Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Saxena Tries to get himself Robbed

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10th January 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tiwari and Angoori are sitting with an architect. The architect is telling them concerning the development thru blueprint. He tells Tiwari to get the signature of leader engineer and get the development procedure began. Tiwari asks him if leader engineer if Sinha? Architect tells him that he’s been transferred a very long time in the past. Tiwari says that he didn’t knew that. Angoori says that he even got here to their space for dinner. Tiwari says that he will have to have were given the signature that point best. Architect says that he don’t have any clue concerning the new leader engineer and leaves. Tiwari thinks that who should be the executive engineer. Just then, Anu is available in and sits with them. Anu tells Tiwari that the brand new leader engineer is Vibhu. Tiwari and Angoori will get stunned. Angoori says that she by no means even was hoping about that. Anu says that she additionally didn’t was hoping that. Tiwari asks if Vibhu is in reality the executive engineer? Anu says, sure and tells him that she even recollects that Tiwari insulted Vibhu within the morning. Tiwari says that he was once simply joking along with his neighbour. Angoori says that now they are able to get the signature simply. Tiwari says, sure. Anu asks, what signature? Tiwari tells Anu that they’re opening a brand new eating place, they usually want Vibhu’s signature for that. Tiwari requests Anu if she will be able to communicate to Vibhu referring to this? Anu says that she is going to check out.

Tillu and Teeka and sitting in combination on a rickshaw looking ahead to somebody to rob. Dr. Gupta passes through they usually each jumps on them. Teeka and Tillu adjustments their voices and begins mugging him. Teeka and Tillu begins beating him and takes his pockets. Dr. Gupta says that he doesn’t have any cash. Tillu and Teeka kicks him and he runs away. Teeka and Tillu opens the pockets they usually reveals not anything in that. Teeka and Tillu begins crying.

Saxena is packing the garments. An individual presentations up and offers him garments to wash.

Anu, Vibhu and David are looking ahead to Saxena to convey cash . Anu warns Vibhu to take bribe very well in order that he doesn’t get stuck. Vibhu laughs and says that each spouse tells their husbands to don’t take bribe, however right here, it’s all reverse. Anu says that all of them are dumb.

Teeka and Tillu are unhappy and says that they are going to by no means get wealthy. Saxena presentations up with a bag and sees a gun in Tillu’s palms. Saxena asks if they’re robbers? Tillu says, sure. Tillu asks Saxena he is aware of somebody who they are able to rob? Saxena tells them that he’s wearing 10 lakhs and they are able to rob him, however provided that they are going to beat him up first. Tillu says that they’re sensible and won’t rob him. Teeka and in addition concurs with him and leaves at the rickshaw.

Saxena is available in Vibhu’s space. Vibhu tells him that they have been looking ahead to him best. Saxena says that he were given all of the cash. Vibhu thank you him and says that they are going to be wealthy very quickly. Saxena says that he’s already wealthy, and tells Vibhu that he wishes it extra. Vibhu slaps Saxena. Saxena says that he were given 10 lakhs. Anu will get very excited and says that she wishes a brand new automobile. Vibhu tells her to relax and says that they don’t have showoff. Vibhu asks Saxena if anyone noticed him? Happu presentations up and says that he noticed him. Everyone get scared. Happu is available in and sits with them. Happu greets Anu. Anu asks Happu that why is he right here this overdue? Happu says that there’s legal who’s on leash, and he has to catch him once conceivable. David says that there is not any legal right here. Happu tells Saxena to offers his garments in order that he can cover and catch the legal. Saxena and Happu is going in. Anu asks Vibhu that why did he selected Saxena to convey the cash. David additionally concurs along with her and tells Vibhu that Saxena will get him stuck. Happu and Saxena comes again and Happu asks Anu that how is he taking a look? Vibhu tells him that he’s taking a look like a clown. Happu says that he didn’t requested him. Vibhu tells him to go away. Happu takes the bag of cash with him to cover as homeless. Saxena says that Happu took the bag of cash. Vibhu and Anu will get scared. Vibhu says that he’ll take the cash again anyways. Happu comes again and says that the legal has already ran away as a result of, somebody gave him the scoop that the police is after him.

Anu is laying at the mattress with all of the cash unfold at the mattress. Vibhu is available in and asks Anu that what’s she doing? Anu tells Vibhu that she all the time sought after to slumbering with cash at the mattress. Vibhu thinks that she’s very grasping and cash minded. Anu tells Vibhu that Tiwari sought after to a few of his paintings accomplished.

Tiwari is speaking to somebody. Angoori is available in and asks Tiwari that who was once he speaking to? Tiwari says that he was once speaking to Chhuttan. Angoori asks Tiwari that what’s he serious about registration of the land? Tiwari says that he doesn’t know that how is he going to take care of Vibhu. Angoori says that Vibhu is superb particular person. Tiwari says that it’s no longer true. Angoori asks that then how is he going to get it registered? Someone rings the doorbell and Tiwari opens the door. Tiwari sees Commissioner and Manohar on the gate.

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

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