Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th November 2022 Written Episode Update: The Modern Colony is in Trouble.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on Small screen

Vibhu will get any other letter and it’s an caution to him, in which, it’s written that if he doesn’t as directed, David gets cow dung thrown at him over and over again. David tells Vibhu to disrespect Anu. Vibhu tells David that he can’t do this. David additionally warns him and tells him if he once more will get hut by way of cow dung he’s going to no longer give any % of his assets to him. Vibhu will get scared and says that he’s going to do it, he’s going to disrespect Anu.

Teeka and Tillu are sitting at tea stall paying attention to songs. Teeka tells Tillu that he’s even scared to return out of the home. Tiilu additionally says that he’s additionally petrified of letters. They a will get a letter. Tillu begins crying and tells Teeka to learn it. Teeka opens the letter reads it. It is written that they have got to pick out up Rusa in their fingers proper in entrance of Commissioner. Commissioner and Rusa walks upto them they usually sits with them. Commissioner orders two tea. Teeka and Tillu greets Rusa and Commissioner. Rusa greets them again by way of calling them “TT”.
Commissioner and Rusa will get their tea and begins ingesting it. Teeka says that he thinks Rusa has grown taller. Tillu says that he additionally thinks so. Teeka asks Rusa to face come to them. Teeka and Tillu will get up and alternatives her up in their fingers. Commissioner sees them and will get livid, he calls Manohar and orders him to arrest Teeka and Tillu at the moment. Teeka and Tillu begs Commissioner for mercy, however he tells them to close up.

Tiwari’s circle of relatives and Vibhu’s circle of relatives are having dinner in combination. Tiwari tells Anu that the dinner is very scrumptious. Angoori additionally consents with Tiwari. Vibhu tells Angoori that he ready the dinner. Anu stares at him. Vibhu asks Anu, why is she gazing him like an animal? He ready all of the meals. Anu will get offended and asks Vibhu that why is he disrespecting her in entrance of everybody? Vibhu tells her that it’s his dependancy, and it’s true that he ready all of the meals, and David can trust him. David tells everybody that Vibhu ready all meals, and Anu hasn’t ever even poured salt in the meals, and if she does, the meals gets wasted, as a result of she has no talent. Vibhu and David begins giggling. Angoori will get stunned and asks Anu if she in reality can’t get ready meals? Anu says that it’s no longer true, Vibhu and David are seeking to disrespect her. Vibhu says that simplest Anu can disrespect any individual she desires. Anu asks Vibhu, when did she disrespected him? Vibhu tells her that she has disrespected everybody in his circle of relatives tree. Angoori asks Anu, if it’s true? Anu says none of it is true. Tiwari tells Vibhu to close up! Vibhu asks Anu, why is Tiwari is being your servant, did you gave him cash to protect you? Anu will get up and leaves. Tiwari asks Vibhu, if it’s k now? Vibhu additionally asks Tiwari to depart. Tiwari additionally will get up and takes Angoori along with her again house.

Vibhu and Anu are sitting in combination in their bed room. Vibhu tells Anu that he sorrow for the entirety he mentioned. Anu asks Vibhu, how did he dared to disrespect her in entrance of Tiwari and Angoori? Vibhu tells Anu that he used to be ordered to do that? Anu asks Vibhu, who ordered you? Vibhu says the similar one who is distributing letters and he even warned him. Anu asks Vibhu, what caution did he gave you? Vibhu tells Anu that if he wouldn’t do this, he would have thrown cow dung at David’s face. Anu tells Vibhu that even though he would have thrown it at David’s not anything would’ve trade, as a result of David have already got an asymmetric face. Television activates and information anchor says that entire Kanpur is petrified of this mysterious individual named “letterman”. News anchor additionally will get a letter. He reads it and makes surprised face. Anu asks Vibhu, why is he surprised after studying the letter? News anchor begins brutally disrespecting his editor. Vibhu once more asks Anu to forgive him. Anu tells Vibhu that she’s going to simplest forgive him on one wager.

Angoori and Tiwari are sitting in combination. Tiwari tells Angoori that he’s going to beat Tillu, as a result of his head is nonetheless aching. Angoori says that she will even no longer communicate to Tillu. Tiwari tells Angoori that it’s all accomplished by way of that letterman.

GraspJi is additionally will get a letter. GraspJi opens it and reads it. It’s written that he has to inform his colleague instructor in his faculty that he loves her. GraspJi will get scared.

Prem is additionally staring at new channel. Prem thank you god that he nonetheless haven’t were given any letter from him, he should be figuring out that how giant of clumsy individual he is. Prem will get a letter. Prem reads it and he has to slap his spouse.

Angoori is feeding the pigeons. Vibhu walks upto her and greets her. She additionally greets her again. Vibhu asks Angoori, why is she feeding pigeons. Angoori tells him that she additionally has to present meals to pigeons after which a cock will seem after which she has to feed it too. They once more will get a letter. Vibhu alternatives it up and reads it. Now, Vibhu has to develop into a cock and get fed by way of Angoori. Vibhu bends over and develop into begins appearing like a cock. Angoori asks Vibhu to additionally get started making it’s noise. Angoori begins feeding him. Prem displays up and begins recording Vibhu. Vibhu asks Prem, what is he doing? Prem tells Vibhu that he were given a letter and he has to file an individual appearing like a cock, and in addition has to publish it on social media.

Tillu and Teeka are being electrocuted. Commissioner and Manohar are staring at them. Teeka and Tillu begs for mercy. Manohar asks Commissioner to forgive them, they’re already in such a lot ache, and in the event that they dies, he’s going to be framed as a assassin. Commissioner once more electrocutes them. Teeka and Tillu will get a letter. Teeka alternatives it up and reads it. Now, Teeka and Tillu has to torture Commissioner like he used to be doing. Tillu ask’s Commissioner to take off his garments. Commissioner tells Manohar that he’s leaving for some pressing paintings. Commissioner additionally will get a letter. TT will get scared. Commissioner alternatives it up and reads it. Letterman tells commissioner that if he tries to depart, he’s going to get him crushed up by way of his spouse. Manohar tells Commissioner that he has no possibility left and tells him to take off his garments.

PreCap: Letterman inform Tiwari to visit Anu’s area and get started barking like a canine. Tiwari is going to Anu’s area and begins barking on the major door.
Tiwari calls Anu, Anu begins flirting him and asks him to near his eyes. Tiwari closes his eyes and Anu is going for a kiss

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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