Banni Chow Home Delivery 12th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Banni Chow Home Delivery 12th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Banni Chow Home Delivery 12th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kabir consumes poison and challenges Banni to save her Yuvan in 30 minutes if she can. He locks himself in a room. Banni pleads him to open the door. Kabir says if she wants to save her husband, she should bring Tulika and convince her to marry him, she has only 30 minutes left. Banni rushes to get Tulika. Devraj asks Agastya if he would marry Banni and take her away from Yuvan. Banni thinks where to find Tulika as her phone is off, if Tulika left the city without meeting her. She shows Tulika’s photo to people around and asks if they saw this girl. They all deny. She calls Agastya, but Agastya busy talking to Devraj doesn’t pick her call. She calls Tulika’s clinic and finds her already gone from there.

Agastya tells Devrajj that he wants to know what Banni wants. Banni breaks down searching for Tulika and shows her photo around again. Tulika still is seen unconscious in a shop. Kabir gets Tulika’s tattoo on his hand and thinks the world will remember Kabir and Tulika’s love story. Banni makes announcement on a mic asking everyone to inform if they saw Tulika. Agastya asks Devraj think again as Banni’s relationship with Devraj and friendship with Agastya may end. Devraj says he doesn’t mind if Banni keeps her relationship with him or not, he wants Agastya to accept Banni and end her relationship with Yuvan. He gets an anxiety attack. Agastya rushes to bring water for him.

Kabir’s condition starts deteriorating. Banni video calls Kabir and asks Yuvan to get out of Kabir’s mind. Yuvan awakes and asks Banni to save her. Banni says poison antidote is in his pocket, he should consume it. Yuvan findss antidote, but Kabir overpowers Yuvan again and warns Banni that she only has 14 minutes to bring Tulika to him. Banni prays god to help her. She finds Tulika’s ring on the ground and thinks she must be somewhere around. She doubts Tulika is in a shop and tries to break its lock. Raja with his puppets notice her and allege her of trying to steal a shop. Public gather. Banni says she has to break locks to save someone. Public says they will call shopkeeper to come and open the door.

Banni says she doesn’t have much time. Raja stops her. She throws chilli powder on Raja and breaks open the door where she finds Tulika in. She feeds water to her and asks how did she reach here. Tulika says she came here trying to hide from Kabir and fell unconscious. Banni says Kabir consumed poison and is threatening to kill Yuvan if Tulika doesn’t marry Kabir. She takes Tulika to Kabir and asks him to open the door.

Precap: Banni asks Agastya with what right he held her hand and always protects her. She asks if he will marry her.

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