Bigg Boss 16 10th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Archana’s brother steals her limelight

Bigg Boss 16 10th January 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 100
7 PM
BB asks Sajid how did you are feeling Farah got here right here? He says I felt very emotional. I used to be a statue, I couldn’t even transfer. I hand lingerie in my palms. It used to be humorous however I were given precise. Thank you for bringing her right here. BB says she is aware of you rather well. He says I by no means concept I’d be right here with her. I would like to have a good time her birthday. Bigg Boss says to do an extended son-short son display with her and display her character to the sector as neatly.

9 PM
Shiv asks (*16*) what are you doing? She says making paratha for aai. She says I can make a contemporary one for you. She offers it to aai. (*16*) says I love cooking. She serves aai. Aai says it’s excellent. BB says Sajid and Farah come to the process space. Rest involves the lounge. They pass to the confession room Bigg Boss says to your birthday Sajid will do your interview. Sajid says Farah is popping 80 these days. Is Farah a just right guy? She says you’re 75 if I’m 80. She asks are you a person? Sajid says did you hit me with a frying pan? She says you requested me to not hit on my face. He says my face used to be my fortune. Farah says you additionally locked me in a field. Sajid says you’re a BB fan. She says we all know, I come yearly. This 12 months as a result of you I needed to come totally free. Everyone laughs. Sajid says your cake. She says it might be minimize out of your cash. He says Farah is a black belt. The one she’s dressed in at the moment. Farah says you might be speaking nonsense. Sajid says some dancers hit me when they got here to my position. Farah says me and my good friend went there. We took his motorbike and broke it. Sajid says how does it really feel to fulfill me after 100 days? She says I’ve by no means lived 100 days with out assembly you. It used to be such a lot amusing, keep right here for every other 100 days. He says she’s my circle of relatives. All contestants are round her. She could also be busy with them and no longer speaking to me. She says I will meet you at house. He asks how is Abdu. She says he’s my darling. He’s too just right. You’re so maternal to Abdu. he says I like him like a brother. Farah says let’s stay him. Shiv, Stan, and Abdu are my brothers now. I’ve by no means observed a friendship such as you all. BB says we concept it might be an emotional interview however those are your actual feelings, your amusing. Farah says thanks BB. We had been scared. IT has given Sajid a large number of love. Sajid says it used to be a super choice to come back right here. He says I couldn’t have requested for higher other folks. Farah says all of them admire him. Sajid says I’ve them my shirts as a bribe. She says no person desires your affordable shirts. BB says Farah you’ve been right here again and again. We have many recollections associated with you. He asks Sajid to select the cake.

Sajid takes the cake out. Nimrit says you might be such adorable siblings. Sajid says it serious about the digital camera. Everyone laughs. Farah cuts the cake. They all make her consume the cake. BB thank you Farah for coming. She hugs everybody. He freezes everybody however releases Sajid. Farah hugs everybody. he releases Shiv. They all hug him. Farah hugs (*16*). She meets everybody. BB releases Tina. Farah leaves. BB freezes everybody once more.

10:45 PM
Aai hugs Abdu. She says he’s the sort of adorable child. I like him. He says you’re like my mother. He says Shiv is my bro. We will pass to BB UK from right here. Aai asks to deliver your oldsters to our house, he says I can.
Sajid says to Sumbul Tauqeer sahab is coming. He will hit Shalin. Everyone laughs. Sajid says it might be amusing. Your dad would announce a dying sentence for him. Stan laughs. Sajid says he’s been right here already. Shiv says I’m certain Shalin is scared.

Day 101
8 AM
Aai wakes up. She wakes up Shalin. She says get up you all. I roamed round the entire area. Everyone sings the anthem. Sajid asks the place is espresso? Stan says Priyanka and Tina took one. Sajid says deliver it. Aari says don’t goal her. Let her turn out to be captain too. Shiv says aai is simply too great. Soundarya asks Tina for espresso. She says we’re 8 other folks. Tina says I gained’t give it. Sumbul doesn’t drink it. Tina says we need to percentage it they usually took theirs. Priyanka says why would espresso be divided into 12. If that’s the case we will be able to additionally divide vegan into 12. Soundarya says that’s particular. Then divide the rooster as neatly. Priyanka says everybody doesn’t drink espresso. I can select vegan and divide it amongst 12 other folks. Soundarya says you’ve the sort of small middle. Priyanka says everybody will consume almond butter now. Priyanka choices vegan. Soundarya says you’ve the sort of small middle. She took vegan. Eat it, now we have so much. Priyanka says thanks. Soundarya says to take it house. Priyanka says I can have almond milk now. Yogesh and aai snort. He says it’ll occur with me in the home now. Shiv says there are visitors right here. Nimrit says Tina doesn’t argue, she brings Priyanka to battle on her behalf.

