Anupama 4th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Anuj Confronts Shahs

Anupama 4th January 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anuj says he didn’t wish to go back house since a couple of days and sought after to stick at workplace itself as his circle of relatives was once no longer satisfied. Leela asks as a result of her? Anuj says what shall he shall when she herself accredited it. He says they’ve circle of relatives, wealth, the entirety, however they’re arguing right here as a substitute of celebrating new yr; folks even in huts are spreading gentle and celebrating new yr, however they’re combating right here. He says at his space, handiest Shah circle of relatives’s issues are mentioned and he was once attempted to deal with their issues, however they began accusing him as a substitute. Anupama says surri, please don’t get offended. Anuj says he isn’t offended however is uninterested in all this and won’t let his spouse endure; he did such a lot for this circle of relatives, however they all the time disrespect her.

Kavya says Anuj is true; when Shahs didnt’ settle for her until now, how will they settle for Anuj; even though they sacrifice their lives, they’ll proceed to whinge. Vanraj says allow us to pass house and talk. Kavya says when he spoke her, why shouldn’t she. She says when Anuj by no means faced Leela for her atrocities, why would Anuj confront Hasmukh. Leela asks what sort of a DIL she is spoiling circle of relatives’s dignity. Kavya asks when Leela calls her maide ki katori, didn’t she recall to mind circle of relatives’s dignity then. Leela says she calls it with love. Kavya says she tries her very best to simply accept her circle of relatives, however her circle of relatives by no means accredited her; her husband blindly follows his mom ignoring others; every circle of relatives member has his/her personal standpoint, however why handiest his and Leela’s standpoint issues to Vanraj. Vanraj asks if she needs him to accomplish aarti of folks as a result of whom his father is lacking. Kavya says she simply needs him to forestall dwelling in a global of assumptions, Hasmukh will divulge the place he was once, as a substitute Leela accused Anuj and Vanraj blindly depended on her. Vanraj asks if he shouldn’t concentrate to his mom. Kavya he will have to however will have to additionally concentrate to his spouse; she has made up our minds from hereon to concentrate on her existence and occupation first.

She says even though she sacrifices her existence for Shahs, she received’t get anything else in go back except for humiliation they usually don’t have a little of gratitude. Leela says she has angle. Kinjal explains gratitude way favors. Leela asks when did she want them. Kinjal says they will have to recognize Anuj’s favors no less than. Kavya says she loves this circle of relatives, however their drama by no means ends. Leela feedback once more. Kavya asks why handiest others have to regulate and no longer MIL. Leela asks who’s adjusting. Kavya says Kinjal is adjusting, despite the fact that she isn’t proud of Toshu and is operating exhausting day and night time or even caring for Pari on my own. Toshu says even he’s operating. Kavya says Kinjal were given her that process, however Leela by no means recognizes that and cries that Toshu has to paintings below Kinjal. She asks Leela if she ever hugged her, Kinjal, or Samar and praised them. Leela says by no means do anything else excellent. Kavya says they do, Leela will see Kinjal’s contributions if she stops overlaying Toshu’s errors; Anuj is totally proper, he will have to steer clear of Shah circle of relatives, handiest then Leela will notice his contributions; Leela blindly protects Vanraj and Toshu’s errors and blames Anupama for the entirety, she is going to ask Anupama why didn’t she sacrifice herself correctly, her blood’s sins are exempted and different’s easy errors are a large factor for her, she simply forgave Toshu’s infidelity and sins and made Hasmukh’s existence a hell, Anuj and Anupama stored her space and did such a lot for her circle of relatives however they might be outsider for her all the time, she is ruling over Anupama for 26 years or even now after divorce, she and Vanraj will have to open a wholesale industry of toxicity.

Vanraj shouts sufficient Kavya. Kavya says she simply began talking. Vanraj asks is it essential. Kavya asks if handiest he has a copyright to talk, why he doesn’t really feel embarrassed along with his boastful mom and silly daughter and feels embarrassed handiest along with his spouse. She tells Anuj that Shah circle of relatives is egocentric and ungrateful who by no means recognize Anuj or different’s contributions; they’re are like a frog of a pond who simply make an opinion for themselves and blame others. Leela warns her to forestall now or else she is going to play sitar below her ears. Kavya asks her to shop for an actual sitar as DILs won’t tolerate MIL’s torture anymore; Shah circle of relatives has a gaggle which has made DILs’ lives a hell. Vanraj shouts she is crossing her limits. Kinjal says Kavya is heading in a proper course, she completely has the same opinion with Kavya that handiest Hasmukh, Samar, and Kavya are customary in Shah space. Pakhi asks if they’re extraterrestrial beings then. Kinjal says extraterrestrial beings are higher than Pakhi. Toshu asks her to forestall. Kinjal asks why shall she, this circle of relatives won’t ever settle for bahus and differentiate between their very own blood and bahus.

Vanraj says he by no means differentiated between his kids and Kinjal and had deserted Toshu for her. Kinjal says he then emotionally blackmailed her and compelled her to go back house, he and Leela mentioned males have a tendency to make errors and girls will have to forgive them.

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