Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Anita’s Plan to save Tiwari and Vibhu

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th January 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ammaji is going to Angoori’s workplace and surprises her. Angoori greets her. Ammaji tells Angoori that she’s an overly giant officer and she’s very happy with her. Angoori will get unhappy and tells Ammaji that Tiwari to going to give cash to Vibhu as a bribe. Ammaji asks Angoori that how did she know? Angoori tells her that she has an individual who provides her all of the data. Ammaji tells Angoori that if she unearths Tiwari giving bribe, then put him instantly into the prison. Angoori says that she can’t do this. Ammaji tells her that her responsibility comes first. Angoori will get proud and says that she’s going to put Tiwari in prison.

Tiwari is looking ahead to Vibhu with the cash. Tiwari says that he has been ready for a very long time. Vibhu is hidden and says that he’s additionally been ready for a very long time. Vibhu comes out and tells Tiwari to give up the cash. Tiwari says that he wishes his signatures first and takes out the report. Vibhu says that he’ll do the signature in his workplace. Tiwari says that it is going to most effective take short while and forces him to do his signature. Vibhu hurriedly indicators all of Tiwari’s paperwork and asks for the cash. Tiwari takes out cash from within his pants and Vibhu takes it. Just then, Manohar displays up with a weapon and asks them that what had been they doing right here? Tiwari says that he was once appreciating Vibhu for his paintings. Manohar says that Vibhu hasn’t achieved the rest. Vibhu says that he’s a accountable and faithful officer. Manohar says that he heard that he’s simply reverse and takes bride. Vibhu denies, and says that he’s very fair. Vibhu says that he’s blaming him. Manohar takes the packet of cash for Vibhu. Manohar takes the cash out of the pocket. Manohar arrests Vibhu and Tiwari.

Vibhu and Tiwari are within the prison. Manohar tells them them that bribing is against the law. Vibhu is pissed off and tells him to close up! Manohar will get a choice and he leaves to pick out it up. Anu is available in and begins crying. Vibhu additionally will get unhappy. Anu asks Vibhu that why didn’t he requested Saxena to get the cash. Vibhu blames all of it in Tiwari, and says that he sought after to give him the cash within the palms. Anu additionally blames Tiwari. Tiwari says that he’ll bear in mind to any extent further. Commissioner comes within the police station. Anu asks him to let Vibhu cross. Commissioner says that he can’t do the rest as a result of Angoori stuck them purple passed and now they’ll cross to jail. Anu once more requests Commissioner to let Vibhu cross. Commissioner once more denies and says that now most effective Angoori can lend a hand her.

Anu rings the bell of Angoori’s space with a stick. Angoori opens the door. Anu greets Angoori by way of calling her “madam”. Angoori says that she’s an officer just for the criminals, and she’s a pal of her. Anu says that she don’t deserve to be her pal. Angoori says that she’s her pal it doesn’t matter what. Anu says that she can’t be her pal as a result of he led Vibhu to take bribes. Angoori asks, why? Anu says that wishes could make an individual do the rest. Saxena displays up with a bag of cash and is of the same opinion with Anu. Saxena says that he’s additionally sporting cash. Anu tells him to close up! Saxena says that he used to switch Vibhu’s black cash. Angoori says that she’s going to take him to position the place he merits to be in.

Saxena additionally will get locked up with Vibhu and Tiwari. Vibhu and Tiwari slaps Saxena. Vibhu asks Saxena that why is he right here? He must had been outdoor and helped Anu to take him out. Tiwari says that he additionally needs to get out. Vibhu tells Tiwari to close up! Manohar says tells them that they’re going to by no means be out as a result of, they’re within on account of corruption. Anu and Angoori is available in. Angoori tries to communicate to Tiwari, however he tells her to stay her mouth close! Angoori asks Vibhu to tells Tiwari. Vibhu asks if he’s speaking to anti corruption officer or his neighbour Angoori? Angoori says, his neighbour. Tiwari asks Angoori that who’s accountable for all this? Angoori replies, Tiwari. Vibhu says that he knew that he’s speaking to Anti corruption officer. Angoori says that Commissioner instructed her to all the time have in mind her tasks. Anu says that she has an concept. Vibhu asks, what’s that? Anu says that they must catch the Minister Khujja who made Vibhu leader engineer.

Anu is disguised as a foreigner and is going to Khujjan’s space. His assistant comes out and asks if she have an appointment? Anu says that she’s right here to speak about some trade. Khujjan comes out and tells his assistant to return within. He tells Anu to have a seat. Khujjan tells Anu that she’s very beautiful. Angoori and Manohar are recording Anu and Khujjan. Anu says that she’s right here to speak about some trade. Khujjan asks that what trade she needs to do? Anu tells her that she needs to open a farmhouse. Khujjan says that it’s an overly giant undertaking. Anu says, that’s why she’s right here to communicate to him. Khujjan asks that what’s going to he get in go back? Anu tells him that he’ll get 200 crores. Khujjan will get excited. Anu provides him advance of five crores and Khujjan takes it. Angoori and Manohar comes out with a digital camera. Angoori says that she stuck him purple passed whilst taking bribe. Khujjan will get scared. Manohar says that he recorded the whole lot in his digital camera. Khujjan laughs and says that he has connections and can be bailed very quickly. Anu additionally takes to the air her hide and says that she’s additionally with them. Angoori tells Khujjan that he would possibly get bailed however his title gets stained with corruption. Khujjan asks that what do they would like? Anu and Angoori sees each and every different.

Tiwari and Angoori are sitting in combination of their bed room. Angoori apologises Tiwari and says that she forgot her circle of relatives and space whilst she was once doing the task. Tiwari says that he was once additionally frightened of her. Angoori says that she was once his spouse first, now not officer.

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

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