Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd January 2023 Written Episode Update: Vibhu Gets a New Job

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd January 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Saxena is at his balcony and playing the chilly climate. A canine presentations up and Saxena hoes upto him and begins petting him. Saxena says that he’s additionally orphan and tells him that he’s going to reside him now and names him “Rocky Saxena”.

Everyone is amassed at tea stall. Dr. Gupta says that the elements may be very chilly this present day. GraspJi additionally has the same opinion with him. Teeka says that he has a telephone that may calculate the temperature. Tiwari says that he has a very top tech telephone. Tillu says that now each and every telephone can inform the temperature. Tiwari says that those don’t seem to be excellent as a result of anytime those telephones can leak knowledge. GraspJi will get scared. Vibhu presentations up with chocolates and tells everybody that he has were given a activity. Tiwari asks if he has was a safety guard at a solid? Vibhu doesn’t offers him chocolates and passes it to others. Gupta asks the similar to Vibhu about his activity. Vibhu says that Tiwari gets jealous. Tiwari begins giggling and says that has the whole thing given via god. Prem additionally asks Vibhu about his activity in order that he can transparent his money owed. Tiwari begins giggling once more. Vibhu tells everybody that he’s has turn out to be assortment supervisor in a global finance corporate, and says that he’s going to get 50000 rupees each and every month. Tiwari begins giggling. Dr. Gupta tells Tiwari to realize Tiwari. Vibhu will get up and takes all of the chocolates and leaves.

Vibhu is going to Angoori and sits together with her. Vibhu offers her chocolates. Angoori eats it and says that it’s very scrumptious. Vibhu tells her that he were given a activity in a finance corporate. Angoori begins giggling and tells him to forestall joking. Vibhu tells her that he’s severe. Angoori remains to be giggling and says that she would consider Teeka and Tillu with their activity, however can not consider him. Vibhu asks, why? Angoori tells him that he’s too outdated for a activity now.

Anu and David are sitting in combination. Anu is apprehensive and praying for Vibhu to get his activity. David tells her to relax and says that Vibhu gets his activity needless to say. Vibhu is available in all excited and tells them each that he were given activity in finance corporate as a assortment supervisor. Anu asks Vibhu about his wage. Vibhu tells Anu that he’s going to be getting 50000 rupees each and every month. David tells Vibhu to convey desi ghee and a number of chocolates. Anu and David will get excited. Anu tells Vibhu that she is going to give a celebration in happiness of Vibhu getting a activity.

Everyone has amassed for the celebration. Vibhu pops a champagne and everybody begins cheering. Tiwari and Angoori additionally is available in with presents. Tiwari offers the presents to Anu and congratulates her. Vibhu tells Tiwari that he must congratulate him, as a result of he were given a activity. Anu additionally has the same opinion with him. Tiwari says that Anu’s dream were given true that’s why he’s congratulating her. Angoori says that she nonetheless can not consider that Vibhu were given a activity. Vibhu will get ashamed. Teeka says that they must get started dancing and celebrating. David says, why now not? David says that he also referred to as a very gifted performer. Teeka asks, who’s that man? David broadcasts, Anokhe Lal Saxena. Everyone will get surprised. Saxena and his canine Rocky Saxena additionally presentations up. Saxena begins making a song. Tiwari and Vibhu says that he’s the worst singer and begins disrespecting him. Vibhu snatches microphone from Saxena. Saxena tells Vibhu that it’s very disrespectful. Tiwari tells Saxena that he was once additionally disrespecting songs via making a song them along with his flat voice. Vibhu begins making a song and everybody begins dancing.

Angoori is watering her vegetation. Vibhu is going upto her and greets her. Angoori greets him again. Vibhu asks Angoori if she loved the celebration final evening. Angoori says, no. Vibhu asks, why? Angoori tells Vibhu that she didn’t favored it as a result of they disrespected an artist. Anu and Tiwari comes again from their morning stroll. Anu may be disenchanted from Tiwari. Anu additionally says that they shouldn’t have disrespected him. Vibhu and Tiwari blames it on each and every different. Angoori says that as a result of them Saxena should have got harm. Saxena presentations up and says that he didn’t were given harm, however as an alternative, he was once playing it, however Rocky were given harm after listening his disrespect. Tiwari asks, what? Saxena says that Rocky will chunk him. Vibhu says that it’s simply a canine and they’re going to give a bone to the canine. Saxena says that Rocky is his boyfriend and won’t tolerate his disrespect. Vibhu and Tiwari slaps him and leaves. Rocky sees them.

Tillu is snoozing at Tiwari’s store as an alternative of operating. Tiwari presentations up and slaps him. Tillu wakes up. Tiwari begins yelling at him. Tillu tells Tiwari that he noticed a dream the place his store were given destroyed. Tiwari slaps him and tells him to dream about one thing excellent, like his industry getting expanded. Tillu says that he can not assist with that. Tiwari will get a name from municipality reliable and tells Tiwari that his store is illegally constructed and can be destroyed. Tiwari with courtesy tells him to fulfill. Municipality reliable will get excited and hangs up the decision. Tillu asks Tiwari if he were given a giant order? Tiwari slaps him and tells him his store may get destroyed. Tiwari additionally tells Tillu that he’s going to ATM to get some cash to bribe the officer.

Angoori is speaking to Ammaji. Ammaji tells Angoori that it’s very chilly in her village. Angoori says that she’s getting outdated that’s why she could be feeling chillier. Ammaji tells Angoori that Ramphal advised some other strategy to get a kid. Angoori asks concerning the answer. Ammaji tells Angoori that she handiest has say fact for a week. Angoori says that she is going to do it. Angoori asks Ammaji about her and Ramphal’s relation. Ammaji hangs up the decision. Vibhu is leaving for his activity and sees Angoori. Vibhu thinks that Angoori will once more disrespect him and he makes a decision to sneak out. Anu comes out of her area and calls Vibhu. Vibhu will get noticed. Anu hugs Vibhu tells him that he was once forgetting the hug. Angoori watches them and says that Vibhu must hug as a result of his activity is handiest going to for few days. Anu tells Vibhu that it’s his popularity. Vibhu asks Angoori that why is she pronouncing that? Angoori tells Vibhu that his each and every activity didn’t lasted greater than 10 days. Vibhu will get ashamed. Anu begins giggling. Vibhu leaves. Anu greets Angoori. Angoori tells Anu that she may be very thin identical to a piece of stick. Anu is going again inside of her area.

Tiwari and Vibhu meets in combination on the financial institution. Tiwari and Vibhu once more begins disrespecting Saxena once more. Tiwari tells Vibhu to be dependable to his. Vibhu says that he’s going to for sure be dependable. Tiwari appreciates Vibhu’s determination. Tiwari tells Vibhu that he’s getting past due and leaves. Tiwari and Vibhu sees Rocky Saxena’s canine and will get scared. Tiwari and Vibhu runs away and Rocky additionally follows them. Vibhu and Anu is going inside of each and every different’s area.

Tiwari sits with Anu and David and he beverages Anu’s espresso.
Angoori asks Vibhu that why he right here? When he must be at his activity. Angoori tells him that she already advised him that his activity will final no more than few days. Vibhu says that he was once going to for activity, however Saxena’s canine Rocky got here after him. Angoori tells Vibhu that all of it took place as a result of he disrespected Saxena.
Anu tells Tiwari that he shouldn’t have disrespected Saxena. Anu begins yelling at Tiwari. Anu asks Tiwari that the place is Vibhu? Tiwari tells her that Vibhu is at his area. Angoori tells Vibhu to take it as a problem.

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

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