Banni Chow Home Delivery 22nd October 2022 Written Episode Update: Yuvan’s Complete Change In Personality

Banni Chow Home Delivery 22nd October 2022 Written Episode Update: Yuvan’s Complete Change In Personality

Banni Chow Home Delivery 22nd October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hemant announces that Yuvan will join their family company as a CEO from tomorrow. Myra says Yuvan needs to concentrate even on his music career. Intoxicated Veer angrily breaks liquor bottle and opposes Hemant’s decision. He says he grew the company with his hard work and would accept Yuvan who doesn’t know anything about business. Hemant says Veer was Manini’s puppet before she went to jail, he was a blind in Manini’s love that he transferred his company share in Manini’s name, Manini made Viraj her power of attorney before going to jail and hence Viraj is 50% owner of the party, what else Veer wants now. He continues that Veer is a failure who tried acting first and didn’t contribute anything in their family business. Veer gets more angry and out of control. Yuvan tries to calm him down.

Veer slaps Viraj. Vrinda controls him and makes him sit on a sofa. Yuvan says chacha/uncle is right that he is inexperienced in business, so he work under Viraj and gain experience from grassroot level and then think of becoming a CEO. Viraj feels happy hearing that and says they both brother will grow their company to new heights and plans a welcome party to introduce Yuvan to company staff and clients. Yuvan agrees and then hugs Veer and comforts him. He shows his wicked expressions behind. Eveyrone get impressed seeing Yuvan’s behavior.

Banni stands in balcony at night recalling quality time spent with Yuvan. Yuvan walks to her and asks what is she doing here at this time. Banni asks if he didn’t sleep yet. He asks if she thinks he forgot her and dances with her on Tujhko Hai Tujhse Raabta.. song. Banni then realizes its her imagination when Charmie shakes her and asks if she was dreaming about Yuvan. Banni shies and asks why did she come out in cold, asks her to get in while she brings hot milk for her. She notices someone passing by and asks Charmie if she notices someone. Charmie says no.

Power goes off. Intoxicated Veer searches his phone. Yuvan wearing a hooded jacket follows him. Veer senses someone behind him. In the kitchen, Charmie asks Banni if she is not afraid that Yuvan will remember him or not. Banni says no; the way she is understanding Yuvan after his surgery, she feels he will remember her soon. She says Yuvan is behaving mature and sorted out and reminds how he handled Veer. Charmie says Banni is madly in Yuvan’s love. Banni feels shy and carries milk for Yuvan. Yuvan slaps Veer repeatedly in dark and walks away. Banni enters Yuvan’s room and searches for him. He comes out of bathroom and asks what is she doing here. She says she brought milk for him. He asks if she also stays in this house. She says his grandfather asked her to stay here as he has food only from her hands.

Yuvan sneezes. Banni gets concerned and dries his wet hair with a towel. Yuvan holds her hand and asks if she used to care a lot for him. Banni feels nervous and says she needs to go. Yuvan says her eyes and behavior reveal that she used to care for him, whether she believes him or not. Veer complains Vrinda that Banni slapped him repeatedly as he insulted Yuvan. Vrinda takes him to Banni and asks if she slapped Veer. Banni asks why would she slap him. Yuvan says Banni was with him as she brought milk for him, she looks so petite and can’t harm anyone. Veer says Banni can beat anyone. Yuvan says Veer’s right cheek is red and Banni is also right handed, so she can’t slap him. Vrinda takes Veer from there. Yuvan asks Banni if she really can trash anyone. Banni nods yes. He raises his left hand. She notices his hand injured and applies ointment. She thinks if Yuvan slapped Veer.

Precap: Yuvan seeks Banni’s help to help him select a party dress for him and says they both are incomplete without each other.
He tries to romance her during party. Later, he lures another girl. Hemant tells Devraj that he doesn’t want Rathore Group of Companies’ future CEO’s name to be linked with a home food delivery girl.

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