. Salman says you went from outdoor. But ok we’re mistaken, I’m mistaken, you’re proper. Sumbul says I did cross. Salman says you’re proper to let’s transfer forward. Sumbul says sorry sir.

Salman asks what number of people concept Archana had the intent to harm. He asks Nimrit. Nimrit says I used to be there, she had the intent to harm. Priyanka says she did throttle him however Shiv didn’t even take away her hand, he was once announcing hit me. If it was once hurting so unhealthy he would by no means cross back. Her motion was once mistaken. Salman says if it was once so transparent then why did Bigg Boss name Shiv to the confession room? Think why. Think about it and I can come back shortly and display one thing to the target market in a bit of.

Salman says Priyanka says everybody noticed what came about between Archana and Shiv. But sooner than that, one thing else came about too. Shiv mentioned to his pals, her hook is birthday celebration and did. It’s her ego. Always assault that and be silent, it’s her cause. Say didi and she’s going to lose her thoughts. Salman asks Shalin what’s the cause. Salman says one thing you’re delicate about. Shalin says proper. Salman says what does it imply? I do know her cause. If we discuss her birthday celebration or did, it’s her cause. She will blast. Tina says sure one thing she would blast on. Salman says who mentioned it? Shalin says Shiv mentioned it in the room. Shalin says I by no means agreed with it. Shiv says I wanna communicate. Shalin says I informed him no longer to. Salman says Bigg Boss has a trend, he offers a caution after which he kicks out. Like Archana was once warned. You knew this trend. Shiv says she was once speaking about any other woman’s persona. Gori is a dancer. Soundarya says Gori mentioned don’t use this phrase towards me. Priyanka says Gori mentioned she didn’t use this phrase they dragged it out for the whole week. Salman says Archana didn’t use this paintings. Shiv says Gori informed me herself that Archana used that phrase towards her. Salman says it was once an previous combat and so they looked after it. You all used it regardless. Gori mentioned it herself that she didn’t use that phrase. Bigg Boss offers warnings like Archana was once given a caution. Shiv says sure like how Archana was once given warnings. Salman says on what? he says I don’t learn about bodily patterns. But she was once given on persona, casts, and faith. Salman says you mentioned she has gotten warnings already. Salman says we’re speaking about the bodily fights. In one race, Stna, and Archana were given each warnings so don’t drag the matter round. You take into consideration it and I can display the target market yet another factor until then.

Salman displays how Archana mentioned previous to Shiv you’ll say anything else towards me, combat, don’t drag birthday celebration or didi’s identify. Shiv says I didn’t. She says you’ll say anything else. I gained’t additionally discuss your cause. Archana says to Sajid I informed him I gained’t take his cause’s identify. Shiv says you’re Priyanka’s spoon. Didi gained’t even come up with a price tag. Salman is going back into the house. He says the identical day when this coincidence came about Shiv, the identical night Archana and also you had a dialog. She mentioned I gained’t say your cause and also you gained’t use the birthday celebration’s identify and didi’s identify. You and Stan gave each and every different a fist bump on upsetting her. You know her boiling level was once coming. Now we know the way to cause her and get a response out of her. Shiv says that wasn’t the goal. We sought after to silence her.

Salman says let me display you the whole tale. Shiv discovered Archana’s cause. There is a minister and Shiv were given her identify from somebody in the house. Shiv used her identify and provoked Archana. He knew this was once her cause and susceptible level. He shared it with Shalin and his pals. Shalin preferred Shiv in this plan. Archana sensed it and gave him an be offering. She mentioned I can by no means use your cause and also you gained’t use didi’s identify. Archana cries. Salman says it’s a sport of provocation. You get disturbed right here, that’s how other folks play right here. The identical night Bigg Boss scolded Archana. she fought between Sajid and Gori over a phrase when she didn’t know the major level. She shouldn’t have jumped with out context. Shiv knew this but how did you get right into a tissue combat? He says she concealed sugar too and she or he mentioned I gained’t give it. Soundarya says he didn’t say that. Salman says Archana used the phrase put it within. you picked that phrase and what did you are saying? Shiv says I mentioned will you are saying the identical to didi? Shiv says I informed her no longer to use this phrase. I mentioned will you are saying the identical to didi? My goal was once to silence her no longer that she’s going to get provoked and hit me and kick her out. Salman says she did mistaken through hitting you. It’s a sport. People impress, and the one who doesn’t have pores and skin to tolerate it is going to lose.

