Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Tiwari gets Anonymous letters.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on Television

Angoori is worshipping god within the morning. A letter flies to Angoori. Angoori opens it and sees that its a risk for Tiwari. Angoori instantly calls Tiwari. Tiwari displays up and asks her what took place? Angoori tells her that git a letter for him. Tiwari opens the letter and reads that it’s written that if he don’t take bathtub at the open highway, he’ll get hit on his head. Tiwari thinks that this letter is given via Tillu, to get revenge from him. Angoori asks him, why would he even do this? Tiwari tells her that Tillu is an overly giant snitch. Angoori tells him that Tiilu isn’t like that, she doesn’t believes him. Tiwari says then it’s performed via Vibhu. Vibhu tells him that he additionally can not do anything else like that. Angoori leaves and is going within. Tiwari says that doesn’t concern shape these kinds of threats and tears it aside.

Tillu and Teeka are dozing of their house. Teeka wakes up and opens his telephone to peer Rusa’s image. Teeka says that on every occasion he sees Rusa’s image within the morning, his day is going very definitely. Tillu additionally wakes up and has the same opinion with him. Teeka additionally get a letter thrown at him. Tillu opens it and reads that it’s written that they’ve to smack Tiwari’s head sooner than 9am, or else, their heads will likely be blown. Tillu and Teeka ignores it and throws it aways. They each once more get started seeing Rusa’s image. They gets some other letter. Tillu tells Teeka to learn it this time. Teeka reads that it’s written that in the event that they received’t do as directed, he’ll inform the entirety to Rusa about them. Teeka and Tillu begins crying. They gets some other letter to inform them to get paintings.

Tiwari and Anu are exercising in combination within the morning. Tiwari is unhappy and Anu asks him, what took place? Tiwari tells her that he’s pissed off from Vibhu. Anu asks, why? Tiwari tells her that Vibhu has ordered Tillu to present threats to him. Anu tells Tiwari not to drag Vibhu into this, Tillu too can do it on his personal. Tiwari says why would he do that? Anu tells him, as a result of he hasn’t were given his wage. Tiwari tells her that he has given the entire wage of him. Anu says, why does he say that he hasn’t ever were given his wage. Tiwari says that he’s at all times mendacity. Anu tells Tiwari to position a strict hand on Tillu. Tiwari says, he’ll do something positive about him.

Tiwari is studying newspaper. Tillu and Teeka pulls up on a motorbike with a masks on and able to hit Tiwari on his head. Teeka stops the motorcycle in entrance of Tiwari’s space. Tillu acts like an outdated guy to get Tiwari’s consideration. Tiwari walks upto him. Teeka takes out a wood baton and smacks Tiwari’s head. Tillu tries to take a seat again at the motorcycle however Tiwari grabs him. Teeka gets up from the motorcycle and runs away. Tiwari takes Tillu’s masks of and gets shocked. Tiwari calls him a snitch and begins slapping him. Tillu begins crying and tells him that he had a letter through which it used to be written that he has to hit him at the head, or else, their head will likely be blown. Tillu breaks off, and escapes from Tiwari. Tiwari thinks that the letter wasn’t any comic story, he has to take a tub in open. Teeka comes again and takes his motorcycle with him.

Tiwari is taking bathtub at the highway. Angoori walks upto him and tells him that he’s taking a look superb. Tiwari tells Angoori to be ashamed and he’s doing it simply because it used to be written at the letter. Vibhu comes out and sees Tiwari, Vibhu calls Anu outdoor to turn Tiwari. Anu sees Tiwari and covers her eyes, and asks Tiwari, why is he taking a tub at the open highway? Angoori tells Tiwari to calm down. Prem and Dr.Gupta additionally displays up begins giggling at Tiwari. Teeka and Tillu additionally displays up and asks him, what took place to his toilet? Angoori tells that it’s not anything critical, Tiwari loves to take a tub in open. Anu says then he will have to have long gone someplace a ways away. GraspJi additionally displays up and ask everybody what’s going on? Tillu asks GraspJi, if he additionally needs to take a tub in open?

Angoori is getting ready meals in her kitchen. Vibhu displays up and asks her, what’s she doing? Angoori tells her that she’s getting ready meals. Vibhu asks, what else is occurring? Angoori tells Vibhu that they’re getting letters from nameless particular person. Vibhu tells Angoori to calm down, don’t concern from him till he’s right here. They gets a some other letter. Vibhu asks Angoori to open it. Angoori opens it and reads that, if she needs Tiwari no longer have any affair, stuff 4 inexperienced chillies in Vibhu’s mouth. Vibhu gets scared, and asks Angoori not to do that. Angoori swears on Anu’s and and asks Vibhu to open his mouth. Vibhu opens his mouth and Angoori makes Vibhu devour chillies. Vibhu eats the entire inexperienced chillies and smoke begins popping out of his ears. Saxena additionally displays up and asks Angoori to present inexperienced chillies to him too.

Vibhu is getting ready meals and David is making the dough. They gets a letter and Vibhu opens the letter. Vibhu begins reads it and it used to be written that he has to disrespect Anu in entrance of Angoori and Tiwari. David laughs and tells Vibhu he can by no means do that. Vibhu once more reads it and tells David that he doesn’t do this, he’ll get cow-dung thrown at David. David asks Vibhu, if will let it occur? Vibhu says that can by no means let it occur. David feels proud and says that no one can get his face grimy. At the similar time, any person throws cow dung at David face, and makes all of it grimy

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

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