11:30 AM
Yogesh asks Sumbul do you all the time talk much less? She says I talk so much however I don’t know what to mention right here. no person understands me right here. He says I had the least interplay with you. She says I don’t battle right here. Aai asks Shalin everybody fights right here? He says I battle the least. She says you fought too. You fought for the cycle you had been caught in. Priyanka says my brother used to be calling you actual Sumbul. She says in reality? Priyanka laughs. Aai says you get very competitive. Shalin says I gained’t battle anymore. Salman will get mad at me. He does my magnificence each and every weekend. Shalin says my Kundli has Salman dosh.

11:45 AM
Aai tells Shiv to stay his garments taken care of. He laughs. She says you additionally goal Shalin. You have executed truth presentations. You know. Don’t goal Priyanka. Shiv says Shalin acts so much. She says he’s an actor, everyone seems to be appearing right here. Don’t goal him an excessive amount of. Don’t harm him. Make him captain. Shiv laughs and says k. BB freezes everybody. He thank you Aasha and Yogesh for coming. She says that is my maika. BB releases Shiv and Priyanka. Shiv hugs his mother. BB says Yogesh follows Priyanka’s directions. He laughs. Aai hugs Sajid. He touches her ft. She hugs Shalina dn says deal with your self. He hugs her and says thanks such a lot. He says I can meet you outdoor. She hugs (*16*) and says stay flying. BB freezes everybody and realizes Priyanka and Shiv best. Aai leaves. Priyanka hugs her brother.

1 PM
Sumbul and Abdu rap on Stan’s songs. Priyanka tells Tina all of them informed Abdu not to communicate to her. They are so disgusting. Who does that? I by no means mentioned about Nimrit she speaks to Abdu for photos.

Abdu is sound asleep. Alarm blares. BB Freezes everybody. BB welcomes Vahida, Stan’s mom. She hugs Stan and cries. Stan will get teary. She hugs Stan and cries. She says I ignored you, my son. He asks how is everybody? She says I didn’t see you for months. She says to be stong. Stan says I didn’t know I’d reside this lengthy. She says you’re enjoying rather well. individuals are dwelling you. He hugs her and cries. She says to stick certain. Don’t cry. He says I pass over you right here. She says individuals are providing you with a large number of love and admire. Shiv is launched. He meets Vahida. She says thanks for all the time caring for him. BB releases Sajid. He hugs her and says salam. Abdu hugs her. (*16*) runs to hug her. She says simply don’t get abusive. She says don’t drag oldsters. It appears to be like unhealthy on either one of you. (*16*) says I can watch out. He’s a tender brother. Shalin says sorry to her. She says to admire each and every different’s oldsters. BB releases everybody. Sumbul says salam to her. She says you’re very beautiful. Stan asks display is Boba? Everyone laughs. She slaps him. She says Boba’s garments. She is just right. She got here house that day. (*16*) says I think very unhealthy. I mentioned unhealthy issues. Soundarya says you mentioned sorry. Shalin says how can we all glance? She says you all battle so much nevertheless it appears to be like amusing. Shalin says Stan and I by no means battle. She laughs. Nimrit asks did you spot her display?

2:15 PM
BB freezes everybody. He says who has court cases with (*16*)? Her brother is coming, you’ll whinge to her. (*16*) will get teary. He says (*16*) your mother isn’t coming. Gulshan is available in. (*16*) cries. BB welcomes Gulshan. He hugs (*16*). She cries. He says don’t cry. Now you like me. He laughs. She says why didn’t mummy come. He says mummy is in Meerut. I got here. She says I can slap you. BB reales Abdu. He meets Abdu. Nimrit meets him. BB doesn’t free up (*16*) however everybody. She cries. Everyone laughs. Gulshan makes amusing of her. BB releases her. She runs after him and hits him and says why didn’t you ship mummy? I’m certain you mentioned you sought after to come back. He runs, and everybody laughs. Shalin says what is going on there. Stan says I wanna see. BB freezes (*16*). BB says mummy and I are the similar factor. She says no. Sajid, Stan, Shalin, and Stan meet Gulshan. Priyanka meets Gulshan. She says your sister speaks so much. He says she doesn’t close up in the home both. Everyone laughs. (*16*) says to Gulshan why didn’t mummy come? I informed her she needed to come; I’m certain she sought after to come back right here to be on display screen. You did this proper? She hits him. Everyone laughs. She says this Priyanka is my good friend. Abdu runs from her. Vahida says he’s full of life like his sister. Priyanka says now now we have two (*16*).