Salman asks how did you impress Priyanka lately? You and Stan. He says I mentioned puppet. It was once a factor between her and Soundarya. Salman says It’s not that i am requesting explaining. Salman says you mentioned puppet and spoon. What’s the distinction between upsetting like this and bringing didi into conversations? He asks Tina what’s the distinction? Tina says it will get delicate for her. Nimrit says the puppet was once delicate for Priyanka and didi for Archana. Salman asks what’s the distinction then? Nimrit says she’s a 3rd individual. She’s from outdoor. Shalin says announcing puppet and spoon and Ankit Priyanka is ready the premises of this house. Talking about didi is bringing a reputation from outdoor and that too a political candidate and it’s Bigg Boss’ rule to no longer discuss such issues. Salman says precisely. Now let me repeat, Bigg Boss’ rule. In this house all races, religions, and backgrounds are equivalent. No one will discuss any political birthday celebration or other folks comparable to politics on this house. Did you already know that rule?? Shiv says I didn’t identify the birthday celebration simply did. I gained’t say it once more. Priyanka says she’s long past. Ankit says Sajid and I requested him no longer to take didi’s identify or the birthday celebration’s. It’s no longer proper for him. Salman says don’t do it Shiv. The major level is that speaking about issues and other folks from outdoor isn’t in any respect cool. How many of us suppose that you’ll get caused if some degree is picked from the outdoor? He says now you already know why we don’t permit it within this house. And in case you do this you take a look at to get an unfair merit. You can use issues from within the house. Some other folks aggravate in the house. Like Archana, she was once choosing issues that have been excellent and unhealthy in the house. But there was once one benefit of her, she would believe everybody a contest. Priyanka says precisely. Soundarya says precisely. Salman says she was once her personal individual. She wouldn’t observe somebody. She handled everybody similarly as a contest. Shalin says she cooked smartly too. Salman says you spoke the maximum towards her. You mentioned Archana has no longer achieved anything else for somebody so why would we care? When she was once crying in the toilet.

Soundarya says additionally about the tissues. When Gori and I have been there, she mentioned Shalin and a few other folks misuse the tissues and issues in reality badly. If it’s Bigg Boss’ issues doesn’t imply we will be able to misuse them. I informed her that was once proper. Salman says you’re overdue. She’s long past. Soundarya says they weren’t listening. Salman says Shiv now you already know why you have been referred to as to the confession room? You have been requested if Archana must be kicked out and also you mentioned sure. Bigg Boss did the identical. Now I can ask everybody who’s happy with what Shiv did. Tina raises her hand and so does Stan. Tina says It’s not that i am happy with the whole scenario however Archana will get very violent in anger. She loses her keep watch over. She shakes. Priyanka says other folks have other frame languages. Shiv was once additionally mistaken. Tina says everybody provokes right here. That doesn’t imply you’ll hit other folks right here. Salman says what number of of you suppose Archana must get a possibility? Soundarya, Gautam, Ankit, and Ankit carry their arms. Salman says I believed Shiv would carry their hand. Because Shiv first mentioned Bigg Boss will make a decision. Then you mentioned no she must be kicked out. Okay I am getting it, it’s a sport, It was once a possibility to kick out a robust competitor.

