Banni Chow Home Delivery 18th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Kabir Tries To Kill Banni and Tulika’s Baby

Banni Chow Home Delivery 18th December 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Doctor informs Banni that they couldn’t save Tulika, however her child is admittedly high quality. Banni recollects Tulika taking her promise to deal with the child. She receives child from nurse. Kabir panics when Tulika doesn’t open eyes. Doctor asks who’s he and why did he input a limited space. Kabir shouts he’s Tulika’s husband and threatens physician with a scalpel. Doctor unearths that Tulika selected her child over right here lifestyles. Kabir determines to finish a child as a result of whom he misplaced Tulika. He then blames Banni for letting Tulika die for a child and says he’s going to kill even Banni. Banni hears him and thinks she heard fallacious, he’s Yuvan and Kabir. She then observes his frame language and realizes he’s Kabir.

Dr. Sanjay informs that Yuvan became Kabir and is blaming her and child for Tulika’s demise. Kabir searches for Banni and child. Dr. Sanjay unearths that Kabir has returned completely and seeking to revive Yuvan can be damaging for Yuvan. Viraj calls Vrinda and informs her that Charmie is coming to health facility to fulfill Tulika and asks how is Tulika. Vrinda says she doesn’t know. Alpana reaches health facility after dealing with crowd and asks about Yuvan. They understand Yuvan in search of Banni and child. Dr. Sanjay informs them that he’s Kabir and no longer Yuvan. Kabir issues a scalepl at Dr. Sanjay’s neck and asks the place is Tulika’s child.

Dr. Sanjay lies that Tulika had incurred a critical trauma as a result of which her child additionally was once born useless. Banni recollects convincing Dr. Sanjay to lie that Tulika’s child was once born useless. Kabir says god did justice and killed Tulika’s one enemy. Banni runs out of health facility. Charmie notices her. Banni informs her that the child is Tulika’s and she will have to depart Jodhpur sooner than Kabir unearths her and tries to kill child. Kabir determines to kill Banni. Devraj tries to forestall him however fails. Banni reaches house and packs her baggage hurriedly. Vishnu asks the place is she going. She explains him the entire state of affairs and says she desires to save lots of Tulika’s child and satisfy the promise made to her. She stands surprised seeing Kabir.

Precap: Banni runs into jungle hiding from Kabir. Kabir catches her and ties her to a tree. Banni will get fearful listening to child crying and tiger strolling in opposition to the child.

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