Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 15th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Ram meets Lovely

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 15th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Ram meets Lovely

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 15th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandy telling Priya that Vedika gave her work as if she is Ram’s wife. Priya asks her to ignore Vedika, as she came to know that I was in the washroom. Sandy tells that Priya wants to place secret spy as PA in his office, so that you don’t go to meet him. Priya tells Sandy that once she acted to be his PA. Sandy says when you acted to be tooth fairy, we didn’t know it before that it was you. She asks if you are thinking the same as me. Priya says but. Sandy asks if you are ready to be Mr. Ram Kapoor’s PA. Ram gets up in the night and thinks of hearing Priya crying. He thinks who was there, whom I talked to. He says she wanted to listen to me, just like I was listening to her. He finds white orchids in the vase and thinks if Vedika sent this. Vedika calls him. Ram thanks her for sending the lillies. Vedika thinks if Priya sent it. Ram asks Tarun. Tarun says it has the note also. He thinks to return 500 Rs to the lady.

Sandy asks Priya to choose her look so that nobody can identify her. She says no pressure, and asks her to think and tell her. Priya thinks if this is right, and thinks of Ram’s words. She asks God to give him some idea. She picks the call. Ram asks if you don’t pick the call at one go, and asks why she didn’t wait for him to pay the pharmacist. Priya also argues with him and asks him to keep cash in his pocket next time. He asks how to send you money. She says net banking and calls him Mr. Kapoor. He says they shall meet in cafe after lunch. Priya says ok. Nandini comes there and thinks Ram is happy after meeting Vedika. Ram says Vedika is searching PA for him. Nandini thinks Vedika sent this flowers. She asks him to take Vedika for lunch. He says he has to go for meeting. Nandini says she will call her for dinner. Shubham asks Sandy not to tell anything about her to Ram, else she will lose her job. Sandy says ok. She messages Priya that interview time is 5 pm. Vedika comes there and reads the message. She makes plan with Nandini to throw out Sandy.

Priya comes in front of Krish and he laughs. She asks him to take care of Pihu. He says he will. Sandy gives presentation. Ram asks what is the issue. Vedika tells that fisherman can’t go, but we will give them compensation for our project. Ram asks Sandy, since when she is here? Shubham says he has hired her. Sandy says those fishermen are protesting saying they will not let us start the work. Shivi’s pic comes in between the presentation, as planted by Vedika to fire Sandy. Ram asks where is Shivi, I want to talk to her. He asks them to say. Vedika calls Nandini and asks him to calm down. She says Shivi is doing jewellery design course in US. Ram ends the call and says she is sleeping, her time zone is different. Vedika takes Sandy to side.

Priya comes to the cafeteria. Sara asks what does she need? Priya removes her specs. Sara laughs and says she is lovely. Ram hears her and calls her lovely. Priya looks at him. Ram asks so you have paid my bill, Ms. Lovely. Sara asks what you will take. Ram reminisces Shivi and tells that she had known this cafe and is now doing jewellery designer course. Vedika asks how dare you. Nandini comes there and says you put Shivi’s pic in the slide. Sandy says she didn’t do it. Nandini says you want Ram to remember Priya, and gives her termination letter.

Precap: Ram asks why did you pay the bill. Priya replies him. He goes. Priya tells Sara that they will fall in love again. Pihu accidentally falls due to Ram and he says sorry beta. Pihu says you called me beta. He gets flashes of them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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