Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Anita is Fed of David’s Actions.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on Small screen

Tiwari and Anu are exercising in combination. Tiwari days that it’s very chilly at the moment. Anu tells Tiwari that, it’s November already, what you’ll be able to be expecting. Tiwari is of the same opinion along with her. Anu says that she thinks winters might be extraordinarily chilly this 12 months. Tiwari asks Anu, what are her plannings this 12 months? Anu mocks him by way of announcing that she’s considering that she will have to cross to Mars. Tiwari will get puzzled. Anu says maximum she is going to do is get new blankets and garments. Tiwari says that she will cross out of the country, as her family will have to be there. Anu tells him that best his elder brother lives in America. Tiwari says David additionally lives in London, proper? Anu tells him that he by no means lives the house. An previous guy comes upto them and asks if David is their uncle? Anu says, sure, he is. He tells them that he owns Chhamiya Restaurant and Bar, and is derived their and not paid for his beverages. Anu will get surprised. He handover the invoice to Anu and asks her to pay it. He tells them that in the event that they don’t pay it quickly, then he must get few males to get the process carried out. Anu tells him that it’ll be paid. He leaves. A girl additionally walks upto Anu and asks her, if David is her uncle? Anu says, sure and asks her, who is she? The woman tells her that David used to look her carry out dance, however by no means paid. Anu will get surprised. The woman handover the invoice to Anu and tells her to pay 15k. Anu tells her that she pays it quickly. Again a random guy comes up and provides Anu a invoice of the “pan” David has eaten. Anu tells him too that she pays the invoice quickly.

Vibhu is going as much as Angoori within the morning and greets her. Angoori is unhappy and begins crying. Vibhu asks her, what took place? Angoori tells him that she’s in point of fact lacking her father. Vibhu asks Angoori if he kicked the bucket? Angoori denies and tells him that he has long past on Pilgrimage. Vibhu asks, the place? Angoori says, Bangkok, and he’s providing his prayers there. Vibhu says that he’s indubitably now not there for prayers. An ambulance is available in and forestalls in entrance of then. Angoori asks Vibhu, why is this ambulance right here? Vibhu asks Angoori if Tiwari if wholesome? Angoori tells Vibhu to prevent the nonsense. Saxena comes out of the ambulance and greets Angoori. Angoori asks Saxena if he was once riding that? Saxena says, sure. Vibhu asks Saxena if he purchased the ambulance? Saxena says, sure. Vibhu asks him, why did he purchase that? Saxena says, to hold other people. Vibhu appreciates his paintings. Angoori additionally is of the same opinion with him. Vibhu asks Saxena, what are the specialties of those ambulance? Saxena tells him that it’s very at ease. Vibhu says then sufferers will have to be at ease on this factor? Saxena tells Vibhu to fall critically ill after which he’ll can revel in it. Vibhu slaps him and leaves.

Anu calls Vibhu. Vibhu comes out of the kitchen and brings espresso for her. Anu asks Vibhu to sit down along with her. David is inebriated and is derived as much as the primary gate. Anu tells Vibhu to asks David to pack his luggage and depart. David listens them whilst status on the major door. Vibhu asks Anu, why is he speaking like that? He is previous. Anu tells him that he is playing his best possible existence right here. Anu takes out the entire expenses and provides it to Vibhu. Anu tells him that she can not pay all his expenses, so asks him to depart the home for just right. Vibhu will get shocked. David listens to them and begins crying on the door. Vibhu tells Anu that they’re going to get the entire David’s wealth. Anu says that they’re going to by no means get that and once more asks Vibhu to asks him to depart. Vibhu says that it’s very sure when an elder particular person is in the home. Anu tells Vibhu to make a choice both her or David.

Vibhu and David are ingesting in combination. Vibhu asks David, when is he getting all his cash? David tells him that his aunt is sitting on his wealth there. Vibhu tells him that he selected incorrect girl. David tells him that she trapped him by way of her attractiveness. Vibhu tells David that he needs to be in London to get all his wealth again. David asks Vibhu for two crore. Vibhu says that he is now not giving anything else. David says that he doesn’t also have position to stick there. Vibhu says if he had the cash, he would have gave the cash. David tells him to prevent announcing needless issues. Vibhu suggests David that he will have to cross to Shimla. David tells him that he’s doing alright in Kanpur.

Tillu and Teeka are sitting in combination and ingesting. Teeka tells Tillu that best industry is winning. Tillu tells him they don’t have any cash fir that. Rusa presentations up and greets them. Tillu tells her that they’re nit doing just right. Rusa asks them, what took place? Tillu tells her that they want cash to determine fruit industry and asks her for 10k rupees. Rusa says that she doesn’t have any cash and leaves. Teeka and Tillu will get much more sadder. Masterji and Gupta comes up and sits with them. Teeka asks GraspJi spoil his FD for them. GraspJi tells them to close up and leaves. Prem presentations up and asks Teeka and Tillu why are they unhappy? Teeka asks Prem for 10k rupees. Prem says that he’ll give them cash however will take 60 p.c of their earnings. Teeka and Tillu is of the same opinion with him.

Vibhu tells David that he remembered a tale. Vibhu narrates a tale associated with his existence. Tiwari additionally presentations up and joins them. David additionally offers him seat. Tiwari begins to show issues in tale. David and Tiwari begins to talk about their very own tale.

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

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