Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Tiwari and Vibhuti Climbs onto an Electric Pole

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th January 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anu tells Vibhu’s boss that Vibhu may be very sick and will proceed after he’s once more wholesome. Vibhu’s boss get mesmerised after chatting with Anu. He tells her that his corporate will face loss if Vibhu doesn’t display up. Anu asks if she will paintings there till Vibhu will get wholesome once more. He will get excited and says, sure. He asks Anu about her social media ID. Anu tells her ID and he searches her and falls in love. He begins dreaming about Anu.

GraspJi and Dr. Gupta are consuming tea in combination. GraspJi says that the tea superb. Gupta tells him that this new tea supplier has been promoting tea since a long time. Municipality officer additionally presentations to as much as get some tea for himself. Gupta recognises him and greets him. He additionally greets him again. Gupta introduces GraspJi to him and he tells his title “Mr. Jha”. Gupta thank you Jha for saving his medical institution from getting his it destroyed. Jha says that it’s alright. Gupta asks that why is he right here? Jha tells that he’s right here to break Tiwari’s store as it’s illegally constructed. Gupta says that he’s his neighbour and tells him to take some cash and go away him by myself if conceivable. Jha tells him that Tiwari isn’t right here but. Angoori comes again from marketplace and greets everybody. Angoori asks them that why are they consuming tea right here? Gupta tells her that the outdated tea supplier has long gone someplace. GraspJi asks Angoori that the place is Tiwari? Angoori tells them that Tiwari is at house. Jha will get at a loss for words. Angoori asks Gupta that if he’s having an affair along with his woman compounder. Gupta denies. Angoori tells him that she met him. Angoori additionally tells that GraspJi additionally were given overwhelmed up by means of her spouse. GraspJi will get ashamed. Angoori leaves. Jha asks Gupta that who used to be she? Gupta tells him that she used to be Tiwari’s spouse. Jha asks that if she used to be going thru exertions ache? Gupta tells him that she’s no longer even pregnant. Jha thinks that why did Tiwari lied to him.

Tiwari opens his door as a result of somebody used to be knocking. Tiwari sees Rocky sitting proper out of doors with a stick. Tiwari will get scared and shuts the door. Tiwari will get a decision from Jha. Jha yells at Tiwari and tells the development employee to begin the bulldozer. Tiwari will get scared and tells him to forestall. Jha stops. Jha tells Tiwari that he’s mendacity to him. Tiwari denies. Jha once more tells to begin to bulldozer. Tiwari tells him to forestall. Jha stops. Tiwari asks that what does he need? Jha tells Tiwari that he met his spouse and she used to be having a look wholesome and effective. Tiwari tells him that he has any other spouse and she’s pregnant. Jha asks that if he were given any other spouse? Tiwari says, sure. Angoori returns again and listens to Tiwari. Jha tells Tiwari that if he doesn’t are available any other 10mins he break his store. Angoori throws her bag and shouts at Tiwari. Tiwari tells her to loosen up. Angoori asks Tiwari that what number of extra better halves does he have? Tiwari tells her that she doesn’t know the whole thing. Angoori tells him that she listened to his complete dialog, and tells him to get misplaced! Tiwari says that Rocky will chew him. Angoori throws him out of the home and locks the the door. Angoori begins crying.

Rocky sees Tiwari and rushes at him. Tiwari climbs a electrical energy pole. Tiwari requests Rocky to let him pass. Rocky waits from him to return down. Rocky begins barking at him and Tiwari will get scared. Tiwari calls Vibhu. Vibhu comes out in his balcony. Vibhu sees Tiwari and begins guffawing. Tiwari tells him that Angoori kicked him out of the home. Vibhu begins guffawing once more. Tiwari explains Vibhu that what took place to him. Tiwari tells Vibhu that Angoori will say fact now and asks Vibhu to tells Angoori that he used to be joking together with her. Vibhu asks, in reality? Tiwari swears on Ammaji. Vibhu sees Angoori thru window with a rope in her hand. Vibhu comes down and rushes against her area. Vibhu sees Rocky and he additionally climbs at the electrical energy pole with Tiwari. Tiwari and Vibhu tries to name Angoori. Angoori comes out and tells Tiwari that she doesn’t needs to speak to him. Tiwari tells her that he used to be mendacity and explains her the whole thing factor. Angoori asks Tiwari that why didn’t he informed her sooner than? Tiwari says that he attempted. Vibhu asks Angoori if she used to be looking to suicide? Angoori tells her that she used to be tying suitcase to go away for Ammaji’s position.

Vibhu and Tiwari are nonetheless at the pole. Tiwari tells Vibhu that they can not do the rest till Rocky is there. Vibhu additionally consents with him. Tiwari tells Vibhu that he’s very hungry. Tiwari and Vibhu tries to humble Rocky, however he barks at them. Saxena presentations up and tells him that he’s barking as a result of they’re up there, he tells them to return down and get bit by means of it. Saxena provides meals to Rocky. Anu additionally presentations up and tells Saxena that Rocky is doing excellent. Vibhu calls Anu. Anu tells Tiwari and Vibhu that they deserve all this. Vibhu says that it’s only a canine. Anu says that she can not do the rest. Vibhu asks Anu to provide some meals. Saxena tells Anu that Rocky will chew any individual who will give them meals. Anu tells them to invite Angoori too. Angoori comes out at her balcony. Tiwari tells her that they’re hungry. Angoori says that she is going to do one thing.

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