Ajooni 29th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Ajooni pushes Rajveer away

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Scene 1
Bebe begins beating Harvinder and says you’re a snake, you sought after to kill your individual brother? Harman comes there and asks what came about? Bebe says he did what by no means came about earlier than, he’s disloyal and attempted to kill his personal brother. All are stunned. Harman says you should be flawed. Bebe says I noticed him seeking to hit Rajveer. Harman says he’s under the influence of alcohol. Bebe says he’s jealous of Rajveer and has long gone loopy. Aman pleads with Bebe to forgive him. Bebe says if he tries to harm Rajveer once more then I gained’t spare him. Rajveer is harm and leaves from there. Harvinder leaves from there with Aman. Ajooni says what’s going on, Rajveer was once at risk once more. What if Guruji was once proper?

Harman involves Harvinder and slaps him, she says how dare you attempt to kill Rajveer? Dolly says that’s why he sought after me to lure Rajveer additionally. Harvinder says it’s now not like that. Harman says you are attempting to kill your individual brother? Harvinder shouts that everybody simply praises Rajveer and I’m being known as as unnecessary. I even married Aman for my circle of relatives however Rajveer was once allowed to marry a woman he sought after. You all even approved her however I will be able to’t even divorce Aman. Harman says I do know we did injustice however you attempted to kill Rajveer? Harvinder says I used to be going loopy. I like Shikha and wish to marry her. Harman says I will be able to get you married with Shikha however it’s important to promise me not to harm Rajveer. Harvinder guarantees her. Harman says I will be able to get Aman to divorce you currently. Aman comes there and asks if the entirety is alright? Harman says Aman stored Harvinder’s lifestyles nowadays. She says Aman was once by no means revered on this area however now she is going to earn appreciate. She asks her to convey milk for Harvinder. She leaves. Harman tells Harvinder that we need to stay Aman satisfied and you’ve got to make an apology to Rajveer. Just do as I say.

Ajooni makes Aman get in a position. Harman comes there and says Aman will take care of this area any further. She blesses her. Harman will get a attorney’s name who says the divorce papers are in a position. She asks him to return house.

Santo is making meals for Ajooni. Dolly says why are you cooking bland meals? Santo says Harman instructed me that Ajooni is fasting so she will’t have any tasty meals with oil. Santo leaves from there. Dolly places oil on her roti.

Harman offers roti to Ajooni and says it’s important to devour at the flooring handiest. You have to try this for Rajveer. Harman leaves. Ajooni sees oil at the roti. Dolly comes there and tells Bebe that Ajooni isn’t fasting. Bebe shouts at her that you’ll’t keep an eye on your urges for someday? Ajooni says I didn’t put oil at the rotis. Santo says I didn’t put oil on it. Bebe slaps Ajooni and tells Harman not to give her meals until the pooja is finished. Rajveer comes there and asks what came about? Bebe says simply ask her, she leaves. Rajveer says what came about? Harman says Ajooni dropped a plate so Bebe created a scene. Ajooni asks Rajveer to loosen up, it’s k.

Ajooni brings water for Rajveer. He says sorry for Bebe scolding you. He holds her hand and says my speech went neatly on account of you handiest. I did the entirety on account of you. He brings chocolates and says I introduced those for you. He tries to make her devour it however she pushes him away and says I don’t wish to devour it. She pushes him away. Rajveer shouts what’s going on? Ajooni says you gained’t perceive. Rajveer says simply inform me. Harvinder comes there and says I wish to communicate to you each.

Harvinder calls everybody and tells Rajveer that I’m sorry for doing that. He apologizes to Ajooni additionally. Bebe says you don’t want to make an apology to her. Rajveer says I will be able to settle for your apology however you apologizing to Ajooni doesn’t really feel proper, what’s going on? Harvinder says I simply really feel unhealthy. Harman asks Harvinder to make an apology to Aman too. Harvinder apologizes to her and leaves. Harman says Aman will take care of the entirety on this area any further.

PRECAP – Ajooni brings tea for Rajveer however he says don’t display faux worry for those who don’t care. Ajooni seems to be on. Harman hides divorce papers within the room. Ravindra comes there and says my eyes are on you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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