Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Happu Suspects Pelu.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on Small screen

Anu are Tiwari are gazing Vibhu’s video, through which he’s performing like a cock and Angoori is feeding him. Anu sees Tiwari giggling on the video. Anu tells Tiwari he’s making amusing of Vibhu. Tiwari tells Anu that Vibhu seems skilled in changing into a cock, he should used to grow to be one in his faculty days. Anu tells Tiwari that Vibhu was once a pupil. Tiwari is giggling tells Anu that she haven’t spent sufficient time with him in class days. Anu tells Tiwari to close up. Tiwari will get and letter and he reads it. Letterman tells Tiwari to behave like a canine in entrance of Anu, or else, he’s going to leak his bed room video. Tiwari will get scared. Tiwari will get up and turns into a canine on the major door and begins barking. Anu additionally will get a letter. Letterman tells her to feed that canine one thing right away. Tiwari remains to be barking and howling. Anu grabs biscuits and feeds it to Tiwari. Tiwari begins consuming them. David presentations up with a telephone and he begins recording him. Tiwari asks David, why is he recording? David tells him that he additionally were given a letter, and has to file him.

Everyone has accrued on the police station. Commissioner is within the mobile. Prem asks Manohar, why is Commissioner within the prison, He should have teased somebody. Dr.Gupta says that he doesn’t suppose that this situation is of teasing, he did one thing giant. Everybody stares at Commissioner. Commissioner asks everybody that why are they right here, it’s no longer a zoo, it’s a police station. Anu says that presently it’s extra attention-grabbing than a zoo. Anu asks, why is commissioner in the back of the bars? Happu tells Anu that he were given a letter, it was once written that if he didn’t put commissioner within the prison, his kids will probably be abducted. Angoori says that it’s no longer attention-grabbing factor, it’s threatening as a result of he can put commissioner in prison then he can do anything else to civilians. Tiwari says that Happu is irresponsible. Angoori asks Happu, why isn’t he catching the offender? Tiwari says that Happu has taken bribe from the letterman. Happu tells Tiwari to close up! Anu additionally asks Happu the similar query. Happu tells everybody that he has discovered few other folks suspicious. Commissioner asks Happu, who’re they other folks. Happu tells everybody that he thinks Pelu is in the back of all this drama. Everyone denies with him. Anu says that Pelu is blameless and he’s going to by no means do anything else like this. Angoori additionally has the same opinion with Anu. Anu tells Happu that Pelu is essentially the most blameless individual within the trendy colony. Angoori once more has the same opinion with Anu. Commissioner orders to name Pelu.

Tiwari is pissed off and says, if Pelu is in the back of all this drama then he’s going to make his existence even tougher. Tiwari will get letter. He opens it. Letterman tells him to not concern about it and be in a position at 12am, a wonderful girl will come to kiss him. Tiwari wonders who’s it going to be.

Tiwari in a position at 12am along with his doorways opened. He may be very anxious however in a position. As the clock hits 12am, he sees somebody come inside of his area. Tiwari closes his eyes. Anu walks upto him and whispers his title in his ears. Tiwari will get excited. Anu tells him to open his eyes. Tiwari turns his head and calls her “bhabhi ji”. Anu tells Tiwari to name her Anu no longer bhabhi ji. Tiwari calls her Anu. Anu tells Tiwari to near his eyes once more. Anu is going for a kiss. Tiwari was once dreaming and it was once Teeka who was once kissing him. Angoori walks upto Tiwari and will get scared through seeing Teeka kissing Tiwari. Tiwari opens his eyes and sees Teeka. Tiwari additionally will get terrified and asks Teeka, why is he right here? Teeka tells Tiwari that were given a letter. Tiwari tells Angoori to get the water in a position as a result of he desires to take tub.

Happu is negotiating with Pelu. Happu tells Pelu to confess that he’s the letter and begins hitting him with a belt. Manohar asks Happu, how can he say anything else? Happu realises that Pelu can’t say anything else. Pelu provides a slip of paper to Manohar, he reads it and tells commissioner that Pelu is pronouncing that he’s no longer letterman. Commissioner says tells Pelu that he’s mendacity. Pelu provides some other slip to Happu, and tells that he’s simply an blameless commonplace guy. They will get some other letter. Commissioner opens it will get stunned.

Tiwari and Dr. Gupta are sitting in combination in his health facility. Dr.Gupta asks Tiwari, what took place. Tiwari tells him that he has some blood force downside. Dr. Gupta asks Tiwari if he were given into any argument. Tiwari says that there are lots of form of other folks on this global. Dr. Gupta has the same opinion with him and tells him that his BP is standard. Tiwari asks, what standard? Dr. Gupta tells him, 120 – 170. Tiwari will get offended and asks him, how is it standard then? Dr. Gupta provides Tiwari an injection. Tiwari asks if it is going to lend a hand along with his blood force? Dr. Gupta says that he’s no longer positive about BP, however will for sure motive diarrhoea. Tiwari asks him, then why did he gave him that injection? Gupta says, letterman informed him. Gupta tells Tiwari to move immediately against his house.

Tiwari is going house having an urge to make use of rest room, however sees that his home is locked and Angoori has went to marketplace. Tiwari makes a decision to visit Anu’s house to make use of rest room. Saxena is going upto Tiwari begins asking him foolish questions. Tiwari slaps him and leaves.

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

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