Ajooni 28th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Rajveer gets Dolly thrown out of the house

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Scene 1
Bebe shouts at Ajooni how dare she attempt to smash their rapid with an egg? Ravindra asks Ajooni to talk up differently he’s going to punish her. Rajveer comes there and says I wish to display you one thing. He presentations the khidchi with eggs in it and says the khidchi you all ate didn’t have any eggs as a result of Ajooni made it however I noticed any person blending eggs on this khidchi. Ravindra asks who was once doing that? Rajveer says I noticed Dolly doing that. Shikha tries to go away however Ajooni says she was once section of this too. Shikha says no, I’ve not anything to do with it. Dolly is stunned. Durga asks Ravindra what’s his children as much as? Ravindra says my different child stored you too. He seems to be at Dolly and says I’m drained of looking to smash your ego, you’ll be able to’t keep right here anymore. He tells Ajooni to punish her for looking to entice you once more. You can beat her up if you need. Ajooni says I’m in opposition to merciless punishments. Ravindra says you’re too soft-hearted. He says I will be able to ask her favourite individual to punish her. He asks Shikha to punish her. Shikha slaps Dolly laborious. Ravindra asks her to stay hitting her. She is ready to hit Dolly however she stops her and says sufficient. She tells Ravindra that I’m really not Harvinder or Rajveer to stay getting punished, I will be able to no longer endure all this. Ravindra says then you’ll be able to go away the house. Dolly says I will be able to however you’re all useless for me any further. Harman asks her to forestall it. Dolly says don’t fake such as you care, you didn’t forestall Shikha when she was once hitting me. She tells Bebe that now I do know what’s my price right here. Ravindra says we can no longer forestall you, all you do is convey bother right here, you’re going to get married someday so would possibly as neatly go away these days, you’ll be able to get misplaced and I don’t care. Shikha says however.. Ravindra says when you’ve got any problems then you’ll be able to go away along with her too. He asks Rajveer to take her to a hostel. Dolly says don’t display any fear for me, I will be able to do what I’ve to however I gained’t take your title with me any further. Harman asks her to close up. Ravindra says what else? Dolly angrily leaves the house. Ravindra tells Durga that I do justice similarly. Bebe prays for Dolly and says I am hoping she doesn’t take a improper motion. Ravindra says she is going to come again when she calms down.

The inspector arrives at Ravindra’s house. Durga says I known as him, all are stunned. Ravindra says why? you don’t want safety right here. Durga says you could no longer care about Aman however I do. Ravindra says we’re in search of her. Durga says however you couldn’t to find her and its been days. I believe the police. She asks the inspector to jot down her document as Aman is lacking. All glance on.

Rajveer is on the name. Ajooni brings meals for him however he tries to forget about her. Ajooni says please consume it, you didn’t consume the rest since the day before today. Rajveer tries to go away and mistakenly throws away the meals. He says sorry. Ajooni says you’re indignant at me proper? its ok however please consume one thing prior to leaving. She tries to pick out up glass items and hurts herself. Rajveer rushes to her, he says you will have to watch out. He begins cleansing up her wound. Ajooni smiles seeing his fear. Ajooni says I’m sorry, please forgive me. Rajveer sighs and smiles. He kisses her palms, he’s about to kiss her however Ravindra calls him. He laughs and runs from there.

Shikha involves her room and reveals her boyfriend Harsh calling her. She says don’t name me once more. He says I sought after to speak to you, the place is Aman via the method? She ends the name. Harvinder comes there and tells Shikha that the police is right here, in the event that they to find out then we can be thrown in the prison. Durga and Ajooni come out of doors the room. Durga asks them to open the room.
PRECAP – Durga tells the circle of relatives to throw this lady out of the house. She begins beating Shikha however Harvinder says don’t hit her, she is pregnant. Durga says if she is pregnant then what’s she doing right here? All glance on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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