Bhagya Lakshmi 23rd October 2022 Written Episode Update: Balwinder escapes

Bhagya Lakshmi 23rd October 2022 Written Episode Update: Balwinder escapes

Bhagya Lakshmi 23rd October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Virender calling lakshmi. Lakshmi hugs him. Virender appreciates her for saving Rishi’s life and says you have done a big favor. Lakshmi says don’t say this, this is my duty. Dadi says it is your love and asks if she is fine. Lakshmi says she is fine. Dadi says she is old, but her eye sight is sharp. Ayush says yes and tells that Dadi was saying about love. Dadi says I said right that your love is beyond your duty, who sends you to help Rishi. She asks Lakshmi to say. Neelam asks Dadi not to force others into believing her. She thanks Neelam for saving Rishi and asks her not to think like others that she had saved Rishi for her love. Dadi asks what was it then? Neelam says Lakshmi herself shall accept what she is. Virender says neelam. Neelam says for now what matters to me, is how my son reached inside the Ravan’s effigy. She says Rishi had caught Balwinder so if Balwinder. She asks Lakshmi how she reached there? Lakshmi tells that when she was searching Rishi, she saw Subhu who was tied and he told her that someone made Rishi unconscious, and says when I reached there, I saw Rishi. Virender says so you didn’t see him. Rishi feels apologetic and thinks I am alone enough to handle Balwinder.

Later Rishi, Lakshmi, Ayush and Shalu are in the car. Rishi says I am alone enough for Balwinder. Ayush says we will not let you go alone. Shalu asks why didn’t you tell the family. Rishi says they must have got worried. Lakshmi says they are worried even now. Rishi says I thought to catch him first and then will tell everyone. They ask where are they going? Rishi says they will go to Balwinder’s house. Lakshmi says he knows that you are fine, so he will not be there. Rishi gives examples and tells that Balwinder will be there only and we will catch him.

Balwinder gets tensed suddenly and tells Guddu that Rishi can come there at anytime. He asks for gastric trouble medicine, and says they will take it from the chemist. He says we shall run, as Rishi thinks a step ahead of him. They pack the bags and are about to run. They open the door. Balwinder gets punched by Rishi. Rishi says he didn’t die and is saved by Lakshmi. Ayush holds Guddu and asks what you was doing outside the office. Malishka comes to Rishi’s room and thinks what they are planning, where Rishi is gone. Rishi tells Balwinder that even if 1000 balwinder comes then also they can’t kill her, as Lakshmi is his shield. He then holds Guddu and asks what was he doing outside the office. Guddu says I will die, but will not say. Ayush beats Balwinder and says my bhabhi is with my brother and she is his guard. Balwinder thinks if she would be his wife, then would have saved him like saving Rishi. Malishka thinks to alert Balwinder, so that he runs away from there. Lakshmi gets angry and slaps Balwinder. She then takes a rod and asks how dare you to attempt to kill Rishi. Balwinder says I love you. Rishi gets angry and holds him. Malishka calls Balwinder. Lakshmi finds his phone ringing and thinks Malishka must have called, she shall not get exposed. Balwinder thinks Malishka shall not get caught and pushes Rishi. Lakshmi gets the mobile and picks the call. Some wrong number is on the call. Malishka finds the number busy. Karishma comes there and keeps hand on her shoulder. She asks if you have any work. Malishka says I was worried for Rishi and that’s why came here to make him understand. She says Rishi is not here, and that illiterate girl too. She says if Lakshmi has taken him with her. Karishma says it is difficult to say.

Rishi asks Balwinder to say the truth. Lakshmi tells Ayush that Rishi doesn’t know about Malishka and Balwinder. Ayush asks Balwinder to tell about his partner. Rishi asks him to say. Malishka tells Karishma that Rishi is getting manipulated by Lakshmi, she is trapping him. Karishma says my own son is not in my control. Malishka asks about Ayush. Karishma says he is not at home. Malishka thinks it is good that her call couldn’t get connected, else she would have exposed herself. Balwinder tells Rishi that nobody was with him and asks where to write?

Rishi hits him. Balwinder faints and falls down. Karishma asks Malishka not to worry about Ayush. Malishka says I know, and that’s why I am thinking about just Rishi. Karishma says everything will be fine and hugs her.

Ayush checks Balwinder and says he has fainted. Rishi says he is acting. Lakshmi says we shall handover him to Police. Rishi says you are right. Balwinder opens his eyes and signs Guddu. Both Balwinder and Guddu push them and run out. Rishi and Ayush run behind them, but they have escaped. Lakshmi and Shalu come out. Lakshmi falls down. Rishi gets worried and lifts Lakshmi. Ayush asks Shalu to come and says he will drop her. Shalu asks him to bring the car. Lakshmi asks Rishi to leave her. She says she didn’t have any leg injury. Rishi says you are accident prone. Lakshmi says you will get tired. Rishi says I do workout in gym. Lakshmi says ok, I will sit properly. Rishi says I get afraid of you getting overweight. Lakshmi asks if you called me fat and asks about lean girl. Rishi says like Malishka, she is slim. Lakshmi says she didn’t feel bad. He asks if I can go out with some girls, and you will not feel bad. Lakshmi asks him to keep her down and says now you will be going out with girls, now you can lift them. Rishi says I will talk to you later. Ayush brings car. Lakshmi says car is better for me, he couldn’t take me home. She sits in the car. Rishi sits on the front seat and then got down and sits with Lakshmi. Lakshmi smiles.

Precap: Malishka asks Balwinder to give her pendrive, and then she will let him stay in her house. Balwinder finds the pendrive missing. Rishi tells Lakshmi that the pendrive must be of Balwinder. Malishka is worried that Oberois might find the pendrive. Lakshmi and Rishi see the footage. Rishi says now real criminal is known, I will punish him that he will get dreams of spending 7 births in jail. He brings Police and knocks on Malishka’s door. Balwinder wakes up and falls down the bed. Malishka comes out and sees Police with Rishi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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