Ajooni 15th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Ajooni decides to go back home with Rajveer

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Scene 1
Rajveer tells Beeji that I am not able to woo Ajooni, Beeji says you have to work hard with full concentration. You have to win her trust so I have an idea.

Harvinder comes to Ravindra and says I will make sure to win the election this time. Ravindra says you think you will get the ticket? I will give it to Rajveer as you are not intelligent so get lost. Harvinder is angry and leaves. Bebe says Rajveer doesn’t see anything except his wife. Ravindra says he is my blood so I will make him work for it.

Ajooni sees Rajveer’s phone ringing and takes the call. It’s a woman and she says if his wife is around that’s why you are not talking to me? She ends the call. Ajooni is suspecious.

Beeji tells Rajveer that she will come to you as we called her as some woman. Ajooni comes there and says some girl was calling you. Rajveer says you are doubting me? He smirks and gives back a call but it’s Meher. They all laugh. Ajooni shouts what is this? I am his wife and if some other woman call him then I will be angry. Beeji says same way Rajveer got jealous, I am telling you both to stop doubting each other. She tells Ajooni that Rajveer realized his mistake so you should forgive him now. Meher says please accept his apology.

Harvinder tells Shikha that Ravindra gave the ticket to Rajveer as he has good reputation. Shikha says your family is against you, they let Rajveer marry the one he wants but they are not even giving you a ticket. You should tell your father to give you a ticket otherwise you will go against him.

Rajveer sits with Meher and says I am worried, Ravindra gave me a deadline that if I don’t bring Ajooni back home in 3 days then he will force me to marry someone else but Ajooni is only one for me. I am angry that I doubted Ajooni and hurt her. Ajooni hides and hears all that. Rajveer says I will my father that I rather die than marry someone else.

Ravindra arrives at Ajooni’s house. Beeji welcomes him and asks if he will have tea? Ravindra says no, you are my inlaws. He asks her to sit down, Ajooni comes there and greets him. Ravindra calls Rajveer and asks if he is okay? He asks Beeji about Ajooni’s father. Beeji says he left for some work. Ravindra says you people are self-righteous but middle-class. Mangi says we have given the election ticket to Rajveer, he will become a minister now. Ravindra asks Ajooni if she is ready to come back home? Ajooni stares at Rajveer. Ravindra asys I don’t she will come back home. Ajooni brings her luggage there and says I am ready to go back home. Rajveer gets happy hearing that. Ravindra tells Beeji that Ajooni is our daughter in law so we will take care of her, she is going to be a minister’s wife now, let’s go home. Ajooni says yes. Rajveer is happy.

PRECAP – Harman welcomes Ajooni and says you are accepted as our daughter in law now, come inside. Ajooni tells Rajveer that I am yours and will be yours only. Rajveer says you bring colors in my life, anything for you. Ajooni smiles at him.

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