230 PM
(*16*) says to Gulshan mummy needed to come. I informed her. I informed her to put on that swimsuit. She promised me. He says mummy isn’t rather well. It’s chilly. She says you got here since you sought after to fulfill Salman. She says I will have to have informed you prior to coming right here not to mean you can come. Gulshan tells how are her oldsters. They snort round. Shalin asks Stan’s mother Ammi did you spot his display? New 12 months one? Nimrit says she noticed your dance too. everybody laughs. She says I noticed everybody. Shalin says my mother would kill me. Sreejita says he’s much more hyper than (*16*). He will have to’ve been right here. (*16*) says I’m certain right here got here her to be on display screen. Hd didn’t let mummy come. Shiv laughs. Vahida asks Abdu do you are feeling k right here? She says sure. Gulshan says I can cook dinner these days. (*16*) says no I gained’t. He says (*16*) used to experience the motorbike after we had been youngsters. Shalin says do you wanna turn out to be an actor? He says sure.

Sajid says qualified as a dysfunctional circle of relatives. BB freezes everybody. Gulshan says what is that this?> Why is everybody statue? Should I freeze too? BB welcomes Nimrit’s father Gurdeep. He says the place is my daughter? He guys Nimrit and says you’re doing rather well. I’m so satisfied to peer you. He hugs Nimrit. She will get teary. He says God bless you. Don’t cry. Nimrit presented her dad to everybody. He hugs Abdu. He meets Priyanka and says I’m happy to peer every other military child right here. He meets Sumbul. He says you’re doing rather well. You taught Nimrit the best way to cook dinner. He meets (*16*).

3 PM
Gurdeep says to (*16*) the kitchen is a large number. There are visitors in the home. She laughs. Vahida tells Stan you battle, you additionally glance incorrect. Shalin mentioned very unhealthy issues too. Gurdeep says the friendship that you’ve has turn out to be very well-known. It’s one among a sort. Shalin presentations Nimrit’s dad round. Sajid says Nimrit is constant from day 1 with no longer liking Priyanka. Nimrit says we’re other other folks. Nimrit hugs her dad. He asks did you meet me? She says so much. She mentioned I used to be put within the misplaced class. He says they may well be providing you with a touch to be extra lively. It’s a clue. It’s a truth display. Nimrit says I’ve been actual. He says we’re pleased with you. You’re doing rather well. It’s the remaining leg, give your highest. Stan asks Abdu do you pass over your mother? He says so much, she’s like your mother. they gained’t come. Stan says they may wonder you.

Gurdeep asks Priyanka how would you price her. Is she misplaced? Priyanka says she’s doing nice. She speaks much less, that’s her character. You can’t alternate a character, it’s about being actual. I do see her in the home. He says that’s nice. Gulshan dances with Shiv and Shalin. He dances with Abdu. Gulshan says I dance so much.

4:45 PM
BB says (*16*) your brother stole your limelight. Everyone involves the lounge. Sajid says (*16*) appears to be like mature and taken care of in entrance of her brother. Everyone laughs. He says I’m comedy. BB says Shalin, there could be a rooster throughout. You gained’t have the ability to consume it. Today will be the captaincy process. All people who find themselves secure in nominations could be contenders for the captaincy. All contenders shall be chickens within the lawn. Garden is that farm. (*16*)’s brother shall be on her behalf. Gurdeep and Vahida shall be representing Stan and Nimrit. He says individuals who’re nominated will actually have a section. He says there shall be a chicken noise. The nominated contestants would select the feed and get started throwing it within the lawn. The rooster will select the feed. The umpire will see trays of each and every chicken and make a decision which is the perfect quantity of feed. The winner of the spherical can discard any two other folks from the rounds. In the primary spherical Nimrit, Stan, and (*16*) could be umpires. The first two individuals who would get discarded would turn out to be umpires for the remainder of the rounds. BB says I’m hoping no person chickens out.

5:30 PM
The process begins. The nominated ones throw feed and chickens attempt to accumulate it. Nimrit says Shiv is the winner of this spherical. BB says Shalin best accumulated 26 feed and Shiv is vegetarian and picked 35. Shalin laughs. Shiv discards Soundarya and Tina and says they’ve been captains already. Soundarya says I picked 2nd perfect. Sajid says you’ll kick me out. Shiv says it’s tremendous there are extra rounds. He says they’ve been captains already. Soundarya says excellent task. BB says now they’re going to be the umpires for the following 3 rounds.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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