Banni Chow Home Delivery 31st December 2022 Written Episode Update: Banni and Kabir Rescue Kanha From Raja’s Grip

Banni Chow Home Delivery 31st December 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Banni tells Charmie that she all the time thought to be her as her more youthful sister and blindly depended on her, however didn’t know Charmie would betray her. Charmie thinks even she doesn’t wish to smash her believe and would go away Jodhpur with Shrey and Kanha. Kabir speaks to police and informs that Raja is making plans to flee from town. Veer says why would Raj lie a few kid. Kabir says Banni would by no means betray Yuvan and lie about being pregnant. Vrinda says they will have to believe Banni and now not a goon. Banni returns and seeing a toy informs Kabir that after she was once talking to Raja, she heard a teach sound in a background and they will have to seek a spot close to teach sign. They each depart.

Charmie thinks she won’t let Banni get again Kanha from Raja. She calls Raja and indicators him. Banni and Kabir’s automotive is stopped by means of Raja’s goons who lie that there’s a street restore paintings going forward and therefore they will have to go back again. Banni identifies one among them assembly Charmie and receiving cash from him. She trashes them and forces them to take her to Raja. They take Banni and Kabir to Raja’s den. Banni selections Kanha and pampers him. Raja and his goons assault.

Banni and Kabir battle with Raja and his goons. Raja selections a rod and tries to assault Kanha. Banni alertes Kabir who trashes Raja. Raja then selections a gun and tries to shoot Kanha. Two bullets get away and a 3rd one hits Kabir’s shoulder. Kabir asks Banni to take Kanha from there and let him deal with goons. Banni rushes in opposition to automotive, however then returns listening to goons overpowering Kabir and trashes them. Kabir asks why did she go back. Banni says she now not best calls him husband by means of phrases however accepts him by means of middle. They each trash goons once more and go back house.

Doctor exams Kanha and says he’s advantageous. Kabir asks physician to test Kanha correctly. Doctor says he carried out all of the vital exams. Banni asks Kabir to get a bullet got rid of from his shoulder now. Doctor gets rid of bullet from his hand and banges it whilst holds Kabir’s hand tightly to beef up him. Kabir thank you physician and says he needs to leisure now. Everyone stroll away. In a front room, Devraj asks why Raja was once looking to defame Banni. Banni unearths that Charmie gave cash to Raja to do all this.

Precap: Charmie unearths Rathore circle of relatives that Kanha is Tulika and Kabir’s child. Kabir selections Kanha and displays his anger.

Update Credit to: MA

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