Ajooni 19th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Rajveer can’t Ajooni

Ajooni 19th December 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on Viral22g.com

Scene 1
Rajveer is looking for Ajooni within the resort and asks other people round however nobody has observed her. A person assists in keeping following him. The supervisor involves him and asks what came about? Rajveer shouts that my spouse were given lacking. The supervisor says she would possibly have ran away with somebody else. Rajveer will get offended and beats him. Another supervisor stops him and says we will be able to search for recordings. Rajveer is going to the CCTV room. He exams all of the recordings and sees somebody taking Ajooni away.

The guy calls Shikha and says I’ve taken Ajooni clear of Rajveer, they received’t be united once more. Shikha says simply kill her, she ends the decision and says I will be able to finish my troubles by means of killing Ajooni and Aman.

Ajooni is locked within the store-room of room. Rajveer involves the room and thinks how may just she cross lacking like that? He screams and begins kicking issues. Ajooni is locked within the store-room and screams for him however he can’t listen her. Rajveer cries and says the place is Ajooni.. Ajooni cries seeing his situation. The kidnapper enters the store-room and assaults Ajooni. He strangles her and takes her from there.

The supervisor involves Rajveer’s room and says Ajooni.. Rajveer rushes out and involves the lawn to search out Ajooni’s frame mendacity there. He can’t consider it and asks her to open her eyes, he says I’m right here.. please get up.. it seems to be Rajveer’s dream.

Shikha calls her kidnapper and tells him not to fear about Ajooni. Take care of Rajveer additionally.

Ajooni is locked within the store-room and is screaming for Rajveer. He comes close to the door.

Shikha offers poison to Harvinder and asks him to offer it to Aman, she might be completed. Harvinder says we could now not do this. Shikha says if she opens her mouth then your father will throw us out. Harvinder takes poison and leaves. Dolly is anxious.

The kidnapper enters the room and is set to assault Rajveer. Ajooni can see that from the store-room and screams for him. The police arrive there earlier than he may just assault Rajveer.

Aman is looking Ajooni however she isn’t pickin up. Harvinder makes her scent chemical and takes her from there.

Rajveer is speaking with the inspector whilst Ajooni is crying for him within the storeroom and turns into subconscious.

PRECAP – The inspector accuses Rajveer and asks if he did one thing unsuitable together with his spouse? Rajveer says what are you speaking about? He hears somebody banging at the wall and says I believe like Ajooni is attempting to mention one thing.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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