Salman says so was once Shiv proper? For upsetting like this. Soundarya says no. Salman says very good Shiv. Very smartly finished, pre-planned, and constant. But mistaken as it was once from outdoor. It wasn’t allowed to discuss other folks from that background on this house. The few issues I informed you’ll’t be mentioned on this house. If you probably did it on some degree from within the house, I’d have preferred you. It was once smartly performed. What do you are saying Shiv? Shiv says I can be wonderful if she is given a possibility and if she comes back. Salman asks once more who would have an issue with Archana coming back. Sajid, Tina, Nimrit, Stan, and Shalin carry their arms. Salman asks who doesn’t have an issue? Abdu, Ankit, Priyanka, Sumbul, Shiv, Soundarya, and Gautam carry their arms. Salman clears with Abdu. Sajid says he doesn’t need her back in the house. He explains Abdu once more. Salman asks if she loves you. Abdu says she makes me offended. Salman says your actual persona comes out. She appears unhealthy and also you glance excellent. Everyone will get to see your severe aspect too. People beloved your considering and your response. Because of Archana other folks were given to see your aspect. And she regarded unhealthy. Other other folks make you glance joking all the time. Because of Archana, we noticed your aspect. She makes you glance more potent. Abdu says it’s wonderful if she comes back. Salman says see, differently to see issues.

Salman says now I’m taking this name as host of this display. Because this provocation was once mistaken and in response to subjects that we don’t seem to be allowed to discuss. As host of the display, to torture all of you as soon as once more. Soundarya and Priyanka dance fortuitously and hug. Salman says to torture myself, I get her back. Soundarya says that eh gets any other likelihood. I’m so glad. She swore to her folks that she won’t get competitive. Priyanka says thanks such a lot. Salman says she doesn’t want to come within the house. Ankit says is she within? Salman says she’s long past to Thailand. See you all subsequent week. Priyanka says thanks such a lot, sir. Soundarya says thanks. Archana cries in the process space. Salman sees off.

Sajid says I nonetheless don’t make stronger violence. Soundarya neither can we. Priyanka says I informed her was once mistaken. Soundarya, we have been yelling at her that she was once mistaken. Ankit says she was once mistaken however that pre-planning. Sajid says she will name other folks on their races and spaces? She mentioned it first. Priyanka says you’ll name puppet and spoon. Stan says Archana would use the phrase spoon too. Priyanka says this was once your unfair sport. You provoked her and were given her out. Sajid says that is mistaken. Tina and Shalin ask Sumbul why did you carry their hand. Sumbul says Salman mentioned elevating their hand was once mistaken. Tina says we noticed her aggression. She may just hit you that night time too. Sumbul says it’s about the entire context. I’d by no means carry my hand. Sajid says I additionally appreciated her, she was once entertaining. But It previous her anger would destroy her sport. Priyanka says we referred to as her mistaken. Soundarya says she promised she’s going to by no means get competitive. Sajid says she by no means realized. Priyanka says you didn’t get what Salman mentioned. He says you all are supporting violence. She were given punished. Ankit says sir, what did it imply we will be able to use her cause level and blast her? Bigg Boss requested us no longer to use that identify. Sajid says I finished Shiv myself. He says Shiv didn’t pay attention. Was he kicked out? Priyanka says shall we carry that time too to kick him out. She was once provoked. Sajid says so we will be able to impress other folks and we will be able to hit too? This isn’t honest.

Shiv says I don’t get anything else. I don’t need to communicate. If I am going within it is going to handiest worsen. Stan says Sajid is combating within. Shiv says they are able to name us barking we will be able to’t name spoon. Stan says what can we discuss then? Ankit says if Shiv has supported her coming within then why are you all combating? Sajid says we additionally are living right here. Priyanka says Archana broke a rule and were given kicked out. Then Shiv extensively utilized a political birthday celebration’s identify and broke a rule. He must be kicked out too. Shalin says it’s no longer the identical. Sajid says he was once given a caution. Priyanka says it was once a plan towards her. This was once what Salman mentioned. Sajid says to stay quiet for one 2d. He deliberate it with Stan? Priyanka says if she broke the rule so did Shiv. Shiv says I gained’t use issues from outdoor but when I will be able to’t use phrases like a spoon. Tina says sir clarified the distinction.

Salman says Archana will cross within the house. See you all subsequent weekend.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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