Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 31st October 2022 Written Episode Update: Angoori is Looking for a Job.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 31st October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on Small screen

Angoori is chatting with Ammaji. Tiwari walks upto her and sits beside her. Angoori has sarees positioned at the desk. Tiwari asks Angoori, who talented those? Angoori tells him that its no longer present, however she shopped her. Tiwari will get disenchanted and asks her, how a lot did she spent? Angoori says, 30k. Tiwari asks her the place did she get all this cash. Angoori replies, from the locker. Tiwari asks Angoori, what number of sarees does she has? Angoori replies, a lot. Tiwari will get offended and asks Angoori that what used to be the wish to boy those sarees? Angoori says that she in reality preferred them. Tiwari will get much more livid and says that she doesn’t care about his laborious paintings. Angoori asks Tiwari that why is he shouting at her? Tiwari tells her that first earn 30k in marketplace then communicate to him. Angoori begins crying and throws all of the sarees and leaves. Tiwari tells her to arrange meals.

Everyone is sitting on the tea stall and questioning why Anu known as everybody right here. Anu walks upto her and tells everybody that she known as everybody her to start up a marketing campaign in opposition to individuals who drink alcohol and tease people. Teeka will get unhappy asks Anu, why is she doing? Anu tells him that she’s no longer in opposition to individuals who drink, however in opposition to them who who drink and tease other people. Anu additionally tells everybody that commissioner is on this marketing campaign with them, and ordered Manohar to stay a nearer into this topic. GraspJi will get excited and tells Anu that he in reality respects her resolution and can lend a hand her in all of the wishes. Dr. Gupta suggests Anu that she will have to ban using alcohol, which might be more straightforward. Prem asks Dr. Gupta, what is his downside? Teeka and Tillu additionally concurs with him. Teeka tells Gupta that they under the influence of alcohol off their very own cash, no longer such as you who drink with any person simply because it’ll be unfastened. Gupta tells them that he used to be simply giving a advice. Prem tells him to close up. Anu says that Gupta is additionally proper. Teeka tells Anu that he can’t continue to exist with out alcohol. Anu tells him that she understands that too and tells him thus this marketing campaign is in opposition to other people to tease other people upon getting under the influence of alcohol. Saxena additionally displays up and asks Anu if she is beating individuals who will tease other people after consuming? Anu replies, sure. Saxena asks her, what is going to be the process of the thrashing? Anu tells him that at first, he’s going to be overwhelmed up with GraspJi’s stick, then Manohar will get started beating along with his wood baton.

Angoori is crying and regretting her marriage with Tiwari. Anu comes and sits beside her. Anu tells Angoori that she has initiated a marketing campaign. Angoori asks her, what is she doing in that? Anu tells her that she has initiated this marketing campaign to combat in opposition to the individuals who drink and tease other people. Angoori appreciates her resolution. Anu surrender few pamphlets to Angoori and asks her if she will distribute those together with her knowns. Angoori says that she’s going to do it. Angoori once more will get unhappy. Anu asks Angoori, what came about? Angoori begins crying. Anu asks her, what came about? Angoori tells her that Tiwari disrespected her simply because she purchased 3 sarees value 30k. Anu suggests Angoori that then she will have to earn her personal cash to make Tiwari remorseful about. Angoori asks Anu if this is imaginable? Anu says sure. She’s an instance too. Anu motivates Angoori and tells Angoori that she’s going to in finding a task for her.

David and Vibhu are sitting in combination. David annoyed and asks Vibhu the place is the leftover drink they have been consuming final night time. David reveals the bottle and begins consuming it. Vibhu tells David to drink it on his personal chance as a result of Anu has initiated a marketing campaign in opposition to individuals who drink. David places again the bottle. Anu comes and sits with Vibhu. Anu tells Vibhu to search out a task for Angoori. Vibhu says that he’s going to take a look at his perfect. Vibhu additionally tells Anu that her marketing campaign may nit paintings. Anu asks him, why? Vibhu tells her that a particular person can drink always and can proceed on doing it regardless of the marketing campaign. Anu tells Vibhu that she’s handiest in opposition to the individuals who drink and tease other people. David will get joyous and takes out the bottle once more. Vibhu suggests Anu that she will have to additionally take Teeka and Tillu together with her. Anu tells Vibhu that she will’t even take him in this marketing campaign as a result of she’s no longer accepting individuals who drink in her staff. David will get offended and begins shouting after consuming. Anu name GraspJi. GraspJi displays up along with his stick and beats him. Vibhu tells him that he already warned him.

Vibhu asks Angoori what sort of task is she having a look for? Anu asks Vibhu to offer her ideas. Vibhu tells her that he’s in reality at a loss for words. A thief is working previous them with is bag is his hand. The proprietor of the bag is additionally working in the back of him asking for lend a hand. Angoori throws a bottlegourd at him. The thief crumple and Angoori catches him. Angoori begins beating him and tells him that stealing is a sin. The thief apologises her and leaves. The proprietor of the bag will get surprised after seeing Angoori

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

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