Anupama 29th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Anuj Questions Anupama for Prioritizing Shah Family Over Little Anu

Anupama 29th December 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ankush tells circle of relatives that its just right Anupama got here or else Little Anu would have cried, they neither received nor misplaced. Hasmukh cheers up Little Anu with a clap and says she is the actual winner for them. Pakhi says they’re completely actual winner. Little Anu says she would have received a go back and forth if she used to be an actual winner, her good friend will taunt her now as she had boasted that she and her mummy will win a trophy. Hasmukh says so what if no longer this time, she’s going to win subsequent time for positive. Barkha says she would have were given trop even this time if Anupama wasn’t past due. Ankush asks Anupama why she used to be past due. Anupama says Pari.. Anuj interrupts and says shall we pass house. Hasmukh senses a stress between Anuj and Anupama. While using house, Little Anu tells Anupama that if she had come on time, she would have received a trophy and praises, in any case its k as she reached a minimum of. Anupama recollects Anuj’s anger against her and holds his hand. Anuj stops automotive. Little Anu asks if automotive broke down. Anuj says its time for ice cream. Little Anu rejoices and says she wishes chocolate ice cream and asks if he’s going to no longer ask mummy’s selection. Anupama says Anuj is aware of. Anuj asks her to inform herself. Anupama saysd strawberry. Little Anu says mummy likes strawberry because it has seeds outdoor as smartly, no matter is inside of is on outdoor as smartly. Anuj says even papa is sort of a strawberry, no matter he’s feeling inside of is popping out. Anupama feeels unhappy.

Shahs and Kapadias succeed in house. Leela asks how used to be the serve as. Everyone get silent. Samar takes Pari from Leela. Toshu returns and questions similar. Everyone sit down silent. Hasmukh says Anupama reached past due and asks Leela if she purposefully held her as she has performed this again and again up to now. Leela shouts if Anupama stated that. Hasmukh says if she had stated that, he wouldn’t have puzzled her; he doesn’t accuse any person with out wondering. Leela accuses that Anupama indubitably will have to have complained. Hasmukh says she didn’t say anything else however reached past due, as a result of which Little Anu couldn’t compete and used to be crying profusely. Leela asks is it her fault in it. Hasmukh asks who else then. Anuj brings ice cream for Little Anu and Anupama. Anupama anxiously asks him to talk. Anuj says he fears that he would possibly harm her if he speaks Anupama says his phrases wouldn’t harm a lot than silence and says she didn’t come massive purposefully. Anuj says she were given past due although. Anupama says it wasn’t below her regulate. Anuj says selections are all the time below our regulate like Anupama sought after to complete all of the paintings by way of herself lately. Anupama says it took simply 5 mins to organize Leela’s khichdi, however then she were given injured; she has the same opinion that it used to be her mistake, however her aim wasn’t flawed.

Anuj says her mistake is that she obeys Leela each and every order obediently, Leela is extra necessary to her than Little Anu for her and making ready khichdi for Leela used to be extra necessary than Little Anu’s festival for her; he asked her time and again to prioritize Little Anu, however she is proving that Little Anu is not going to get anything else if she isn’t cussed as her elder daughter Pakhi is shameless and conceited and entire circle of relatives will get busy calming her down, Leela’s stubbornness makes her all the time proper. He asks if Little Anu doesn’t want any person’s consideration simply because she is blameless; Shahs are repeating similar atrocities against Little Anu which they did to Anupama and Little Anu is being punished for being just right like Anupama.

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