Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Vibhu Becomes the Chief Engineer

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th January 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prem takes Vibhu to a shady boulevard. Vibhu asks Prem if he’s take into consideration robbing him? Prem says that he doesn’t have anything else to rob. Vibhu asks, then why did he took him right here? Prem tells Vibhu that he introduced him right here to present him a piece to do. Prem tells Vibhu that their space’s minister “Khujjan Gavariya” gave them a task be offering. Vibhu says that he’s a fraud. Prem tells Vibhu that they are going to earn crores. A automobile stops in entrance of them. Prem takes Vibhu with him within the automobile.

Tiwari is speaking to any individual on name and says that he’ll open a cafe chain a each boulevard and district. Angoori asks that why is opening his chain in every single place? Tiwari says that he used to be speaking about eating place chains. Saxena comes within their area with a package of garments. Tiwari asks Saxena that why is wearing those garments? Saxena says that he has began a industry of washing garments. Tiwari asks, why? Saxena says that he actually likes to scrub garments via his palms. Tiwari asks Saxena about his disputed land case? Saxena tells him that he received that case.

Vibhu is sitting in a automobile with the minister. He asks Vibhu if desires to do a task as a main engineer? Vibhu says, positive. Minister tells Vibhu that he has to take care of unlawful circumstances. Vibhu says that he would by no means do anything else corrupt. Prem tells Vibhu to hear him. Minister tells Vibhu that he’ll get all the amenities. Vibhu says that he has to talk over with Anu. Minister says, positive.

Tiwari will get satisfied and hugs Saxena. Tiwari tells Saxena that he merits a present. Tiwari begins slapping Saxena. Saxena tells Tiwari that he can construct anything else on that land however , most effective after leader engineer’s permission. Tiwari says that he’ll deal with it. Tiwari tells Angoori that now he’ll open his eating places now. Angoori thank you Saxena.

David and Anu are having dinner. Anu
tells David to invite Vibhu that why isn’t he looking any activity. David says that he at all times tells him that they’re liabilities on Anu, and she will’t take care if the entire area on her personal. Anu says that also she can’t do. Vibhu is available in and sits with them. Anu asks Vibhu that the place used to be he partying. Vibhu tells her that he used to be speaking to housing belongings minister of Kanpur referring to a task. Anu and David will get shocked. Vibhu tells them that he gave him a be offering of leader engineer. Anu asks Vibhu if he agreed to him? Vibhu says, that his laws and morals doesn’t permit him to do corrupt paintings. Anu tells him to throw his laws out of the window. David additionally concurs together with her. Vibhu asks if they would like him to get into corruption and take bribes? Anu says, sure and David additionally concurs together with her.

David is getting a scooty able for Vibhu to visit paintings. David provides the keys to Vibhu after finishing all the non secular rituals. David provides him blessings. Anu comes out with Vibhu’s lunch field. Tiwari additionally comes out of his area and greets Anu. Tiwari additionally is available in. Tiwari asks if Anu is kicking Vibhu out of the area. Anu tells Tiwari that Vibhu is now a central authority officer. Tiwari ask, at which executive washroom? Vibhu ignores him and takes out his scooty. Angoori comes out of her area and tells Tiwari that she’s going to marketplace. Vibhu asks if he will have to drop her there? Angoori says, positive.

Vibhu takes Angoori to the marketplace. Angoori will get off and tells Vibhu to pressure secure and don’t get misplaced.

Vibhu is operating in his workplace. Prem is available in and sits in his workplace. Vibhu tells him to name him “sir” and behave correctly. Prem calls him, sir. Vibhu asks Prem that why is he right here? Prem tells Vibhu that there’s a piece of land unsupervised and no person owns it. Vibhu asks that what he can do in that? Prem tells Vibhu to tells the minister about this and he’ll get 10 lakhs. Vibhu tells Prem talk softly or any individual will concentrate to it. Vibhu asks the worth of the land. Prem replies, 1 crore. Vibhu says that he’ll take 20 lakhs for the signature. Prem says that he’ll ask him. Saxena is available in and will get shocked to peer Vibhu. Saxena asks him Vibhu that what’s he doing right here? Vibhu tells him that he’s now a main engineer if this division. Vibhu asks Saxena that what’s he doing right here? Saxena says that he owns a laundry industry and used to scrub garments of earlier engineer. Vibhu tells him that now he has to paintings for him. Vibhu says that he’s a corrupt officer to be exact and tells Saxena that can take cash from his purchasers. Saxena says that he’ll do it. Vibhu tells Saxena to be sneaky. Saxena tells Vibhu that he’s seeking to indulge him in corruption. Vibhu says, no, under no circumstances.

Teeka, Tillu and Rusa are praying to god. Rusa prays to get a wealthy husband who can purchase her anything else. Rusa leaves after finishing her prayers. Teeka and Tillu says that they have got to turn into wealthy now. Tillu asks, how? Teeka says that now they are going to snatch guns. Tillu asks if now they are going to turn into robbers? Teeka laughs and says, sure.

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

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